Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Reuters: Oprah tries to give Obama a lift with black voters

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The Oprah and Obama tour hit South Carolina Sunday, with the talk show host and medial mogul exhorting nearly 30,000 to ignore Barack Obama's detractors and help him capture the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

"South Carolina—January 26th is your moment," Winfrey said, referring to the state Democratic primary date during a campaign stop alongside the Illinois senator. "It's your time to seize the opportunity to support a man who, as the Bible says, loves mercy and does justly."

Obama's campaign said more than 29,000 attended the event at the University of South Carolina's football stadium. It had the feel of a rock concert, with bands playing for early arrivals and campaign supporters yelling "fire it up" to the crowd.

Winfrey, who also campaigned for Obama on Saturday in Iowa, offered a touch of talk show-like advice during a 17-minute speech. "There are those who say it's not his time, that he should wait his turn. Think about where you'd be in your life if you'd waited when people told you to," she said.

"I'm sick of politics as usual," Winfrey said. "We need Barack Obama."

A recent AP-Pew Research poll has New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton leading in South Carolina with 45 percent of likely Democratic primary voters, followed by Obama's 31 percent. The two candidates break even on the black vote here, and that's where Winfrey's appeal could become a factor—along with her pull among women.

Obama, during his address, criticized the Bush administration and took several veiled swipes at Clinton, though never referenced his rival by name.

"I'm tired of Democrats thinking the only way to look tough on national security is to act like George Bush," he said. "We need a bold Democratic Party that's going to stand for something, not just posture and pose."

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She is the most popular Black female in America if you believe the Nielson ratings where she is #4 nationally.

Formidable force among the stay at home female voter crowd, not to mention the Black vote.

I don't believe there is any reason NOT to elect Obama, experience was not a decisive factor in the 2000 election otherwise the chimp would have been ridden out of town on a rail for the screwed up job he did as Governor of Texas, in his case experience did not mean anything rather 'hanging chads' and political dirty tricks shoehorned that worthless sot into office.

Obama, Edwards, Dodd, the three best choices for the future of our country.

If the election gets canceled and the fascists seize control there will be hell to pay.



DEN said...

13 more shopping days till X-mas!

Micki said...

According to a New York Times/CBS News poll:

The poll found that just 1 percent said they might be swayed by the involvement of Oprah Winfrey, who has been campaigning for Mr. Obama in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire the last three days, drawing huge crowds and allowing his campaign to identify new supporters.

I, for one, am glad to see that, apparently, Oprah's participation has not been the Opraobamaopapalooza Bonanza that Obama's campaign was hoping for. Because.....it restores a little confidence in me that the American people aren't the non-thinking sheep the image makers and manipulators think we are.

Oprah - schoprah! Who cares. How about a little substance?

Hajji said...

I can't speak for the rest of the state, but folk's (and not just black folks) in the Upstate are talkin' national politics more, since Sunday, than I've ever heard, here.

Seems like most of 'em were waiting for an event, like "OPRABAMAPALOOZA", to kick 'em in the pants so they could start talkin'.

Maybe it was just the folks who gathered 'round to see Grandbaby Gabriella get schpritzed in church this weekend, but they're talkin' now, and not just about Oprah and Obama. They're wondering who this Ron Paul Guy is, and why there's so many signs for him. Seems like every intersection, a yard on every block has sprouted one.

Since they just say "Ron Paul '08, many people assumed it was just some local guy running for some local office. They were somewhat perplexed when I told 'em he was a Texas Congresscritter running for the Repugnant ticket for President.

"Of the United States!!?"

..uhm, yeah man!


DEN said...

"Oprah - schoprah! Who cares. How about a little substance?"

When you are dealing with the stay at home game show crowd, she is a big deal and they do care and they vote.

Micki said...

Den, what I meant by "who cares?" is that Oprah is good at selling books and products, but her effect on this presidential campaign appears to be more sizzle than steak (substance).

Her audience is predominately white, female and 55+. One would have to have a pretty dim view of that segment of the population to believe that they will be swayed by Oprah's endorsement.

