Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Reading

Paul Krugman.

“My chance of surviving prostate cancer — and thank God I was cured of it — in the United States? Eighty-two percent,” says Rudy Giuliani in a new radio ad attacking Democratic plans for universal health care. “My chances of surviving prostate cancer in England? Only 44 percent, under socialized medicine.”

It would be a stunning comparison if it were true. But it isn’t. And thereby hangs a tale — one of scare tactics, of the character of a man who would be president and, I’m sorry to say, about what’s wrong with political news coverage.

Let’s start with the facts: Mr. Giuliani’s claim is wrong on multiple levels — bogus numbers wrapped in an invalid comparison embedded in a smear.

Mr. Giuliani got his numbers from a recent article in City Journal, a publication of the conservative Manhattan Institute. The author gave no source for his numbers on five-year survival rates — the probability that someone diagnosed with prostate cancer would still be alive five years after the diagnosis. And they’re just wrong.


Who can possibly take Mr. 9/11 seriously? He is off the chart onto the wall and out the window. Of course the rest of the line up is a matter of degrees to and away from weirdness. Remember the evolution question? Politicians know far more than scientists, everyone knows that.

So the utter brute force blast of BS from the right is sure to save the world and continue the looney parade for the rich and too powerful that will save us from ourselves and clean our pockets at the same time.

Hows that for efficient?



DEN said...

Morning all!

Weirdness on Bill Maher when at the end of an interview with Jeremy Scahill. Jeremy mentioned "when Muhammad was writing the Koran, he ate too many tamales" the silence after that was deafening. Here comes the Fatwa's now. Bill mention he wanted to mov on cause he wanted to remain alive.

Might take a while but You Tube or a simulant will have the replay.

Hope he (Jeremy) didn't shoot himself in the foot, he is such a knowledgeable guy.

Meanwhile, coffee in the corner and fresh donuts on the side.(I splurged cause you guys are so good)

DEN said...

Gals too.

DEN said...


Musharraf imposes emergency rule
Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has declared emergency rule and suspended the country's constitution.

Troops have been deployed inside state-run TV and radio stations, while independent channels have gone off air.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who condemned the moves, has reportedly been sacked and is being confined to the Supreme Court with 10 other judges.

It comes as the court was due to rule on the legality of Gen Musharraf's re-election victory in October.

The Court was to decide whether Gen Musharraf was eligible to run for election last month while remaining army chief.

The BBC's Barbara Plett reports from Islamabad that fears have been growing in the government that the Supreme Court ruling could go against Gen Musharraf.

'Phone lines down'

Pakistan has been engulfed in political upheaval in recent months, and the security forces have suffered a series of blows from pro-Taleban militants opposed to Gen Musharraf's support for the US-led "war on terror".

Pakistan's Cabinet is currently meeting to approve Gen Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule. He is expected to address the nation later.

A leading lawyer and opposition figure, Aitzaz Ahsan, told reporters that he had been detained as the emergency powers were invoked.

"They have served me a detention order for 30 days," Mr Ahsan, president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

"One man has taken entire nation hostage... Time has come for General Musharraf to go."

Land and mobile telephone lines are down in Islamabad, reports say.


micki said...

Oh, oh, Den -- the situation in Pakistan plays like a dress rehearsal for possible "scenes" some have envisioned will occur in the United States of America.

Not a good situation.

micki said...

Carey, from yesterday...I think in Feinstein's case, it's not so much that she "wants torture" as much as she's protecting her backside. Dollar to a doughnut, she was briefed by the administraton (as a member of the Judiciary) about waterboarding and the briefing remains classified. She's afraid that if she had voted NAY on Mukasey, it would come to light that she has known about the "interrogation technique" for quite some time and she is desperate to keep that information under wraps. You know, legal jeopardy and all that inconvenient stuff!

In Schumer's case, I think he's just being a stubborn -- stay the course -- egotist. Afterall, he's the one who thought Mukasey was a fine choice, and even supported his nomination. In a way, he's "pulling a bush" -- unwilling to admit a mistake even when the evidence is monumental that it was a total blunder!

