Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

I thought the other pic needed to go, it went.

Frenzied flurry of flying wrapping paper as new goodies make their way into the households of America.

For the folks stuck outside in the urban wilderness, hoping the holidays bring something good into your lives.

Enjoy the day because you will have to wait another year to do it all over again.



DEN said...

Click on the image to activate animation in a separate window.

I thought it would work without fiddling but alas!

Carey said...

Merry, Merry, everyone.

The savory cheesecake--a smashing success.

Just an incredibly gorgeous evening and night here in San Diego for the Eve festivities. Mars glowed red appropriately.

It was one of those balmy postcard nights with everything sparkling.

Enjoy the spirit of the moment.

David B. Benson said...

On the first day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me:
a partridge in a pear tree.

(The partridge was good, roasted in a pear sauce.)

David B. Benson said...

pear glaze, I mean.

David B. Benson said...

Here it is!

Mothers' Twelve Days of Christmas

And one of my New Years' Resolutions will be to help make that come so.

(Except of the first day, that is.)

DEN said...

Christmas is a goner, let the looting and pillaging resume, 360 days to act like riproaring fools before we do it all again.

Is that too cynical? I suppose just a wee bit.

It's like a madness of sorts, temporary thought suspension, to act 'kind' for a change, then continue on afterward like Christmas was a mere blip on the radar.

The spirit of Christmas gets kicked to the curb with the torn wrappings.

Seems like such a waste.

David B. Benson said...

If you have a fireplace:

Guide to Pellet Stoves

and even if you don't, there are outdoor models so you can put the furnance up to 500 feet away.

º¿carol said...

Carol has a zombie for the wall!

The picture doesn't do it justice. The right side of the face is disgustingly rotted away. The photo has that part buried. I'm going to hang it on a wall in the house. To heck with putting it in the dirt outside! Jill says I'm the easiest to buy for. Yup. The zombie was my FAVORITE thing!

Carey said...

A zombie? Okay, we knew Carol was offbeat. When it snows, the zombie will realistically gray.

º¿carol said...


micki said...

On the first day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me,
A pukeko in a ponga tree.

micki said...

In our family, gifts now are an experience, something to eat, something to drink, something to read, or a donation.

Happy as clams.

º¿carol said...

We like our stuff. Jill also got me a huge dragon skull to hang on the garage. VERY cool. Always looking for something to hang on the garage.

Got my taste treats, too. Both kids loaded me down with every dark, dark chocolate they could find from around the world. Yum!

micki said...

In Whatcom County, there are very restrictive burn bans in many urban and semi-rural areas, indoors and outdoors.

In new construction, wood-burning fireplaces are not allowed. (I think this went into effect in 2000 or so.) Our home has a gas fireplace.

I don't know about pellet fireplaces here. I do know that some vendors that used to sell the units, no longer do so.

micki said...

Well, I'm glad you like your stuff.

I don't like stuff for the sake of stuff any more. I feel freer without stuff. When we left Texas, to a smaller home, we lightened our load and it's a marvelous feeling to be free of it.

If one new "thing" does enter the premises, two things have to be given away!

micki said...

Oh, I forget to mention...

or something to grow.

Now, that's a good gift.

micki said...

Did you know that Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, was born in Mexico? Something to do with the ancestors leaving Utah Territory because they were adherents of polygamy and intended to continue to "practice" it.

Oh, well. I suppose that's no reflection on Mitten. Just interesting.

micki said...


Where's the fuss over John McCain using a CROSS in his Christmas political ad? The Repugs are such hypocrites! They were all over Huckabee for his Christmas CROSS in his political ad!!

Back to the reality of political crapola....

Carey said...

I don't want stuff either Micksters. Crap to take care of, you have to try to find a place to put it away.

Now stuff on the walls or art. That's a little different. There never is enough art or plants. The zombie appears to be Carol's taste, that's all.


I'm trying to get a pic to you of Bran and me from our celebration last night. We had such a lovely, lovely time. It went so smoothly, like Christmas should. I have to wait until my sister arrives home from her visit to her father's house. That may be a while.

I'll try tomorrow perhaps. My house is so beautiful this one last Christas before we move. It's really been a total joy.

Carey said...

Christmas. (sp)

Jesus had a family, the theory goes. I think, well, absolutely, that works for me, why not? I'm watching the DVR of that special from PBS.

This is fascinating.

The thing of it is, these details are irrelevant to me. It's all about the miracle of love. Details, bickerings, these are not important.

micki said...

My house is so beautiful this one last Christmas before we move. It's really been a total joy.

Joy in La Jolla! Jolly good time! I'm glad for you and Brandon, Carey, that it turned out so well this year.

micki said...

Carey, the peace maker.

Blessed are the cheese makers! :-))

Carey said...

Dom't you just have to sit back and chuckle at the blowback from average Iowans over the Christmas political backbiting and nastiness?

The cross in the ads, Micki? Perhaps a fad?