Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Simpsons

Just in case some of you missed the episode Sunday. You know you have 'made it' when you are picked to be on TeeVee in a Simpsons episode. OOOO boy!

Let's see what else is there to rant about, OH I know, stupid Iranians are supposedly building missiles that could hit Israel or unmentioned US bases in the region.
Now correct me if I am wrong here but isn't that a wee bit provocative? If one say had the rumor flying about that a certain country would feel the wrath of the FSA (Fascist States of America) for building nukes when told not to, would the best avenue to reduce tension be to declare they have missiles to bomb stuff on their own?
Not exactly diplomacy is it? Basically gives the FSA carte` blanch to start running the Buffs (B-52's) across the countryside in an effort to reign in a renegade country by returning them to the second century, similar to Iraq.

Time to quit being the Worlds' bully, and negotiate peace with all the Middle Eastern countries.

OOPS! I forgot, theres no money in peace is there?



micki said...

Well, I don't know, Den...the scientists and Al Gore won the Nobel Peace award for their work/efforts on global warming.

There's opportunity for lots of money to be made in taking steps to mitigate global warming -- a very peaceful endeavor!

In this holiday season think (and sing), Peace on Earth! Through Global Warming Mitigation


carey said...

Exactly Den.

As I write Bush is on my TV screen announcing how Palestinians understand we want peace finally. Uh-huh. If Bush says it.....just like the existence of weapons of mass destruction, it's true. Afterall, if Bush does it, it's not a crime, he should be able to order the Palestinians to play nice and leave Israel undealt with. God talks to him ya know. Or is it Jesus?

This whle Annapolis thing really pisses one off, doesn't it?

I'm heading to the doc's in a couple of hours. I ripped my big toe nail completely from the bed. I'll try to explain later, but this injury is from over-power walking. Probably need a tentanus shot, that's what WebMD says.

A neigbor across the street is in a terrible bind. Her husband, once the FBI director of San Diego, has Alzheimer's and is presently unable to swallow at all. He's on a "do not resusitate" order at the hospital. He's dying, but he's doing it so slowly.

My father did not take too long. I'll tell you one thing I know for damn sure. Alzheimers is one fucking hell of a disease for everyone involved. I'm sure you've all been touched by this horrid illness.

carey said...

The sight of Al Gore and asshole standing together in the White House side by side made my skin crawl with anger.

It was almost too much to take.

carey said...

If the two unneutered male dogs currently in my house can lay in peace at my feet as I type so can the rest of the world. (They had a few major tussles yesterday.)

"Peace on Earth" is not just a seasonal proverb thing, George.

'kay Den? The "preview" is not working properly. Just letting you know, it pops up with the yellow preview, then flips back to the white, unpublished typewritten copy.

carey said...

I know both males should be neutered, by the way. I don't have an influence on that score.

Well, maybe I do. My stepson is planning to get the young one neutered.

DEN said...

Preview not working?

Works OK here, dunno whats happening there.

Gerald said...

A Letter to My Son

carey said...

Is Cheney dead yet?

Gerald said...

Then one day when you, as I, have reached the final days of your life, you will "be assigned" the inevitable task of trying to figure out if you in fact lived a good and decent life, if you, as an individual, had the courage to follow your conscience. And if such is found to be the case, you will spend the final days of your life basking in the glory of a man who knew how to live his life. But if, in looking back upon your life, you find a man who chose to go along with the crowd, one who did what he was told to do by others, one who no doubt sold his soul to that of the highest bidder, you will find a "man of tears," an individual condemned to living the last of his days in a self-imposed prison of shame, an internment reserved for those who knew not how to live their lives.

As an old man then, one who was given the opportunity to be your father, my advice to you is to do the right thing; always, without exception, follow your conscience. Do that which will enable you to stand tall as a man of honor, a man of true integrity, one who will have chosen life as opposed to death, one who will have committed himself to the nobility of peace rather than the hate-filled horrors of war, one who will be proud of who he has chosen to become as a human being, an old man who will not be afraid to look at himself in the mirror and say "Yes Lord, take me, for I have lived a good and decent life, and I am not afraid to die."


Gerald said...

Soul Murder

Gerald said...