On another note: I'll bet bush and cheney and addington and kristol and poderohertz (or whatever that fucker's name is) and all the other creeps are ecstatic about Pakistan's situation. No, really! They're probably thinking what balls Musharraf has! You show 'em Mush!

micki said...

We've got to convince some Dem, with a backbone, to filibuster Mukasey's nomination.

Feingold? Will Chris Dodd do it? If Obama wants to set himself apart, now's the time. Put up, or shut up.

Carey said...

Scahill is great. A joke gone wrong, we've all done it. Especially me. Geez, I hope nothing comes of that.

Whoa on Pakistan. Wow. You knew shit was going to hit the fan with her presence. I'll go turn on CNN, no I'm sorry, MSNBC and see if I catch anything.

Something was going to give in Pakistan. It was just too combustable with the assasination attempt and all.

Musharaff came off as a educated gentleman on The Daily Show. Ahem, I don't think so.


Once again you come through for Dr. B. She is so good you guys. So utterly efficient.

Ay, ay, ay. You are so right on the mess of torture.

They're probably thinking what balls Musharraf has! You show 'em Mush!

On the torture issue, who was it, I believe it was John Dean who pointed out that that assistant attorney general whose name has slipped my mind, was summarily fired yesterday. This after he underwent the waterboarding procedure to determine if waterboarding was indeed torture. He said, "Uhm, excuse me, waterboarding is torture."

Dean felt it was highly possible that the administration figured, "Uh-oh, and he's one of our own. Let's get rid of him. Don't let this get out."

But, of course, it did. Perhaps they have finally realized, Dean wondered, they could be found guilty of international war crimes. They need to keep Mukasey in there to protect them from the long arm of the law.

This could be very interesting in Pakistan.

Carey said...


That's the correct spelling, right?

Of course they are closely eyeing Musharaff and Pakistan.

Take another sip of coffee, Carey, and calm down. Bush isn't calling for martial law yet.

But soon. Everything's ready and in place.

Blackwater is taking over.

Carey said...

Okay, I told Micki yesterday, I was starting to worry a little bit about Obama.

I think he needs to finely tune his approach. "Smooth jazz", that's Obama. And it doesn't always hold the crowd. They're used to Jerry Springer.

Did you know Whoopi Goldberg loves the Springer show? She must gather all her working material there.

Carey said...


Boy, BIG game tomorrow!! Cannot wait.

Carey said...

I have Bill Maher on DVR. I have taken such a liking to Scahill.

He's so on the right track. Like Palast.

Carey said...

Shoot, one of my entries was not edited properly and is out of sequence in it's thoughts. Sorry 'bout that.

Wining puppy in background.

Carey said...

Sacked the Pakistani Chief Justice, huh?

Okay. Here we go.

Alan said...

Boy, BIG game tomorrow!! Cannot wait.

That's the Raiders vs Texans game?
Yeah, it oughta be good, but I dunno how 'big' it'll be. We stink, so it's not like any of our games has big repercussions.
I've always liked the Raiders. When I was a kid, a Houston Oiler lived next door to me. Along with my dad and older brother, I got to go inside the locker room before and after each game...while my poor mom waited outside. Anyway, he was traded to Oakland at the same time as a couple of his future Hall of Fame teammates did... that being George Blanda and Billy Cannon. Cannon was a Heisman Trophy winner from LSU, and once took me 'n my brother and 2 other kids to the local drugstore for ice cream cones. I remember being suprised as hell when he opened his wallet to pay for it and I only seen a couple ones in there (the cones, all of 'em, were less than one dollar). I thought all pro f'ball players were RICH. haha
*they are now for sure, but not so much then
So anyway, Dalva Allen, my next door neighbor and a defensive end for both teams, still lived next door in Houston, but stayed in Oakland during the season. My brother 'n I took care of his dog when they were in Cali.

Alan said...

