Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prez Dick Oil

Cheney Repeatedly Met With Auto Execs Before White House Killed California’s Emissions Law

cheney444.jpgBefore EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson “answered the pleas of industry executives” by announcing his “decision to deny California the right to regulate greenhouse gases from vehicles,” auto executives directly appealed to Vice President Cheney. EPA staffers told the LA Times that Johnson “made his decision” only after Cheney met with the executives.

On multiple occasions in October and November, Cheney and White House staff members met with industry executives, including the CEOs of Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler. At the meetings, the executives objected to California’s proposed fuel economy standards:

In meetings in October with Mr. Cheney and sessions with White House staff members, auto executives made clear that they were concerned not just about the fuel economy measures in the bill but also about the California proposal for stricter emissions standards.

Johnson explained his decision to thwart California by saying that the new energy bill, which the auto industry supported and President Bush signed into law on Wednesday, “made the proposed California standards unnecessary.” One EPA staffer says Johnson’s decision was part of Cheney’s deal with the industry execs brokered at the meetings:

“Clearly the White House said, ‘We’re going to get EPA out of the way and get California out of the way. If you give us this energy bill, then we’re done, the deal is done,’” said one staffer.

@ Think Progress

Now doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Fascism does funny things to people, letting them get away with otherwise illegal activities like circumventing States intentions to make the air cleaner. Serving ones fellow BIG OIL corporate cronies is far more important than say, clean air.

And you thought all those stories about 100mpg carburetor inventors being silenced were BS. Ah not so fast, we have BIG OIL in charge now and there WILL NOT be any interference with their BIG MONEY grubbing.

Deadeye Dick said so.



micki said...

First off, what is that A-hole doing in a WHITE HAT?

But more importantly, I would bet that it was Darth Cheney who demanded that the automakers come to his meeting. It wasn't that the automakers requested the meeting with him. Oh, no.

The California rule addressed just emissions of heat-trapping gases -- which would make it, in effect, a fuel economy standard. The main way to cut esmissions is to cut fuel use. So, Den, you're right to be pissed off, once again, at Big Oil.

Really, this makes Detroit automakers look like they have a death wish for crying out loud. If anyone is in the market for a new (or used) car, DON'T buy American.

And send Carl Levin a piece of your mind! Why can't politicians from auto-states figure out that we all have to breathe the same air?

And, don't give me any crapola about saving jobs! There'd be plenty of new jobs if more focus was on mitigating climate change!

micki said...

I need a prescription for Fukitall!

micki said...

Bush’s Chief Terrorism Adviser Is Leaving, Unscathed - TNYT

“I find it both offensive and crippling,” she said. “When both career people and political people are worried about getting subpoenaed, it’s hard to get a lot accomplished.”

Oh, my heart bleeds for you! You poor thing, you. Didn't all you crooks and liars and scandal-prone bush loyalists like it better when Congress ignored your misdeeds!

Maybe 2008 will be the year of accountability? We can hope.

micki said...

The torture tape fingering BUSH AS A WAR CRIMINAL

One thing I'll hope for...I hope that someone has a back-up copy of the destroyed interrogation tapes and somehow the b/u tapes see the light of day!

Could be.

Carey said...

Big Oil. That's the key. They rule.

The thing of it is, about the CIA interrogation tapes, the intelligence guys were protecting their own asses. They were ordered to torture by Justice. It's in the legal memos.

They knew they'd become scapegoats. So how can we be mad at that? What a knotty piece of crap this all is.

I'm not on top of my ball game this morning.

DEN said...

The whole damn Administration should be kicked to the curb!

Down deep I know there is no hope there.

Like the MOB! killers for greed.

micki said...

Well, someone who wasn't directly involved could spill the beans....or someone who WAS involved is terminally ill and decides, WTF, I'm going to get my 15 minutes of fame on the way out.

I like to imagine the improbable.

DEN said...

*finger crossed*

DEN said...

Let us review deadeye dick's other shennigans:

By Michael Isikoff
Newsweek Web Exclusive
Updated: 12:57 PM ET Dec 24, 2007

J. William Leonard learned the hard way the perils of questioning Vice President Dick Cheney. The veteran National Archives official challenged claims by the Office of Vice President (OVP) to be exempt from federal rules governing classified information. His efforts touched off a firestorm—and a counter-strike by Cheney's chief of staff, David Addington, who tried to wipe out Leonard's job. (Addington did not respond to requests for comment on the subject.)