And, if I'm wrong, and Oprah's endorsement is the deal-maker, then God help us all! What if she had endorsed Alan Keyes in the last presidential election?

(I know, I know....Keyes is not Obama.)

Hajji said...


These daze, more than ever, the presidential political candidates are "sold" to us exactly like "products" are marketed.


I ain't sayin' its right, but I WILL say it is effective.

When it comes down to voting, most folks will readily admit they vote for the candidate they've heard of, that they feel good about, that they "trust".

Those perceptions are all generated through time-tested marketing techniques both in the media AND at the point of sale!

Discerning shoppers don't necessarily fall for those techniques, but they damn sure work on most ffoks!



Alan said...

I just wish Mrs. Obama would change her hairstyle. She looks too much like CON-di Rice, with that 'do'.

Alan said...

Did y'all catch this clip of Clooney in the bafroom? LOL
It was a 'congrats' to Julia Roberts.

Hajji said...

Just a side note.

While we're closing in on the 2nd anniversary of our own big "ICE STORM '05", I wanted to extend my sympathies to those who are among the over 600,000 households without power in the Midwest.

Most in this area were without electrical power for a day or so. We did something like 5 days, with family in town to celebrate a pre-ChristmaHanuKwanzaSolstiRamaFestivus, etc.

Such conditions are only a major inconveinience to most, but it is downright deadly for many. I hope the elderly, young families with children, infirm, homeless, stray animals and all others find shelter and safety from the elements.

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, we've experienced some phenomenal December weather lately.

While you've all heard me lament the forever-absent rain, I must say that almost a week of 70+ degree days and 50+ nights have us doing yard work, playin' outside with the G-babies, workin' on cars that really don't need fixin', playin' golf in shorts, re-rakin' leaves that have long since blown from the piles, jumpin' in 'em, rollin' 'round some, and then rakin' 'em again, playin' frisbee, re-stackin' the wood pile that Trey the BBLD (big, black, lumberjackin' dog)keeps carryin' off and makin' piles of his own, for some reason only his canine brain understands, (I'm talkin' 20lb+ red-oak LOGS, here!) fixin' gates, grillin' steaks, gettin' the screens back in the windows, and a'usin' far too many apostrophe's for 'sum reasn'.

I hope you all find warmth and comfort.


David B. Benson said...

Den --- Thanks. That seems to have worked.

Micki said...

Hajji, Yes, I know about "the selling of the president" -- the good folks from the once largest advertising agency in the world -- J. Walter Thompson -- re-packaged Richard Nixon back in '68. Worked like a charm.

But, I'm specifically addressing "celebrity endorsements" and I don't believe that those affirmations from the RICH AND FAMOUS have the clout they once had.

Micki said...

Oprah-Obama event a 'publicity stunt,' black Edwards supporters say

Micki said...

Democrats accuse White House of cooking climate-change testimony

DEN said...

Hajji, Hope some rain finds you soon, sounds like you are having too much fun, that is not allowed, HA!.

Very unusual weather all over and the ice, jeez I drove from Florida to Minn in 1978 through that famous ice storm. Not fit for man nor beast.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- You've done it!

Discovered the source of global warming!

It's all the hot air from inside the Beltway...

Micki said...

IMO, can't hurt to sign this....

From: Al Gore AlGore@algore.com

Dear Micki,

In less than forty-eight hours, I will step onstage at the UN Climate Conference in Bali. With me I will bring hundreds of thousands of messages demanding that a visionary global treaty be completed and brought into effect by 2010.

If we want to solve the climate crisis, together we need to demonstrate the broad public support for action. That's why it's vital that you sign our petition right now by visiting:


Over the past few months we've taken many positive steps towards uniting governments worldwide around the goal of solving the climate crisis. Just over a week ago on December 3rd, Australia's new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was sworn in. His first formal act in office was to ratify the Kyoto Treaty. This was a clear demonstration of Australia's priorities.

Yet this progress has not swayed the Bush Administration. With thousands of delegates gathered in Bali for the UN Climate Conference, this is our last chance in 2007 to show the world how serious the American people are about ending the climate crisis. That's why it is so vital that all of us join together and demonstrate the political will of our country.