Daniel Levin is the assistant AG that was fired for trying out waterboarding and calling it definitely torture.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Thanks for the links. I used both.

By the way, the director's name is Nicholas. (Would not do to send him a personalized e-mail with his name misspelled.)

Everybody --- Do recall that Pakistan has nuclear bombs...

micki said...

By the way, the director's name is Nicholas.

Oops. Of course, it is. And if I had spelled it correctly, I would have given you his direct email, which you've undoubtedly already located...but just in case:


micki said...

Oh, Dr. B, aren't we supposed to be terrified of Iran who might have nuclear the future?!!

Pakistan is such a great ally, and so stable, dontcha know!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Thanks again. I didn't have it but now I sent it directly to him.

Everybody: Here is the letter, which you might wish to modify to send to your mayor. Note that about 5% of the electric power in the U.S. goes into wastewater management. Generating some power from the s**t seems to me to be a good plan. (I also discovered that Dayton does this form of cogeneration. That's not in the letter either.)

Subject: Bioenergy from clarification sludge

Dear Director Steve Nicholas,

There are at least three possible ways to convert
clarification sludge into process heat, biofuel,
and a water stream (which requires some further
treatment). The sludge may be the result of animal
or human waste stream processing, and indeed, in
principle, any form of biomass may be used, including
garbage from restuarants, grocery stores or even
households, as well as other biomass which would
otherwise go to landfills.

Anaerobic fermentation

In Beverwijk, Holland, the digester has recently
been upgraded to convert biogas into biomethane
which can then be fed directly into the natural
gas network as well as burned locally to power
the treatment plant.

Hydrorthermal liquidfication

I located a paper describing a pilot project of
the City of Amsterdam to process 'sewer sludge'
into a form of biodiesel using a process running
at 350 C. For municipal waste sludge, the higher
temperature of the process might make this the
preferable technique. Interestingly, this one
plant suffices to provide 3.3% of The Netherlands
diesel fuel requirements.

Hydrothermal carbonization

Hydrothermal carbonization is a newly rediscovered,
exothermic process for converting biomass into biocoal.
The technical article linked below suggests that clarifcation
sludge might be used as the source of biomass, however,
AFAIK, nobody has actually tried this yet.

It occured to me that this may well prove to be an excellent
method for treating animal or municipal wastes, while
generating a modest supply of process heat (for say a small
electric power plant) and a supply of biocoal as well.

I hope you will pass this information to interested parties
in Seattle, but also in as many other cities as may be (sister
cities), provided, of course, you have not already done so.
Thank you.


Links to sites:

Biomethane --

Biodiesel --

M. Kerssen & R.H. Berends,
Life Cycle Analysis of the HTU Process

See also

Biocoal --
Popular accounts:,2144,2071791,00.html

A pilot plant, using forestry wastes, is described in the following link.

A more technical article:

M.-M. Titrisci, et al.,
Back in the Black: hydrothermal carbonization of plant
material as an effiecient chemiccal process to treat the CO_2
New Journal of Chemistry, 207, 31, 787--798 (25 references). (Linked below)

or as a .pdf file

David B. Benson said...

D**n! The links did come thorough entirely. Well, if somebody wants them I'll figure out something later.

I'd also like to send the e-mail message to the right person in UNEP. Micki?


Alan said...

I just snapped that Carey's comment about the big game tomorrow is in reference to the Patriots vs Colts game. Out of the 93% of the country getting to see that hella game, unfortunately, Houston is part of the 7% that won't get to. *shrug*
Stupid NFL rules! It apparently conflicts with the Texans' game.

micki said...

The explosion that killed 10 Friday in the restive border region of North Waziristan seemed likely to only add to an already turbulent situation in Pakistan. According to witness reports, the explosion was caused by a missile attack that obliterated a house near a madrassa, or religious school, that has been associated with Taliban commanders.

The Pakistani military, which has been fighting a losing battle in the tribal region, denied that it was involved in the attack. Many Pakistanis quickly blamed Washington, saying the attack bore the hallmarks of previous strikes by U.S. drones.

