Thursday, November 22, 2007

T-Day Thanks

Thanks for gas that does not exceed $5 a gallon.

Thanks for not lighting off any nukes in the USA.

Thanks for not locking people up in KBR detention centers.

Thanks for not attacking Iran.

Thanks for resigning, Gonzo.

Thanks for all the people that sacrifice daily to provide top flight health care for the poor.

Thanks for the organizations that feed and care for the homeless in America daily.

Thanks for the hard working farmers that raise our food.

Thanks for all the troops that put their lives on the line despite the war being illegal.

Thanks for all of our fellow Americans that hate this administration and will vote accordingly.

Thanks for all my fellow bloggers who stick with this little blog through it all.


Now lets eat!

Coffee in the corner, turkey, ham and all the fixins on the side, dig in!!
save room for some pumpkin pie for desert.



DEN said...

Parades-O-Plenty on the TeeVee, and the internets too.


carol said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanks for the friends I met on Arianna and David corn.

I don't have to make turkey today. I'll have to make it Sunday. I'm going to the Detroit Athletic Club again this year. Only my son wanted to go, so I'm going so he doesn't have to drive all the way to Detroit and back alone.

Jill is coming over to make a rib dinner for her dad. She's never made ribs for moi! Of course, I'll have smoked salmon and the whole hoity-toity grazing room before I even get to ordering an actual dinner. Then there is the champagne glass that is never empty. It's kind of cool to be treated like the rich.

Uncle Ron will insist on sending a meal home for Bob, so I have instructions by Jill to fill two containers with the fancy pastries and as many hors d’œuvres (smoked anything) I can. She even wants me to take two crème brûlées home IN their little pots! Oh, brother.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Alan said...

Thanks Den, for having us 'over'. You're a hella host.

Happy Turkey Day to all of you guys.

micki said...

I'm thankful for a lot of things, everyday of my life, including all the wonderful, thoughtful people here at Den's place.

I'm thankful for little things, like my paperwhites pushing through their bulbtops last week in WINTER! I'll have beautiful, fresh flowers at Christmas!

I'm thankful for my family and friends. I'm thankful for my health. I'm thankful for all of us raising our voices about the sad state of affairs in this country, because it means we still can! I'm thankful that I can walk in the woods nearby and hear the quiet. I'm thankful that my shadow follows me home because it means the sun still shines.

And, in spite of all my bitching, I'm still thankful that I live in the United States, because this is my home. I'm thankful that I can still hope that things can get better.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

micki said...

Hey, Carey! You know I agree with you on the practicality aspect of the next election, don't you?


Just want to emphasize that....

David B. Benson said...

And on Thanksgiving Day, too:

Attack on the killer jellyfish!

No, not a joke...

Anonymous said...

Don't have a lot of time to chat. I'm going to my "husband's" sister's house. And then over to my brother's house. It's going to be a good day.

What am I thankful for? I thought about that today as I was cooking my non meat food. It's funny. Really funny. God has a great sense of humor. I have said a LOT of hail Mary's and Our Fathers for peace in my life. I didn't ask for it specifically but without knowing it that's what I was asking for. He answered me. My husband of 32 years left me. And I'm more at peace than I have been in many many years.


Anonymous said...

Oh and my neighbor said I look really good. She said she keeps waiting for me to fall apart and I keep looking more beautiful. What do you think about that! Kick me and I get up kicking back.


David B. Benson said...

Jeanne! --- Is it due to a non-meat diet?

micki said...

Jeanne! What good news you bring!


micki said...

Hmmmm, Dr. B, perhaps the jellyfish know the downside of farm-raised salmon, and decided to take appropriate steps.

Though, I doubt jellyfish "step."

micki said...

Hmmm...two women right here on this blog becoming more beautiful sans husbands.

David B. Benson said...

Perhaps Thanksgiving Day needs a different form of rememberance

David B. Benson said...

Or like this

DEN said...

Jeanne, It's so good that you are doing well with one of lifes' most mind wrenching experiences.

I hope you and the kids have a great holiday.

I know I speak for all here when I say we miss your commentary, so if and when you get a chance.....

DEN said...

Micki, sans men? jeez some aren't to bad ya know,

Red Green sez "If the women don't find ya handsome at least they can find you handy."

(As long as your not "handy" with the neighbor gal.)

DEN said...

