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Mesopotamian sculpture sells for record 57 million dollars

Wed Dec 5, 8:36 PM ET

A tiny and extremely rare 5,000-year-old white limestone sculpture from ancient Mesopotamia sold for 57.2 million dollars in New York on Wednesday, smashing records for both sculpture and antiquities.

The carved Guennol Lioness, measuring just over eight centimeters (3 1/4 inches) tall, was described by Sotheby's auction house as one of the last known masterworks from the dawn of civilization remaining in private hands.

"It was an honor for us to handle The Guennol Lioness, one of the greatest works of art of all time," Richard Keresey and Florent Heintz, the experts in charge of the sale, said in a joint statement.

"Before the sale, a great connoisseur of art commented to us that he always regarded the figure as the 'finest sculpture on earth' and it would appear that the market agreed with him," they said.

Five different bidders, three on the telephone and two in the room, competed for the sculpture. The successful buyer was identified only as an English buyer who wished to remain anonymous.

@ Yahoo News

57,200,000 BUCKS! That's a chunk of change!

Why would anyone want to pay that sum of money for a tiny sculpture from the cradle of civilization? How many lives could have been saved from starvation, how many schools could use more books? How much money does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Sorry off topic but the main point of amassing a fortune seems to be to enable the purchase of more 'priceless' antiquities and trinkets to show your financial prowess.

Hey pal, you cannot take it with you where you are going and 95% of the population does not care how much money you have, in fact there is much resentment(like mine) for the money grubbers and their amassed fortunes. So you have servants and personal slaves to wipe your nose when you sniffle? So what?

With the relentless pursuit of money comes a downside, thieves, blackmailers, kidnappers and all kinds of unscrupulous characters trying to take your money away from you.

More trouble than it is worth if you ask me. But then I'm just Po-Folk, and you know what?, as long as I can pay my bills, eat well, and have a few toys, I'm OK with that.

That way I don't have to trip over all my Ferrari's in the driveway.



Micki said...

Hey, Alan...from last night.

Montel later apologized for his outburst in a statement that read, “I mistakenly thought the reporter and photographer in question were at the hotel to confront me about some earlier comments. I was wrong, and I apologize for my overreaction.” (from msnbc)

Williams sure thinks it's "all about him" doesn't he? Good for that high school intern! She knows how to be a reporter instead of a stenographer! Yea!!!!!!

Micki said...


Boy Scouts Lose Philadelphia Lease in Gay-Rughts Lease

In some ways, this is an upbeat story....

Micki said...

ooops, Rights

Micki said...

Den, that auction story states that the proceeds will benefit the Martin Family charitable trust. The Martin Family Foundation (don't know if its the same outfit) is all about family values and Christian values.

Micki said...

While the GOPhers lay claim to who loves Jesus more, Mormons or Baptists, I'm reminded of a bumper sticker I saw the other day:

Everyone else thinks you're an asshole

DEN said...

Good one!

Micki said...

Holy blunderbuss! Mitt Romney actually said this in his speech this a.m.! Freedom REQUIRES religion??????

"Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone."

No. Mitt. The GOP requires religion to win elections. Jesus is gonna get mad at you.

Micki said...

Guess it's time for Mitt to call in the Osmond Family to save his sorry ass.

carey said...

That way I don't have to trip over all my Ferrari's in the driveway.

It's all about avoiding clutter. A nasty word clutter is.

I'm been looking through all kinds of real estate stuff, and, naturally, since I'm selling, I look at all the real estate advertisements. The rich ones.

There are so many effin extremely rich people out there. Where, tell me, where do they get all this money? These houses are unbelievable in their offered amenities. Everythng and anything to make one look richer.

I cannot believe, even having been raised in La Jolla, how truly mixed up so many people are about money and self-identity.

Talk about the need for a spiritual awakening, Micksters.

Romey can't be saved. What a dopette. Huckabee, as y'all noted yesterday is really slipping with a fast lip.

Obama is doing what I thought he might do. Surging. Highly interesting. I've always thought if he could land the vice-presidency slot, he's in. He'll be ready eventually, but he's got to cut some ties with the DLC.

Too many ties with DLC. I'm worried, quite worried about that.


I know I'm a stay at home, so I know a little more about Montel. But he is one of the good guys. Really. I like his perscription program. He's about helping others. I don't watch him, but I do respect him.

carey said...

Here's that article about foreclosures. I wondered since I've been involved in looking at this stuff recently. I asked myself where does all that money go. Who really owns the house? I'm all paid off, but who owns yours?