U.S. and NATO military officials in Afghanistan also denied that their forces had been responsible for the attack. A senior Bush administration official familiar with intelligence activities said the CIA was not involved.

micki said...

Achim Steiner Elected New UNEP Executive Director

New York, 16 March 2006 - The General Assembly, acting upon the nomination of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, today unanimously elected Achim Steiner of Germany as the new Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for a four -year term, effective 15 June 2006.

Mr. Steiner, who is currently the Director-General of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), will succeed Klaus Toepfer, who has served the UN for more than eight years, and become the fifth Executive Director in UNEP's history.

Dr. B --I figure you may as well start with the Executive Director @ UNEP. I've cruised around looking for an email for Herr Steiner, to no avail. But, on his speeches, papers, etc, the following contacts are listed:

For More Information Please Contact:

Nick Nuttall, UNEP Spokesperson, at tel: +254 20 762 3084, mobile: +254 733 632755,
or e-mail:

or Anne-France White, Associate Media Officer, at tel: +254 20 762 3088,
or e-mail:

micki said...

Additionally, you could try this email (extrapolated from the UNEP email format):

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Thank you again!

Everybody ought to read the inspiring words of Kenny Ausubel. I was surprised at what I learned about The Netherlands.

What it will take to build a sustainable U.S.

Some of the comments were of some interest as well...

Carey said...


Wow, thank you. I will do just that with your letters.

It helps if you can talk scientific.

Interesting on Pakistan. I've yet to get news on it. The story's not being reported much because they're on their weekend schedules. Bunch of stupid crap.

Micki, I repeated what you wrote about Bushco probably licking their chops over the Pakistani situation to Winke. She completely agrees. What a mess.

I think it was Micksters who wrote that she found Chris Dodd interesting. Or was it Alan? No, Den. One of you. I was noticing the same thing. He's doing rounds of interviews as a presidential candidate plus book tour.

By the way, Dodd's new book on the Nouremberg trials--I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Right up my historical alley. His father was a participating attorney. That completely rangles my charms. Should be hot.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that it was Dodd who first pointed out the slip Hillary made about the drivers licenses. Chris Matthews incisively noted that Dodd was actually listening to the other candidates. I thought that astute. Occasionally, Matthews surprises me. There are several reasons I tune into him. We've all said that Matthews can be such a jerk. His observations, however, can on occasion enlighten. I find that I pick up little gems from him now and then. Like this one.

I perceive Dodd as highly intelligent. A true thinker. He has been impressing me of late.

Carey said...

So has Biden!

Richardson, not so much.

Carey said...

Palast writes that Richardson is a real mixed bag in his book and documents it.

Kirk must know about that. This whole thing with Justice and the attorneys and New Mexico--voter fraud suppressing vote count, that sort of thing.

Carey said...

No, Alan, the Indiannapolis (sp)/New England matchup.

You do realize your writing about favorable sentiments towards the Raiders to a Charger fan.

History. My siblings and I hate Al Davis. That is one person my father made sure we enormously disliked. You must if you're a loyal Charger fan. Al Davis and, of course, Barry Goldwater.

Long, nasty history between the two teams.

Carey said...

I feel I should mention once again that I'm reading infrequently, just a political book at my bedside. It seems to take too much out of me when I completely focus on politics. I have so much else going on, both in my head and around me. At any rate, correct me when I'm misinformed or wrong, as you've been doing. I appreciate it.


The flooding, oh my gosh.

Too much water, too little water.

It does apprear these types of incidents and their extremity are increasing. Perhaps more quickly than scientists anticipated?

Do you actually feel shocked by the rate and intensity? Mildly to moderate state of alertness? Where in the spectrum? I know you write of this constantly.

Doesn't it seem like even more than ever, ever? Or is it just that I went through a catastrophic wildfire? Mountain collapsed too.

