Saturday, December 08, 2007

DU Truth

COLONIE, NY - Former workers at a Cold War-era munitions plant and nearby residents still carry traces of toxic depleted uranium in their bodies, a team of scientists said Wednesday.1206 03

The findings, unveiled at a news conference, seem to contradict an earlier assessment by the federal government that deemed it impossible to measure contamination because it had been so long since the emissions ended.

Contrary to that 2004 assessment by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the scientists from England and the University at Albany say they can now show that more than two decades later, people still carry the radioactive metal in their bodies.

The state shuttered the former NL Industries plant in 1984.

Because the contamination can still be detected, a study could be done to track down the thousands of people who could have been exposed, the researchers said. But additional financial resources are needed to pay for the pricey tests, they said.

“Our new work, using better methodology, shows that we can overcome this difficulty,” said Randall Parrish, a professor at the University of Leicester.

The findings will soon be published in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

Neighbors and former employees have demanded more detailed analysis of the cancers, immune disorders and other illnesses they say have plagued their families.

@ Common Dreams


Once again corporate needs outweigh the needs of the workers. To produce such a toxic substance without even a basic study as to any health issues involved is typical of the corporate greed mentality bringing the 'do first, worry later' policy to manufacturing.

For years and years it is the same old story, workers being the last to know what exactly they are exposed to daily on the job. In this case the DU munitions actually affected the surrounding community badly as well.

Asbestos had the same scenario, workers had asbestos filling their lungs until they got mesothelioma a deadly lung disease and the surrounding communities also bearing the scourge as well.

The recent fascist slant being brought about for the corporations, by the corporations will not improve workers health issues, rather it will gut the workers protections put in place through OSHA and remove any recourse for the workers when poisoned by slack corporate policy.

Profit is king, powered by high unemployment, workers fighting for jobs to feed their families will sacrifice their very lives to do so because of need, with slack regulation and lack of scientific study to determine any health related issues involved with manufacturing. This is a vile and ruthless policy put forth by the corporate bosses.

People have been set up in a world that demands that money is the main requirement to survive, without money you have nothing. Force work instead of work force.

Pride has left the building, it has been replaced by plunder.



DEN said...

Saturday morning in America. The temp in Duluth this AM is -10F with a wind chill of -23F. Hope it's warmer where you are.

35F in Auburn, not nearly as life threatening.

Coffee and Hot Cocoa in the corner, bagels on the side, health food you know.

Have fun!

Gerald said...


Gerald said...

I cannot think of lower, more despicable human beings than people who try to frighten their country into a war they are all too old to fight by printing and broadcasting false information fed to them by the worst political administration since Ulysses Grant. They added to their sins by attacking honest people for speaking the truth.

These so-called foreign-policy experts are a contemptible lot. If they were honorable people, they would confess their error and apologize to the people they tried to discredit, but of course they are not honorable people.

The worst of the lot are those who pose as journalists but who really are water-carriers for the administration, the Republican Party, the neoconservative clique or, in some cases, Israel. They deserve to have their foreheads tattooed with the word "whore." Then when people see them on television pontificating, they will know that those journalists are a bought bunch.

A real journalist has loyalty to only one group – his readers or listeners. He has an obligation to tell them the truth as best as he can determine it and not to pass on propaganda from someone behind the scenes.

Gerald said...

The warmongers have blood on their hands. They bear almost equal responsibility with the government for the dead and wounded of the Iraq War. Thank God that this time the intelligence analysts stood firm against the administration's pressure to politicize the results of their work, or these miserable warmongers would have had even more blood on their hands.

And don't expect them to let up on trying to paint Iran as an imminent danger to the world. The truth is that there are only two countries in the world that could threaten America or Europe. Those are Russia and China. When you are assessing threats, you have to look at capabilities, not at rhetoric or intentions. Only China and Russia have the capability to attack the U.S.

Given this fact, you would think the administration would pay more attention to relations with these countries than to getting its drawers in a tizzy over Third World countries that lack the capability of harming us in any meaningful way.

The future grows dark for the United States. We have a bad administration that is corrupt, secretive, incompetent and disdainful of liberty. We have a press that for the most part cannot distinguish news from celebrity gossip. We have an education system that is manufacturing functional illiterates. We have a public that seemingly believes the only things worthwhile in life are entertainment and consumption.

Gerald said...

What is peace?

Gerald said...

I believe there is always an undeclared war on poor people all over the world and the establishment’s goal is to use any means violent, covert, or criminal to make the poor, poorer; the rich, richer; and to eliminate an educated, healthy, and vibrant middle class that is a threat to the fascist-elite way of life but essential for true freedom and democracy.

Gerald said...

A Familiar Pattern

Gerald said...

The Winter of an American Despot

Gerald said...

The Bush-Cheney denial of the strategic and political import of the latest NIE on Iran, and their demand for continued aggressive, pre-emptive wars should surprise no one.

Big Men are not akin to captains of ships, or protectors of flocks. They are motivated not by duty or love, but by the exhilaration of unrestrained and unlimited power. Like a drug, such power is addicting. Like addicts, our leaders and their advisors are out of touch, in denial of truth, and tend to extremism.

The Dick and Dubya Big Man Fantasy Presidency of the United States is dangerous. American tyranny and instability has already frightened the world, and domestic awareness of executive and legislative tyranny is growing each day.

While most of the presidential candidates long only to grab the reins of a monster state from our little Nero and ride into Hell, the average American has begun to roll his eyes in disbelief and derision at the whole scenario of modern non-constitutional government.

Gerald said...

Is this the democracy that we are spreading?

Gerald said...

If there is no freedom of religion and free elections in a country, there can be no democracy.

DEN said...

Karen Kwaitowski donated to Ron Paul?

Actually they are all degrees of looney one way or another.

Is there a candidate with integrity?

Can the madness be stopped?

DEN said...

Baby Moose

More Baby Moose

David B. Benson said...

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David B. Benson said...

This is wierd.

Gerald said...

I was disappointed in Karen donating to Paul's campaign. Ron Paul has some baggage in his closet that has not come to light but it is there. If he receives the nomination, the baggage will be open for all to see.

It seems like Huckabee and Romney are the only viable repugnants left and both are tainted with problems in their sticking thinking.

Gerald said...

Michigan's U.P. is a beautiful area. Keep your eyes open for the black bears they try to enter your home as uninvited guests!

Gerald said...

Ten Minutes of Idiots and their Idiotic Words

DEN said...

What a day huh?

Now for the hops.

Riding in the lap of liquid luxury, ahhhh!

•¿•arol said...

Moose pictures: My first thought was, "Where is the snow?!?!?!

Then I looked for the date. November 13. Ah. I'm sure they're buried now.