Only two days remain before I deliver your messages to the delegates meeting in Bali. Over the past few days more than 173,963 people have added their voices. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to demonstrate your support for a visionary global treaty to end the climate crisis.

Sign our petition, then reach out to everyone you know and ask them to sign today by visiting:


Your activism and enthusiasm for this cause inspire me every day.

Thank you,

Al Gore

Micki said...

OSLO, Dec 10 (Reuters) - Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore said on Monday the U.S. presidential election campaign had paid insufficient attention to the environment and climate change.

The former U.S. vice president, who lost a bid for the White House to George W. Bush in 2000 and has repeatedly said he has no plan to run again in 2008, said he would have pushed climate to the top of the agenda if he had been president.

"Some of the candidates have made speeches which are quite good and proposals that are quite responsible, but overall the issue has not achieved the kind of priority that I think it should have," Gore told Reuters.

"I don't blame the candidates for that, some of them have tried to push it higher on the agenda," he said before collecting the peace prize which he shared with the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

"That is just the very reason why I have put so much of my time into trying to change the way people think about this crisis in my country and around the world -- so that candidates will hear from citizens that they want this to be the top priority," Gore said in the Norwegian capital.

Asked what would have been different if he had been president, Gore said: "I like to think that I would have been able to push it (climate change) right to the top of the agenda.

"It takes time to talk to people in enough places to create a critical mass of opinion and urgency that will cause us to cross the tipping point beyond which a majority will demand that we solve this crisis," he said.

Gore has lectured widely on the environment and climate change since leaving office in 2001. Last year he starred in his own Oscar-winning film "An Inconvenient Truth" to raise awareness and urge immediate action to halt global warming.

The announcement in October that Gore and the IPCC had won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize briefly sparked speculation that the prize would catapult Gore into frontrunner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Micki said...

Alan, you made me laugh with your "do" comment.

Coming from one of the men, it carries a lot of weight!

DEN said...

Dow dropped 294 points on the weak 1/4% rate cut, I think it would still be going down but for the closing bell.

David B. Benson said...

Told you so:

Ice storm wreaks havoc in Midwest

Nott exactly cozy here, either...

Micki said...

The White House has raised last-minute concerns over regulation of automobile emissions and fuel economy that aides said could lead to a presidential veto of the energy bill now before Congress.


Micki said...

Re Dr. B's Midwest weather story:

President George W. Bush issued an emergency declaration for the state, giving local governments in Oklahoma access to federal resources.

Man -- GWB is johnny-on-the-spot with Oklahoma, but drags his feet when Chris Gregoire asked for aid here in Washington State. F-er

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Is OK red or blue?

Is WA blue or red?

Micki said...

Oh, of course! That red and blue thing gets in the way of compassionate conservatism.

Silly me!

David B. Benson said...

Compashinate conservatism obviously means compashin towards conservatives!

Dooncha get it?

David B. Benson said...

Ethel A. time...

Hajji said...


Way ahead of you...on time AND EtOH!

..but time for book, cool breeze in the winders...and zzzzz...

But...speaking of POTENT POTABLES for 1,000, Alex...Alex? Alex? you OK down there!?

Wood Alcohol...Wood Nymphs?


ยบ¿carol said...

A decade-long decline in teen drug use is proof that this administration's drug interdiction efforts are working?

Bush, speaking to an audience of drug-policy experts, enforcement officials, treatment workers and recovering addicts, said the declines documented by the study proved the success of his efforts to curb teen drug use during the past six years. *big eyeroll*

I know, I know! This can be his legacy!!! :)

Alan said...

I didn't think he'd dare pardon Libby this year.

No Holiday Pardon for Libby

President Bush granted pardons Tuesday to carjackers, drug dealers, a moonshiner and a violator of election laws, but not to I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, his vice president's former top aide who was convicted in the case of the leaked identity of a CIA operative.

In all, Bush pardoned 29 convicts and reduced the prison sentence of one more in the end-of-the-year presidential tradition.
The list was issued with little fanfare Tuesday afternoon by the Office of the Pardon Attorney at the Justice Department. Bush was not expected to issue any more pardons this year.

rest of article here