OH, by the way, news on that front. It appears there's a much deeper, older landslide below the recent one. That provides a loop for the city to crawl through to avoid paying the victims. They're completely out, no insurance, no backup, no net.

That's how it stands. It'll change again. Unfortunately, we appear to be losing the radio station around Nov. 15. Stacy Taylor has been giving our heroic city attorney, a people's man, an arena to respond to attacks by the mayor.

The thing of it is, the city wants out of its responsibilities.

º¿carol said...

I saw Chris Dodd on one of the pundit shows Sunday. Eh. I came away not liking him.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- On Real Climate there is a sense that the IPCC AR4 assessment is too optimistic and that the climate is goin to hell in a handbasket somewhat faster than expected.

This is most worrying, because of the possiblities of postive feedbacks once the bogs and tunda warm enough.

micki said...

Carey --

No, Chris Dodd is not all that interesting to me. On one of Alan's (or Carol's?) questionaires about candidates, I commented that my answers indicated that I was most aligned with Chris Dodd.

On another occasion, I was pleased that he came out first against Mukasey. But, frankly, unless some Dem in the Senate has the moral compass to fight with a vengeance against Mukasey's confirmation -- even if they lose the fight -- they can all get lost!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- They are lost. They have lost their moral compass!

Carey said...

It's possible I was more intrigued by the subject matter of Dodd's book.

I think the Dems just want to move past it. There will be no attempt to filibuster.

There's so much sludge to trudge through, it's perhaps getting exhausting. Like a bad marriage.

Thank you David. I've been keeping up with your assessments. I just wanted to hear it again for some reason.

And Micki. You're so right about Chuck Schumer. It's all about his ego.

David B. Benson said...

Climate wars!

Think Tank: Climate Affects Security

Carey said...

Just happened by a CNNer questioning a Pakistani official. The anchor's tone was almost parental.

"This administration says no martial law. They're displeased. You're bad. You must behave yourselves. EXPLAIN why you're not behaving."

As if, as Micki observed, Bushco's not envious as hell and watching closely in anticipation.

CNNers have become absolutely comical.

DEN said...

DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources: Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s declaration of a state of emergency, suspension of the Pakistani constitution and expulsion of the chief justice on Nov. 3, are likely to distance Islamabad from cooperation with the US-NATO war on al Qaeda and Taliban. Both terrorist groups have spread their wings to Pakistan’s borders with Afghanistan, Kashmir and China.

President Musharraf’s move has in fact scuttled the Bush administration’s Pakistan policy. The cracks were first apparent two weeks ago when ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto returned home from eight years of exile. Washington forced Musharraf to accept her and open the way for her to re-enter political ranks in Islamabad even though her volatile presence was expected to stir up rather than calm the turbulence besetting the country.

Her conduct after her homecoming alarmed some circles in Washington, especially in the National Security Council. They began to fear that the Bhutto experiment had misfired.

The Bush administration’s first reaction to Musharraf’s emergency measures was to condemn him and put its trust in international pressure to force him to reverse them. DEBKAfile’s Pakistan sources report that Musharraf can keeping going because he holds a trump card: his cooperation with the US in the battle against al Qaeda and Taliban. Western attempts to twist his arm may well lead him to distance himself from this cooperation. And if they persist in their condemnation, Western governments and media may find they have driven him to eventually seek an understanding with Taliban elements and through them with al Qaeda to rid Pakistan’s western and northern borderlands of bloody warfare.

The Pakistan president will furthermore gradually ease the military pressure on the Taliban-al Qaeda sanctuaries. Quite simply, he needs the army to prop up his regime in Islamabad rather than taking casualties in often unsuccessful bouts with Muslim extremists in Waziristan and the Swat Valley.

With regard to opposition leader Bhutto Musharraf’s strategy is predictable. He did not stop her from alighting from the plane which rushed her back from Dubai to her home in Karachi Saturday. He also provided her with a police escort. If she goes along with his measures, he will be amenable to working out a new political accommodation with her. But if Bhutto decides to lead the opposition against him, she is likely to find herself confined to her residence and cut off from the outside world and her following at home.