Foreclosure-Proof Homes?


This is brief.

carey said...

Oh man, Alan. I love those cartoons. Warner Bros, classic. Those were the cartoons I could watch with my child and I watch on my own sometimes. Violent yes, but innocent and childlike so that toddlers would get the jokes. Bugs Bunny wins, hands down.

Pokeman, Yu Gi Oh, they try for some moral values infusion. Still boring, semi-redeemable, but walking advertisments.

Wouldn't you know it, Brandon is experiencing a rebirth of Pokeman zealotry.

Alan said...

K, the 'big pharma/montel' article was on top at Jesus' General, but I wanted y'all to see the "ACME Betrayal" article a little further down. It's still there... and check out the ACME products list or catalog.
The Roadrunner was one of my fav 'toons as a kid.

carey said...

While I'm away from posting for whatever reason I often write down a thought or two for this blog.

I can't find it, but the notebook's full.

One more thing, Cheney is the biggest mother-fo of all times. Now he's clamping down on the Democratic Congress, (yeah, right) and Pelosi.

Cheney's upset for some reason. What might that be?


carey said...

Found the catalog Alan. Marvelous. I share with you a deep fondness for those cartoons.

Honestly, I didn't know, but figured Pharma was involved with the Montel perscription bus program. The escape from Pharma's long tentacles is not complete. Like all the healthcare programs offered by the candidates, we haven't taken out the health insurance lobby. So I thought Montel was working from within.

I really don't know. As I said, I don't watch him. I've listened to him and have been pleased. Found myself saying, he's got some meat to him.

The reason I spoke up was because Montel has MS. We all know major illness can change a person. Montel's a changed man.

DEN said...

Ilike this little tidbit from KO here about the money hogs, DHS and their priorities for security.

Why do wire tapping and e-mail monitoring take precedence over port security and others?

Because if something catastrophic happened in a port(besides deadeye dicks butt) it would add more to the Reich's little totalitarian/authoritarian/fascist schemes of fear mongering.

Alan said...

I'll check out KO's piece right now. On the same topic, did y'all see the "heckuva job DHS!" clip from Brave New Films. I didn't include you guys when I mailed the link because I figured y'all got the email from 'em as well.

hecuva job DHS!

Alan said...

yeah yeah, good piece Den. KO and RM went into the whys and what fors... the clip I sent was mainly just about the cronyism and money lost.

Alan said...

Think Progress has some good articles up. There's an auction for fat boy rove's memoir. *gag*
Perino defends bush's lying, saying he told the truth. *another gag*
Sen. specter blocks the contempt vote on rove and bolten.

Israel knew about the NIE before numbnuts bush admits that he did

And the huckster tries to defend his cluelessness about the NIE by showing himself as even more clueless.
Last up, which I haven't checked out yet is... CNN had to scratch a documentary about 'Iran going nuclear' because of the NIE.

Micki said...

I'm sorry that Montel Williams has MS. However, the fact that he has MS and that he shills for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program, does not give him the right to verbally abuse, indeed threaten, a high school intern who asked a perfectly reasonable, professional question about drug profits.

Today, when many high school students around the country attend schools with "zero tolerance" policies regarding physical threats, celebrities -- especially those paid by the pharmaceutical industry -- should also be subject to zero tolerance.

Furthermore, this drug assistance program that Williams shills for is a typical BIG PHARMA, medical-industrial complex scam that is nothing more than a public relations' manufactured "feel good" sham. Sure, some people do get free or reduced drugs through the program -- but they are few and far between, considering the number of uninsured -- and underinsured -- Americans who cannot afford their necessary medications.

The program is designed to give the pharmaceutical companies political cover in their shameless pursuit of bigger profits at the expense of the American people. The drug companies got what they wanted from Congress on the ridiculous Medicare drug benefit program.

Anytime a big name entertainer, sports figure, or other celebrity lends (SELLS) his/her name to Big Pharma, I look with cynicism. It's another case of follow the money.

Montel Williams will apologize. Big Pharma will keep him on their payroll. Williams' producers will come up with a scheme to use the student for ratings. The high school student will probably be given a free trip to be on television. And all will be forgiven.

The great American Way. Lower that bar!

Micki said...

Alan, I like your "headlines."

Pretty good rundown of what's going on today.

{ò,ó}arol said...

The Montel commercial has irritated me for a long time now. He's a traitor! A traitor with his own serious disease to boot.

Every time I've caught that commercial I say, "Yeah, if the drug companies actually gave a shit the drug prices wouldn't be so ridiculously high in the fist place!"

