Thursday, November 15, 2007

T(ough) S(hit) A(merica)

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Defense and Security

One Year Later: Have TSA Airport Security Checkpoints Improved?

This morning at 10:00 a.m. the Committee will a examine whether TSA’s airport security checkpoints have improved over the last year. The hearing will review the findings of an investigation conducted by GAO into the effectiveness of airport security checkpoints. Yesterday, a GAO report detailed an undercover investigation that found significant vulnerabilities in airport security.

The following witnesses will testify:

  • Mr. Gregory D. Kutz, Managing Director, Forensic Audits and Special Investigations, Government Accountability Office

accompanied by:

  • Mr. John Cooney, Assistant Director, Forensic Audits and Special Investigations, Government Accountability Office
  • The Honorable Edmund “Kip” Hawley, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

@ House


Airport Screeners Missed Bomb Parts

By EILEEN SULLIVAN – 12 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Government investigators smuggled liquid explosives and detonators past airport security, exposing a dangerous hole in the nation's ability to keep these forbidden items off of airplanes, according to a report made public Wednesday.

The investigators learned about the components to make an improvised explosive device and an improvised incendiary device on the Internet and purchased the parts at local stores, said the report by the Government Accountability Office. Investigators were able to purchase the components for the two devices for under $150, and they studied the published guidelines for screening to determine how to conceal the prohibited items as they went through checkpoint security.

At the end of the testing, investigators concluded that terrorists could use publicly available information and a few cheaply available supplies to damage an airplane and threaten passenger safety.

"It is possible to bring the components for several IEDs and one IID through TSA checkpoints and onto airline flights without being challenged by transportation security officers," said the GAO, Congress' investigative arm.
@ AP

Once again the oppressive hand of the government has failed to protect the flying public. The imposition of the draconian search and seizure of shampoo and toiletries because they might contain bomb making juice, has backfired bigtime on the authoritarians. Tsk, tsk, tsk, guess those terror causing young Arab males are not the problem after all, or are they? Wasn't Arabs smuggling stuff onto the flights, was 'Mercans', God fearing folk that pulled a lot of wool over the TSA's eyes this time.

New regulations will be: Everyone must be buck nekid to fly, no carry-ons allowed, bags must be UPS'd to the destination.

Might be tough on the upholstery.



micki said...

Airline passengers beware!

This GAO report illuminating TSA incompetence may result in the busheviks giving a no-bid contract to Blackwater to handle airport "security."

DEN said...

One more reason to stay on the ground.

Except, gas here is $3.45/gal, ouch!

micki said...

Clever comment, Den, about the upholstery. But, gross, too. ;-))

Carey said...

Okay, it happened again.

I do this thing where my baby finger overreaches down to the shift key to capitalize something and I hit the control key by accident. Deletes everything. You can't stop it once you realize it's happening.

Oh Micki,

Your warning about the possibility of Bushco going to Blackwater for airport "security" is right on, isn't it?

Fed-Xing your luggage is a tip I heard somewhere but way too expensive. UPS would be a cheaper solution but still quite expensive.

How do families get together at Christmas? This year the travel will be at an all-time figure. I'm so glad I don't have to travel. So glad.

Well the first post was much more entertaining. I wrote of the lavender ballon floating around in my head. Micki, it is true. Lavender elevates the mood instantly. Such a serene little lift. I am in love with my bedroom right now. That's where keep my sachet.

Also, I'm here to officially announce the start of the season. I've gotten the Christmas spirit. It's in the air.

It's here. OH BOY!!!

Carey said...

This is going to be interesting. Watching this little group at DWF trying to enjoy the holidays while innundated with campaign news and probable political scandals.

It wouldn't be Bushco without major scandal.


Are you cooking? I'm not. Not this year. Carol?

I think I might write Jeanne today.

Note to all:

I haven't been going to my email on a daily basis. Having a little trouble with it. It will all be worked out in time.

Carey said...

A week before Thanksgiving.

If you're cooking, you have alot to do right now. Planning.

DEN said...

House Democrats succeeded Thursday in passing a foreign surveillance law update that would restore judicial oversight to foreign intelligence gathering efforts aimed at Americans and would not grant legal immunity to telecommunications companies that facilitated the warrantless surveillance of Americans.

On a 224-192 vote, largely along party lines, the House adopted its proposal to update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The measure, known as the RESTORE Act, would replace a temporary FISA update approved in August.

The bill does not include a provision to grant legal immunity to telecommunications companies that the Bush administration has demanded and it restores the role of the FISA court in approving surveillance methods used by the National Security Agency that could ensnare Americans.



Carey said...

Why does my gallon of milk have an advertisement on it? The plastic jug has the ordinary brand label on the front. On the back is a sticker saying, "The 3 second rule doesn't apply to liquids."

It's in the shape of a splotch, a spill in other words, with the name "Bounty" underneath-- Bounty paper towels.

Basically, it's an advertisment on the back of my milk jug. What the heck? When did this stuff start happening? That's a basic sort of change isn't it?

Maybe not. Another product advertising on a product. It gets intricate. This seems unusual, though.

Carey said...

Wow! That's incredible news Den.

Here's a perfect example of what it's like to not have Air America playing in my home. (We haven't setup the satellite radios yet.) I had completely forgotten about the FISA hearings.

My sister, brother-in-law and myself are muy depressed. We've lost what felt like a bulwark against the Bush regime. We kind of feel helpless without our radio support out here. We get disconnected easily in Southern Calif. Too spread out. That's what I was talking about with the magazine community.