Doc, sorry I refuse to feel guilty for enjoying my annual gluttony fest.

Including generous portions of hops.

Better to have Native American reparation day where we give nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars to the casinos across America.

Gerald said...

I must give a special thank you on this Thanksgiving Day to Sister Joan Chittister for her article on clarifying our voting practices that was written by Catholic Bishops at their semi-annual conference this November. Any person who loves God's children can never vote for Hitler Bush, a mass murderer and a war criminal against humanity.

Although I loathe Hitler Bush, I must give him a thank you for alerting me more and more on how evil we are as a nation, The United States of Evil. We are far from being a good, holy, and a saintly nation. We must always be on guard against politicians who are evil.

I also want to give a special thank you to Stephen Lenderman for his article, "A Culture of Violence." He presented a case for Nazi America being the most evil, vile, and wicked nation in the Universe's long history.

My view of Nazi America this Thanksgiving Day is that we are wallowing in the eternal abyss of hell.

I also want to give a special thank you for all the great writers on the internet who have alerted us to Nazi America's many wrong and immoral problems.

I must also give myself a special thank you for the cleansing of my insides through periodical puking episodes. Although puking is not a good feeling, the post-puking period does make a person feel better.

micki said...

Den...I have nothing against men. I know lots of men I like! And I bet Jeanne and Carey do, too.

I said sans husbands.

Different kettle of fish, ya know.

Gerald said...

How Great Thou Art

And, a very special thank you to my God!!!

micki said...

From Dr. B's link: "Or like this"

"Thanks for the mammaries."

I read the other day that researchers found that breastfed babies grow up to be smarter than non-breastfed.


I'm saying that lot today.

Gerald said...

On Eagles Wings

Gerald said...

I do not know if breastfed babies are smarter than non-breastfed babies. I believe that the breastfed baby bonds more closely to the mother and feels more secure. Whether a mother breast feeds the child or not, she still loves her baby but the baby may feel more secure who is breastfed.

DEN said...

Micki, I stand corrected there, oops!

Carey said...

Ahhhh...the very mention of creme brulee. Sweet, crunchy and creamy.

Micksters dear,

two women right here on this blog becoming more beautiful sans husbands.

Oh yeah. Interesting, isn't it? Freedom from tension-filled surroundings will do it everytime. I must write her, dang it. How strong she sounds.

I really like that. That makes my holiday, right there.

I'm thankful for you guys and my other friends and family. I'm forever grateful for the support you've all shown me. I can't write it enough.

It was this family I relied on in my head at some of the worst times.

Carey said...

Happy feasting!

Carey said...


Well, thank you for reminding us. That stupid pesky Indian thing. Geez, on Thanksgiving?

Do we hafta? :-))

micki said...


Sorry, Carey, I know it's Thanksgiving, but here's one more nefaroius, but DELIBERATE f**k up courtesy of the bush loyalists.

Immigrant citizenship applications BACKLOGGED -- may not be able to get to vote

Anonymous said...

There was one thing I forgot to say I am thankful for. My internet friends of course. When I needed a boost I got it in the form of postcards and emails. Thank you guys.

My youngest daughter always tells me she doesn't want to hear politics. I'm too political. blah blah blah.
Well today she was talking about her roommate. The roommate told her that she saw on the internet that two people were running for president. My daughter said. "Oh really...who?" the roommate said "A black man and Hilary."
"Oh really. Hmmm" There were a few comments said about her roommate not knowing politics and that she was talking about two Democrats because there is no way the Republicans would have a woman or a black man running.
I listened to those comment and I thought to myself. "You have been listening."


Carey said...


I stepped away for a quick moment to let you know I read the immigration article. What a surprise--another screw up reeking of incompetence. Conveniently fits in with efforts to not count votes.

Roveco is rather agile, however, when it comes to figuring that out. They've ingeniously come up with all kinds of ways to ensure the poor don't vote.


How telling children can be. You are her mother. You know, the one with the patience to help her with her homework all those times.

Ain't life grand sometimes? Especially when you realize, hey, this might have just been for the best.

Carey said...

I forgot to mention that the INS, now ICE, was never, ever remotely close to an organized entity.

Like other government agencies it was certainly in need of adjustments. Well thought-out applications is not part of the Bush repertoire.

Carey said...

You know what we're all thankful for?

This living, vibrant, sustaining community we've created.