A psychotherapy rule of thumb is that behind depression is usually anger and behind anger is usually hurt. And even if it's a little embarrassing to say it straight out, the bushivicks have "hurt our feelings". Of course, that has to be multiplied by around a thousand, but most Americans are now virtually dying of hurt.

It HURTS us to see our country taken over my literal psychopathic fascists. It hurts us to watch the Bush/Republican rape of Mother Nature. It hurts us to see our Constitutional Republic turned into a cattle farm for vampire elites (hint: we're the cattle). It hurts us to see science trashed and our children's schools abandoned.

It also hurts us to watch religious fanatics babble about a 70 IQ Armageddon (the Baptist Big Bang) and how Jesus WANTS us to kill as many Muslims as we can in Bush's 3rd millennia crusade. For most American Christians, Jesus still stands for love and compassion. He's not some Fundamentalist God of War and to watch glassy eyed television evangelists shriek out their fear of life and hatred is like looking into a psychological belly of maggots.

We could go on and on. You know the list. It's the cosmic Bush/Republican turd which fell on America out of the sky seven years ago.


Hajji said...


...Cod liver oil natural enough for ya?"

I dunno. Does cod liver oil actually come from the livers of Cod anymore? Are they "free range" cod? Are there cod farms who have to add something to make them the right color, like salmon farmers do?

ARE there any cod who have livers anymore?

New England fishermen can't seem to find many even after a couple decades of leaving the cod alone.


Skiing naked will be a "fall-back" Vitamin D booster for me!

Gerald said...

35% of Americans still support Bush

Gerald said...

Cluster B Personality Disorders

1776.0 Americanistic Personality Disorder

The essential features of Americanistic Personality Disorder include pervasive patterns of extreme self-absorption, profound and long-term lapses in empathy, a deep disregard for the well-being of others, a powerful aversion to intellectual honesty and reality, and a grossly exaggerated sense of the importance of one’s self and one’s nation. These patterns emerge in infancy, manifest themselves in nearly all contexts, and often become pathological.

These patterns have also been characterized as sociopathic, or colloquially as the “Ugly American Syndrome.” Note that the latter terminology carries too benign a connotation to accurately describe an individual afflicted with such a dangerous perversion of character.

Gerald said...

America's lost soul

Gerald said...

America has been losing its grip on reality for many, many years. America is a victim of its own paranoia, driven by an outdated belief in a superiority that doesn’t exist. That egotistical belief that our way of life is the only cure for the world’s ills has led us to become a nation that attempts to export a vision of democracy that no longer exists within our own borders, to believe that our own narrow view of the world must control others peoples and other governments and that we, and only we, can develop, own and use weapons that can destroy the planet.


micki said...

If the dogs lived in my house, I'd have more than ONE VOTE ON TO NEUTER OR NOT!

But, that's me. :-)

micki said...

What's this I hear that bush gave an "opening speech" but won't participate in the discussions?

Well...what would he have to say anyway if it wasn't tightly scripted?


micki said...

Carey, your toenail mishap sounds painful.

Hope you're feeling okay.

Energy in your direction!

David B. Benson said...

Hajji --- Today we have honest sunshine in the middle of the day for the first time in about 10--12 days. (Feels like longer.) So I stand outside whenever I can get away. But to bear-nikked. First of all, it's too cold. Also it's probably against the law...

Carey said...

That is so sweet Micki. Thank you. The one older dog belongs to one of Ken's friends. Need I say more? I daycare that grandpa dog. The other one belongs to Danny. He actually said he's saving his money up to have him neutered. It surprised me. I have influence? No, Dan just figured it would be better.

It's a fungus that's a causin' the trouble. My GP said I would have to see a podiatrist and get the perscription Lamisil. He wasn't sure if insurance would pay for the medication. I cannot figure out why he couldn't take care of it right then and there, however. I think it's just more shitty streamlining of healthcare into nothing.

When the nail ripped from the bed it kinda hurt. That's nuthin' compared to the bone pain of a badly fractured wrist.

The real pain is in the White House. This Annapolis thing has me steaming. I'm trying not to be upset, but the asshole is screwing with the Arab/Israeli problem now. The fundamental, basic problem surrounding 9/11! Good luck buster.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- Try sunlight first. Barefooted. Might finish off the fungus.