It's a lost, highly tight-knit community. I'm sure we'll find ourselves again. It's kind of hard to do in Southern Calif. The locale is not conducive.

I've always got my sweet-smelling lavender to make me happy.

Carey said...

Well, there I am on my rowing machine, thinking, "good girl, keep it up, good girl."

Suddenly, on the TV, a death in the family and people realize the person is permanently gone.

Shit, I broke down. That's gonna happen. Expecially for my baby, Brandon. It's Christmas and his Dad's not here.

Shit, that makes me so dang sad.

Happy, sad. Oh, I'm doing just dandy. I think I better go and get some of this out of my system, while Boom-Boom's in school. You have to go through it.

DEN said...

Carey, The milk retailer gets paid from the advertiser and consequently is saving revenue and offsetting costs.

Carey said...


Yeah, I could figure the logistics of the ad, it just surprised me. It's kind of a weird ad. That's all it said.

DEN said...

Carey, as a non-emotional driven person, I cannot begin to understand what you and Brandon are going through, but it appears you at least have some support available with your fellow siblings, might need to lean on them to help you move through this tough stuff.

Holidays are riddled with guilt for me not being anywhere near what little there is of my family, drives me nutz.

micki said...

Speaking of advertising, get a load of THIS!

Just what we need....Lou Dobbs for President. All immigrants, legal or otherwise, better hightail it back to their homeland!

Carey said...

My sister quickly reminded me of what Christmas was like when Ken was alive.

'Nuff said. Back to reality.

David B. Benson said...

We're having more of Micki's leftovers today...

Carey said...

Den. Wow, that's pretty heavy to have to go through. Geez Looooouize!

We'll all help each other get through this emotion-laden holiday.

micki said...

I went down to the bay this morning. Wow! What a mess. The roof blew off of a small aquarium down at Squalicum Harbor. Windchippers are buzzing all over town eating up downed trees. We need a new garage door because the wind bowed it and cracked the panels. Neighbors on both sides need new doors, too. Oh, well...other people are much worse for the wear.

Global extremes. Warmer ocean, higher winds. Welcome to the new reality.

DEN said...

Time for the Dow Thursday dumpola, down 121 points(rounded up)

micki said...

Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC)

America's Coal Based Electricity Providers

I heard on Thom Hartmann that one of the lead sponsors for tonight's debate is a front-group for the coal industry. Okay, okay...CNN is free to scare up any advertisers it can, but I wonder if Wolf Blitzer (or whomever is the host) will ask the candidates where they stand on "clean coal" electricity generation. "Clean coal" -- no such thing exists! It's all dirty.

I wonder if CNN will have the balz to ask any hard-hitting questions pertaining to how dirty and wasteful (water, water, water) coal-generated electricity is.

I hate it that this front-group is sponsoring a Democratic Party debate because, first, it gives the coal industry an opportunity to promote itself in "enemy terrority" but the advertising will also piss off a lot of Dem viewers because the uninformed may think that the Dems picked the sponsor, when it fact, it was CNN who has total control over that decision.


micki said...

oops...I just noticed I said "windchippers" in previous post...I meant...


I didn't have a part in "Fargo" so I can't keep the machinery straight! :-)

David B. Benson said...

I think having a windchipper would be very useful...

David B. Benson said...

How to make tourism greener

5% of carbon emmisions is 420 million tonnes of carbon per year!

micki said...

Honda to put its zero-emission hydrogen car on roads next year

By John Reed in Los Angeles
Published: November 15 2007 02:00

Honda yesterday unveiled the first hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car destined for retail customers, who are due to receive the vehicles by the middle of next year.

Japan's second largest carmaker said it would begin leasing the FCX Clarity to a "limited" number of consumers in California in mid-2008.

The four-door sedan, powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell stack, will have zero exhaust-pipe emissions and a range of 270 miles.

Honda said it would charge customers lease payments of about $600 a month, making the FCX Clarity the first of the alternative-fuel vehicles affordable to ordinary consumers.

Similar to Toyota's top-selling Prius petrol-electric hybrid, the car has a distinctive exterior styling that will allow drivers to telegraph their green credentials to other motorists.

micki said...

I hear the car would cost $103,000.

Did I hear that right? Yikes!

David B. Benson said...

That's without a radio.

DEN said...

Bluetooth and MP3 instead of a radio.

DEN said...

Like everything else it starts out expensive but gets cheaper the more the popularity increases and competitors there are.

Alan said...

Honda to put its zero-emission hydrogen car on roads next year

Micki, I've seen a commercial about 'em already. It's a James Bond-type shoot'em-up with several shooters, all with squirt guns! Guy gets squirted and it blows him through a door or wall. A slick way of connecting POWER with the exhaust emissions of these cars.

Alan said...

Everyone must be buck nekid to fly...

That reminded me of part of a joke, this friend of mine's father used to say on stage. His dad and uncle were a comedy duo that did pantomine. While his uncle Jay was setting up the equipment, his dad would do a stand-up routine. FUNNY sumbitch, for sure. So anyway, this joke was about a 'buck nekid' person. "And there's NOTHING more nekid than BUCK...(pause) unless it's STARK. (pause)And that's SLICK". LOL
Well, guess you had to be there. He was one crazy and funny guy.

carol said...

"Like everything else it starts out expensive but gets cheaper the more the popularity increases and competitors there are."

That's only in electronics. Not cars. Cars only go up.