Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Small Town Christmas

Once upon a time the world was a better place, a poorer but happier place.

The cold blustery winds of fall had turned into the winds of winter and small towns celebrated the upcoming season of Christmas. The time for thoughts of warmth and coziness, a time for gathering together families.

The vapors could be seen rising from every chimney, the trees bare branches clattered in the breeze. The night cold had settled upon the town like an blanket forcing all to succumb to the chill. It was Christmas Eve.

The night it would seem was magic alight,

for Santa was coming tonight.

For all the good children a reward would soon appear,

a jolly old man and nine tiny reindeer.

So into your beds and cover up tight,

for Santa to come, you must stay out of sight.



micki said...

Nice, Den! I wonder how many kids dare to peek out the window in hopes of seeing Santa racing to get his job done. Then they see him off in the distance outlined against the moon and duck under the covers in anticipation!

"There's a pretty full Earth tonight"

micki said...

The night isn't dark, it's glowing with a silvery-white light. Up above, the 98% full moon looks huge and clear in the azure sky. It just might be the brightest moon you've ever seen. That's because it's the highest-riding full moon until the year 2023.

From my link above...neat description of Christmas Eve 2007.

DEN said...

Near full moon and Mars too!

Cool! Supposed to be clear here tonite for optimum viewing.

Great link! Thanks!

micki said...

Hey, Alan, from previous thread...thanks! Bill says "hey" back at ya!

carey said...

I wonder how many kids dare to peek out the window in hopes of seeing Santa racing to get his job done.

If we could count out that in pennies, we'd still be rich. How many window panes have been smeared by your runny nose?

Very, very nice Den. Just lovely and so Christmasy. Today's the big day for us. Tonight, that is.

Last night I was up late again. The moon and the evening into night were just incredible. It was almost balmy. The moon did it's total thing, shining from stem to stern.

carey said...

My lone kitty, who goes by the name of Miss Mistletoe during Christmas, is doing okay. She's not thrilled about stuff. Zoey knows she's going to get treats but it's just not the same.

I feel badly about that. Brandon's not awake yet. I think it's not a cold, but that damn sinus congestion and post nasal drip again. I have methods for that but can't get the boy to do anything sometimes.

carey said...

I bookmarked that page, Micksters, about the Christmas Eve sky tonight. Wonderful, because, as I just said, it was gorgeous here last night.

It couldn't be a more perfect San Diego Christmas, weather and conditions-wise.

carey said...

Something pithy to say as we head into the stretch?

Not really. I will say this.

WE MADE IT ANOTHER YEAR! And for some of us, it was quite a year. Whew doggie!

DEN said...

Fern and Iris show how to put up an artificial tree.

Very Meowey Christmas!

Carey said...

Adorable, Den.

Carey said...

I'll have everyone go outside tonight to look at the moon and stars ala Micki's link.

You know what I'm doing, don't you? I'm procrastinating getting up and doing the final cleanup before arrivals.

Okay, let's go girl.

DEN said...

NORAD Tracker for Santa

David B. Benson said...

It's more that I fell in love with the Chilcotin.

David B. Benson said...

Happy zeroth day of Christmas.

(Most people call it Christmas Eve.)

And twelve happy more...

micki said...

Anton Bruckner's Symphony in D minor came be to known, posthumously, as Symphony No. 0 in D minor. I believe this is the only zeroth symphony in classical music.

BTW, Dr. B, I had hoped you had fallen in love in the Chilcotin along with the with. That would have been really, really romantic. :-))

Wishing you good tidings of the season...

DEN said...

Doc, i think you better work on your math, zeroth? Your mind has been on Chilcotin huh? Gotta be a Christmas story in their somewhere,

looks like just us guys left to do the math anyhow, gals off doing family stuff, nice lazy day round here.

DEN said...

OOPS spoke too soon.

DEN said...

Just think, only 365 shopping days till next X-mas.

David B. Benson said...

On the zeroth day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me,
zero Eiffel Towers!

carol said...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Well, all the work is done and I can sit around but my son is going to be late, (father-in-law ergency surgery today) my almost son-in-law is going to be late, (had to work) my daughter-in-law can't come (staying at hospital with ill father). Only Jill is here.

But the boys will be here later and tomorrow everyone will be.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

DEN said...

Merry Christmas Carol!

Loot check and compare tomorrow.

micki said...

There once was a hacker who spoke with a Lisp,
Said cardinal numbers clear, simple and crisp,
He then did doth,
Suggest Zeroth,
Is that an ordinal place or a will-o'-the-wisp?

micki said...

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Peace for Earth!