Leading opposition politician Imran Khan was quickly placed under house arrest.

David B. Benson said...

Oh, goody, now we get to lose two wars at the same time.

With that, I think I'll go find some beer while I can still afford it...

DEN said...

Last night police arrested opposition politicians and senior lawyers including the chief justice's lawyer, Aitzaz Ahsan, and Imran Khan. 'Musharraf is acting like a spoiled child, holding the whole country hostage. These are the last days of Pervez Musharraf,' said Ahsan as he was escorted from his home into a police van. Ahsan, who leads the Supreme Court Bar Association, said that lawyers would launch a series of nationwide protests tomorrow.

Soldiers entered the Supreme Court in the late afternoon where Chaudhry and six other judges said Musharraf's declaration that he would rule under a provisional constitutional order was illegal. Chaudhry was reportedly under house arrest last night.

Police sealed off the main street in central Islamabad and soldiers entered the state television and radio buildings. Private news networks went off the air and mobile phone coverage was intermittent. Shots were heard in several neighbourhoods of Karachi, where there is strong support for former Prime Minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto who had gone to Dubai on Thursday on a personal visit. She arrived back to Pakistan to a rapturous welcome last night and immediately decried Musharraf's move as tantamount to dictatorship.

'Unless General Musharraf reverses the course, it will be very difficult to have fair elections,' she said.

The United States, which sees Musharraf as a crucial ally against al-Qaeda, had urged him to avoid taking authoritarian measures and called the move 'very disappointing'.

Late last night Musharraf addressed the nation on state television. He said he decided to impose a state of emergency in response to a rise in extremism and to interference from the courts and judges in the business of government. Pakistan's internal security has deteriorated in recent months with a wave of suicide attacks by al-Qaeda-inspired militants, including one that killed 139 people.
@ The Guardian

DEN said...

Doc, good thing cars don't run on beer, no one could afford it.

Carey said...

Thank you Den for the item from Debka.

Huh. It is so complex when you dial in all the other coutervening variables.

Again, the unthinking quality of Bushco "policy" comes shining through.

One big, fat, chaotic mess, isn't it? Just think of all the things we've read about Pakistan and all of its intrigue.

DEN said...

Too many loose cannons in the world.

Shows the misplaced priorities of a supposed administration.

Tin-horn dictators are a dime a dozen, including our own.
Find me someone with integrity. If you can.

Gerald said...

Paul Krugman is on target as usual. The Nazis in control is totally frightening. If there is a 2008 election and Hitler Guiliani is elected, he may well try to out do Hitler Bush in terms of evil. It appears that the Nazi Party has a monopoly on evil with the United States of Evil as the most evil country on this planet.

DBB, great articles on the environment and the climate.

According to Capt Kirk, is up and running.

Carey knows her football. Colts and the Patriots is The Game. I cannot sit through any sports event from the beginning to the end.

DEN, Maher's comment on Mohammad may hay have placed his life in danger.

Gerald said...

More Middle Eastern countries want not only nuclear energy but they also want nuclear weapons. Personally, this interest in nuclear weapons is out of fear that Hitler Bush conveys to the world.

But, we will nuke Iran because we want to and because Nazi Israel controls U.S. foreign policies.

What a country!

I have been reading that the mililary will be totally under the control of Hitler Bush and the U.S. Constitution will be invalid.


This must make the soccer moms feel more safe and secure as their children will be used as cannon fodder to fight in Hitler Bush's endless wars.

MAKE NO MISTAKE!!!!! Hitler Bush will attack Iran before the 2008 elections.

Gerald said...

Will the USS Enterprise be sunk to start a war with Iran?

Carey said...

Maher's comment on Mohammad may hay have placed his life in danger.

Maybe. Maher's had Salmon Rushdi on the show, joked around with him, knows about Fatwa.

On the other hand, it is HBO. I don't know. You never know with religious fanaticism.

Gerald said...