David B. Benson said...

If I had about 58 million to spare, I would have bid too...


David B. Benson said...

Here's an old way to do it:

Corn Beer

but entirely news to me...

Micki said...

Then you'd need at least 65 million or so to spare, because someone (with less admirable traits) would have out-bid you at 58 mil. :-)

Carey said...

Yes, thank you Alan. Very informative. The important headlines.

There you go, Micki and Carol. That's why I said I wasn't sure. He must have been having a bad day, I guess, when dealing with the young questioner. The Montel persona, I mean. You are 100% right. I needed input, that's supposed to be one of my area's too. Monitoring good-deeders from home.

I wonder what charity Williams' has rationalized a donation to from these soiled profits, then? Pehaps a more fitting question.

I can tell you that one--MS.

Remember you guys, I'm not reading well lately. I seem to not want to spend the energy pouring over things like I used to. I'm stingy with it for other things right now.

Micki said...

Oh, oh. Gerald will make hay of this from Politico, who interviewed Darth Cheney yesterday:

On whether he'll be done with public service in January 2009: "I expect so," Cheney said. But then he added that he hadn't planned to be vice president, either, "so I thought I was through when I left Congress."

Carey said...

The great American Way. Lower that bar!

It makes one proud.

Gerald said...

Hitler Cheney will continue to be vice-president in 2009 and beyond. As Hitler Bush and his Nazi friends would say "Dick, you and I are doing a great job as teammates. Let's continue our great job in screwing the American people."

Micki said...

Carey, I admit to cynicism when I read about those "altruistic" free prescription drug programs that Montel shills for. I'm also cynical about public broadcasting, which I used to hold in high regard. PBS used to serve us as citizens, not as consumers.

But, over the years PBS morphed into a commercial operation. You mentioned clutter of a different kind earlier today. Well, look at the clutter on PBS -- company logos, spots including images, appearances by employees or celebrities expressing support for public TV, toll-free numbers, web addresses, blah blah blah so "so viewers like you" can send in your hard-earned dollars.

Well, damn it. If it was truly PUBLIC TV, they wouldn't have to ask us for our dough ad infinitum. And, just like the "free" drug program, the American people are getting screwed. Sheesh. Why should I donate money to PBS, which is essentially being privatized, because it'd be like giving money to ExxonMobil with them expecting me to buy their damned gasoline, too.

With all the efforts for media reform, reform at PBS should be at the top of the list. It should be funded TOTALLY with tax dollars -- and become a real public trust -- or shut down.

Stepping off my soapbox...

Micki said...

PBS = Petroleum Broadcasting Corporation

Micki said...

Greens Take Heart in Energy Bill

We'll see.....

Carey said...

It's a crying shame what's happened to PBS, Micksters.

Now, under conservative neocon-type directorship. I still take advantage of it now and then. But less.

Carey said...


Gerald said...

Love will overcome violence

As you click on this audio homily, one audio may be difficult to hear but keep trying to click on the different audios and the homily will be heard clearly.

At the top of the audio the last symbol worked better for me.

I hope my explanation is helpful.

Gerald said...

Micki and Carey, my wife asked me the other day "Why I stopped listening to PBS?" I said to her that the Nazis have taken control of the station.

Do not let your mind be contaminated with Nazi filth and stinking thinking!!!

Gerald said...

I cannot believe it but the last two nights I have been in bed by 11:30 pm. I hope that the streak will continue.

caro°L° said...

Carey said, "Remember you guys, I'm not reading well lately. I seem to not want to spend the energy pouring over things like I used to. I'm stingy with it for other things right now."

Me, too, Carey. I've been tending to read less. I skim more than ever. I think I've burned out for awhile, or it's just Christmas. Stuff to do at this time of year. Been working on my xmas card, editing videos, surfing for gifts. Plus all the things one does that aren't on the computer. 'Tis the season.

caro°L° said...

I've watched PBS on Saturday mornings for years. I've seen the commercial creep. They seem to do just as much advertising as the commercial channels, just more tastefully. Like only on the hour and half hour. *eye roll*

DEN said...

KO kicked the chimps butt on TV tonite, "Special Comment" indeed.

It's at C&L.

DEN said...

I think there's a simpler explanation and, touchingly, it has to do with faith. Mitt Romney made his religion speech during Hanukkah because he's the only candidate oily enough to burn for eight days.

If you missed the speech, it can be summed up pretty simply: He proclaimed the right of every American to freely and openly practice any religion, including his own, about which he won't divulge a single detail, even if you killed his children right in front of him, one after another.