Worth a try?

DEN said...

Carey, take it from a fungus survivor, Lamasil tablets for any nail issues with fungus, I had to take it for 6 months a few years back, no other way to get rid of it.

Options? let it go and die from it, fungus can live with you but you can't live with it, it gets worse if you leave it go.

Better get it fixed no matter the cost.

Hint: back off on sugar intake, it feeds it like yeast.

Hajji, any additional info?

David B. Benson said...

Looks like San Diego is well along the route to bioenergy:

FuelCell Energy supplies biogas fuel cells to Linde Group

Auburn? Bellingham? Detroit?

Not yet Pullman. :-(

Carey said...

Thanks for the tips. Sunlight for the toe, not hard to do. Just bad for all the other skin. Your suggestion lit a lightbulb, though. I have been keeping my feet constantly covered. I was protecting them after all the walking, etc. There's another slight problem. I have to keep the toe bandaged until something is done with the bad nail or whatever they're going to do. I must wait for the referral. Uh-huh, hurry up and wait.

Yes, you're right Den. It has to be taken care of. Geez. Six months? That will do damage to an already damaged liver. I'll see the foot guy.

Have they just given up any pretense of diplomacy here? It's all so plastic, heavy-handed and awkward. Complete fakery and the Arabs and Israelis appear to be scoffing more than a bit. At the same time there's this mouthing of the specified words sort of thing going on. Prewritten garbage.

Gerald said...

Bush, Capone, and a Wiseguy Government

Gerald said...

The thorn in Bush’s set-up is that, unlike traditional Mafia “made” men, his soldiers can quit. They’re jumping ship as his ratings plunge faster than a corpse chained to a block of cement tossed into the Chicago River. So he hires new loyalists. There’s Michael Mukasey, the nation’s second Jewish Attorney General, who will be a regular menace if he’s as ignorant of the commandment God gave Moses not to kill as he is of how the White House mob justifies torture. As Joey (“Crazy Joey”) Gallo of New York’s Profaci Crime Family once said, “You like Federal judges? I”ll buy you one for Christmas.”

This holiday season, Mukasey may be the consigliere that helps eXterminator Bush put the X back in X-mas.

Gerald said...

Those who regard don Bush as a failure just don’t get it. He’s pulled off the most sensational heist in the history of crime: his Iraq war has pushed global oil prices sky high. This just happened to improve the value of ExxonMobil and Chevron’s oil reserves by $666 billion and $250 billion, respectively, Greg Palast wrote in “Armed Madhouse” (Plume Books). The other oilglopolies are also bathing in boodle.

Every motorist in America today is paying twice as much for gas ($3.09) as when don Bush took office ($1.52). As Jay Leno cracked on the “The Tonight Show:” “The Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to three people---the CEOs of Exxon, Texaco, and Shell for figuring out how to quadruple the price of oil over a seven-year period without an actual shortage.” And to think “Godfather’s” fictional don Vito Corleone dabbled in olive oil.

David B. Benson said...

Doom and Gloom time ---

Rich and poor gird for climate change

There is no time left to dilly-dally around...

DEN said...

Carey, sorry I did not know your liver was compromised.

Talk to the doc. don't put it off.

I remember fungus, EEEWWWW! Gray crumbly nails, actually went into my skin and made littles itchy blisters. Tough as hell to eradicate.

Carey said...

you might come up with a DIFFERENT reason for the Senator's resignation

No way. Crazy man.

Dr. B,

Several years ago, the Garland brothers, really groovy epidemiologist friends of my brother-in-law's, told my sister and me of the urgent need to take at least 1000 IU of Vit. D. Good for the immune system.

Avoid sugar and sweets Den? I don't know if I can. I really try. Oh dear.

Carey said...


I paused Olbermann to come say, "Oh my God!" Bush is soooooo stupid and dumb-looking. It hurts with serious, painful embarrassment to watch him fowl up like a monkey in front of the world.

We look so utterly foolish people.

David B. Benson said...

"What do you mean we, kimo sabe?"

Hops time!

Carey said...


micki said...