Prepare for the sinking of the USS Enterprise

Gerald said...

"THOSE PLANNING THE ATTACK ARE INSIDE THE U.S. AND ISRAELI GOVERNMENTS and view the loss of the Enterprise crew as a necessary sacrifice to induce Americans to
support war against Iran. Put bluntly, the ship and crew are to be cannon
From: RBOW
> The existence of a hideous plan to sacrifice a U.S. Aircraft Carrier as a
pretext for war with Iran is presently being uncovered!
> The Hal Turner Show has been told that within the next five (5) weeks, the
United States will "suffer" a missile attack upon the aircraft carrier USS
Enterprise, presently on patrol near the Persian Gulf. This attack will appear
to be from numerous "Silkworm" and/or "Sunburn" missiles which will sink the
vessel and kill most of the 5,000 crew onboard.
> The "attack" will be blamed on Iran and thus provide the Bush Administration
with an excuse to go to war with that nation.
> The Hal Turner Show has learned that the missiles used to attack the USS
Enterprise will not be fired from or by Iran, but rather will be a "false flag
operation" made to LOOK as though Iran carried out the attack!!
> The USS Enterprise is the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It
was Commissioned in 1961 and is due to be decommissioned in 2014 or 2015. The
ship was selected to be the "victim" of this "attack" due to its age.
the loss of the Enterprise crew as a necessary sacrifice to induce Americans to
support war against Iran. Put bluntly, the ship and crew are to be cannon
JP Liggett
Carmel, NY Reply »
|Report Abuse |#2 Oct 8, 2006
The REALLY ugly thing is that federal officers have already been told that a U.S. aircraft carrier is a sitting duck almost anywhere in the Persian Gulf, because Iran is bristling with Mach 2.9 "Super Sunburn" SS-N-26 Russian-made cruise missiles.
Even without a nuclear warhead, the kinetic energy at nearly 2,000 miles per hour is enormous: E = 1/2 mv**2 or 16 TIMES the kinetic energy of the same missile at 500 mph.
Although the Aegis defense system is designed to
prevent a single cruise missile from hitting the carrier, there is a very real question about its prospects against a coordinated barrage of these cruise missiles. Specifically, if the "island" control tower suffers a direct hit and/or if the flight deck is damaged enough to prevent all aircraft operations, those aircraft already in the air would need to land elsewhere, e.g. UAE, and the
aircraft on-board would be unable to launch if not also damaged, destroyed or disabled.
In the face of these realistic tactical considerations, it is reasonable to ask why the Navy would be ordered to station a U.S. carrier anywhere in the Persian Gulf, given the international tension that already exists in that part of the world, and
given the extensive quantity and sophistication
of military hardware which Iran has purchased
from Russia and deployed along Iran's western
shore with the Persian Gulf.
Thus, with foreknowledge of all the above, it is also reasonable to ask if the Bush administration intends to "sacrifice" a carrier, in order to rally public opinion in favor of a massive bombing attack
on Iran. Given as desperate as the administration has become, and with its time inside the White House
rapidly running out, the above scenario is certainly within the realm of possibility.
What would the Pentagon recommend if
Iran stationed a fully equipped aircraft carrier
about 100 miles off-shore of New York City?
Why the U.S. Navy doesn't see this coming
is anybody's guess, as of today.
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Gerald said...

Preparing for the sinking of the USS Enterprise link did not post and now it apparently posts.

micki said...

The United States, which sees Musharraf as a crucial ally against al-Qaeda, had urged him to avoid taking authoritarian measures and called the move 'very disappointing'.

Take that! We may have to put you in the time-out corner!


Carey said...

Oh my. This time around, the story sounds like it just might fit their timeframe to a "T".

The timing appears to be accurate. You never know with these crooks. Something's definitely building. You can almost feel their hands in a chokehold around our necks.

Alan said...

Open Letter to WashPo Columnist David Ignatius

That's a good article that I couldn't do it justice by trying to explain it. The last graf is great. Check it out.