And he doesn't care which of you atheist bastards and Islamic jihadists know it.

Now just give me your vote, and stop bothering me with all these questions. I've spent a lot of money.

Chris Kelly @ HUFFPO

Funny guy.

DEN said...

Well it's been nice and real but not real nice today.

Friday dead ahead, fasten your seatbelts.


Micki said...

The New York Times
December 7, 2007
The Crisis of Faith

Mitt Romney obviously felt he had no choice but to give a speech yesterday on his Mormon faith. Even by the low standards of this campaign, it was a distressing moment and just what the nation’s founders wanted to head off with the immortal words of the First Amendment: A presidential candidate cowed into defending his way of worshiping God by a powerful minority determined to impose its religious tenets as a test for holding public office.

Mr. Romney spoke with an evident passion about the hunger for religious freedom that defined the birth of the nation. He said several times that his faith informs his life, but he would not impose it on the Oval Office.

Still, there was no escaping the reality of the moment. Mr. Romney was not there to defend freedom of religion, or to champion the indisputable notion that belief in God and religious observance are longstanding parts of American life. He was trying to persuade Christian fundamentalists in the Republican Party, who do want to impose their faith on the Oval Office, that he is sufficiently Christian for them to support his bid for the Republican nomination. No matter how dignified he looked, and how many times he quoted the founding fathers, he could not disguise that sad fact.

Mr. Romney tried to cloak himself in the memory of John F. Kennedy, who had to defend his Catholicism in the 1960 campaign. But Mr. Kennedy had the moral courage to do so in front of an audience of Southern Baptist leaders and to declare: “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.”

Mr. Romney did not even come close to that in his speech, at the George Bush Presidential Library in Texas, before a carefully selected crowd. And in his speech, he courted the most religiously intolerant sector of American political life by buying into the myths at the heart of the “cultural war,” so eagerly embraced by the extreme right.

Mr. Romney filled his speech with the first myth — that the nation’s founders, rather than seeking to protect all faiths, sought to imbue the United States with Christian orthodoxy. He cited the Declaration of Independence’s reference to “the creator” endowing all men with unalienable rights and the founders’ proclaiming not just their belief in God, but their belief that God’s hand guided the American revolutionaries.

Mr. Romney dragged out the old chestnuts about “In God We Trust” on the nation’s currency, and the inclusion of “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance — conveniently omitting that those weren’t the founders’ handiwork, but were adopted in the 1950s at the height of McCarthyism. He managed to find a few quotes from John Adams to support his argument about America’s Christian foundation, but overlooked George Washington’s letter of reassurance to the Jews in Newport, R.I., that they would be full members of the new nation.

He didn’t mention Thomas Jefferson, who said he wanted to be remembered for writing the Declaration of Independence, founding the University of Virginia and drafting the first American law — a Virginia statute — guaranteeing religious freedom. In his book, “American Gospel,” Jon Meacham quotes James Madison as saying that law was “meant to comprehend, with the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo and infidel of every denomination.”

The founders were indeed religious men, as Mr. Romney said. But they understood the difference between celebrating religious faith as a virtue, and imposing a particular doctrine, or even religion in general, on everyone. As Mr. Meacham put it, they knew that “many if not most believed, yet none must.”

The other myth permeating the debate over religion is that it is a dispute between those who believe religion has a place in public life and those who advocate, as Mr. Romney put it, “the elimination of religion from the public square.” That same nonsense is trotted out every time a court rules that the Ten Commandments may not be displayed in a government building.

We believe democracy cannot exist without separation of church and state, not that public displays of faith are anathema. We believe, as did the founding fathers, that no specific religion should be elevated above all others by the government.

The authors of the Constitution knew that requiring specific declarations of religious belief (like Mr. Romney saying he believes Jesus was the son of God) is a step toward imposing that belief on all Americans. That is why they wrote in Article VI that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

And yet, religious testing has gained strength in the last few elections. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, has made it the cornerstone of his campaign. John McCain, another Republican who struggles to win over the religious right, calls America “a Christian nation.”

CNN, shockingly, required the candidates at the recent Republican debate to answer a videotaped question from a voter holding a Christian edition of the Bible, who said: “How you answer this question will tell us everything we need to know about you. Do you believe every word of this book? Specifically, this book that I am holding in my hand, do you believe this book?”

The nation’s founders knew the answer to that question says nothing about a candidate’s fitness for office. It’s tragic to see it being asked at a time when Americans need a president who will tell the truth, lead with conviction and restore the nation’s moral standing, not one who happens to attend a particular church.