Personally, if I could avoid using Lamasil I would! Bad stuff. Some people are lucky taking it, others are not so lucky. Liver function and kidney function are considerations. Plus less serious complications, like nausea, tiredness, abdominal pain.

One of my sisters and one of my daughters had toe nail fungus. Pat's doctor said he'd rather have her try a "home remedy" first -- a mixture of tea tree oil and ordinary cider vinegar (mixed 1/2 and 1/2 ratio). Twice a day, morning and evening, pushing back the cuticle all around the nail bed and thoroughly soaking the upper toe, behind the nail and around the cuticle. Treat adjacent toe(s), too. About once a week, soak the feet, then using a clean instrument, scrape out debris behind the nail, being careful not to go too deeply. Apply the solution. Do this for about six months.

Kristin's naturopath said basically the same thing as Pat's doc, but she recommended using Listerine and vinegar, rather than the tea tree oil.

Keep the feet scrupulously dry. If your feet sweat when exercising, change your socks often.

Anyway....this worked for them.

micki said...


I'm so glad I quit reading that rag years ago.

Boycott Newsweek!

DEN said...

Good advice Micki, think I'll stay out of the doctoring biz.

Carey said...


I'm going to print those instructions out. I'd rather not have to take Lamisil. Den has me a tiny worried about the possible virilence of this.

The ground being wet doesn't help much, I suppose. These are early morning walks.

DEN said...

What ya got in the super strong anti-inflammatory joint builder-upper to tame some nasty arthritis and missing cartilage issues?

I never read Newsweek, BORING!

I read Time in the Docs office, more pictures.

DEN said...

Carey, virilence is not quite it, rather being embedded with your cells and destroys them. Gets rooted real good. Tough to eradicate.

Alan said...

That thing of taking Lamasil for 6 months never did seem right to me. Seems like even if you had to remove the nail to get to it, you could treat it directly with something that would kill it right off. Dip your toe in what... clorox or sumshyt. Kill it directly, RIGHT NOW. Or is bleach for only mold/mildew? Anyway, you could grow a new nail before 6 months, right?

DEN said...

Alan, it embeds in your nailbeds, you can't just scrape it off, it's in deep.

I can only speak for my own issue, not for everyone.

I had the fungus reeeel bad, Guam fungus, jungle mung.

Alan said...

But you couldn't treat it directly because of the nail, right? You had to treat it from the inside with taking meds. I KNOW that I'm not a doctor, it just seems to me that it could be treated topically with something that could kill it like RIGHT NOW, if you removed the nail.

DEN said...

Maybe Micki's cure works with out yanking out nails, (thats considered 'torture' ya know).

Takes a real man to yank a nail!


DEN said...

Nuff fungus, ZZZZZZZZ

micki said...

I'm going to say one more thing about toenails.

Get this. A couple of years ago I tried to move a BIG -- really BIG -- rock in our yard all by myself. I didn't actually lift it, but I rolled it and I was on the downside and it SMUSHED my big toe!

The toenail was icky looking, blackened and stuff.

Over time, I could see that I was going to lose the nail...so one day, I just decided to RIP IT OFF. I cringed! I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth! The darn nail came right off, with no pain...and guess what?!

I had a brand new nail right underneath it. Seriously. A new nail-in-waiting.

Alan said...

I had a brand new nail right underneath it. Seriously. A new nail-in-waiting.

Yep, you said "over time". Your toe knew it sooner 'n you did and started making another one. I've had similiar episodes with fingernails. I've saved 'em before as well, by drilling a hole with a hot needle to drain the blood out. I say 'drill', but it's just twisting the needle back and forth to work it's way through. It's more of a MELT than a drill.

Carey said...

Oh my. All this talk of ickyness. Just before bedtime too. I hope I don't dream of monster fungus jungles.

Anonymous said...

Bootboy here: I take a peak at this here blog when I need to justify the reason for gettin some shut eye. Hey Doc Den, how do I get this boot out of my ass without causing a rippin rash?

DEN said...

Bootboy: first of all I can see why you have a boot in your ass, is it yer mommas from her kicking yer butt to get off the computer 'cause you have to get up for school in the morning.

Apply salve liberally then set yer butt in a bowl of corn flakes, bake it in the oven at 350 till crisp.