Now, Leonard is quitting as director of the Archives' Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)—the unit that monitors the handling of government secrets. He tells NEWSWEEK that his fight with Cheney's office was a "contributing" factor in his decision to retire after 34 years of government service.

Leonard-described by National Archivist Allen Weinstein as "the gold standard of information specialists in the federal government"-spoke to NEWSWEEK's Michael Isikoff. Excerpts:

NEWSWEEK: Explain how all this happened.
Leonard: Up until 2002, OVP was just like any other agency. Subsequent to that, they stopped reporting to us…At first, I took that to be, 'we're too busy.' Then we routinely attempted to do a review of the OVP and it was at that point in time it was articulated back to me that: 'well they weren't really subject to our reviews.' I didn't agree with it. But you know, there is a big fence around the White House. I didn't know how I could get in there if somebody didn't want me to

@ Newsweek

No bigger butthole could be found anywhere, where is the outrage?
In the Mall attending after X-mas sales?

Gerald said...

Christmas gifts are personal but I want to share with you my Christmas gift to my sons.

A Letter to My Sons

Gerald said...

Human beings are sacred. We, each and every one of us, are more than mere citizens, more than the holders of a simple deed on "a petty piece of property." We are shareholders of a much greater assemblage. We are members of the human race, each having laid claim to the one and same God. As such we must not allow ourselves to be constrained by the laws of our own land. The only law grand enough to guide the actions of man is that which serves the best interests of the human race.

Gerald said...

As an old man then, one who was given the opportunity to be your father, my advice to you is to do the right thing; always, without exception, follow your conscience. Do that which will enable you to stand tall as a man of honor, a man of true integrity, one who will have chosen life as opposed to death, one who will have committed himself to the nobility of peace rather than the hate-filled horrors of war, one who will be proud of who he has chosen to become as a human being, an old man who will not be afraid to look at himself in the mirror and say "Yes Lord, take me, for I have lived a good and decent life, and I am not afraid to die."

Carey said...

Now that the letdown is passing, we can talk about that horrible experience we all go through every year.

You know the one. You've braced yourself, you know the psychological cues, you're ready not to be bowled over by the simplest of manipulative techniques.

Lo and behold, you're down. It just wasn't like it was supposed to be, right? Something's missing.

You didn't buy enough!!! Go out and make up for it right now!!!!

Carey said...

Learning about Jesus's real family has shaken me a little. How could we allow that to happen. It's his family!!!

We know how it happened. Jesus couldn't be divine if he had any earthly connections. So his family and wife and their history are wiped off the face of the earth. Forever.

Christmas is about family, is it not?

What an irony there.

One more horribly cruel irony. We torture. We tortured Jesus and we torture now.

It's here. It's ugly head will not go away.

We torture regularly.

David B. Benson said...

Lutefisk time!

See the food.

I'd rather eat...

DEN said...

Pronounced: loot-ah-fisk

You betcha we have da Lutefisk!
(Mineesotan talk)

Carey said...

I have an article on climate change causing a tropical virus to travel via mosquito to Italy. I saw the same story a few weeks back but was too late to get the hyperlink. As you can imagine, this development is causing quite a stir.

Besides the fact that Santa did not give us what we wanted, out of this abyss, there's one more reason to be a little melancholy at year's end.

The writer's guild will not make it in Hollywood. The whole shibang is a goner. I predict by June, icky things.

Recall the last great auto strike. It evoked nostalgia just a few months ago. But it signaled the end of any clout held by the union.

The state of labor, in other words, took symbolically and substantively huge hits this year.

micki said...

Hear that gagging sound? No, it's not Gerald! It's Norwegian-Americans trying to connect with their heritage

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- It's the akavit (hic. However you spell it). Then you don't notice.

Funny story.

micki said...


There once was a man who ate lutefisk,
Only once a year at considerable risk,
He tried not to gag,
But had a barf bag,
In case it came up looking like bisque!

micki said...

It's the akavit (hic. However you spell it).

I think it's spelled however one decides to spell it! I've seen a number of spellings over the years...

David B. Benson said...

Bad day for English foxes:

Boxing Day

micki said...

And speaking of limericks...Dr. B, I wrote this with you in mind the other night and DARNIT! you didn't say anything. So, I am unabashedly posting it again.

micki said...
There once was a hacker who spoke with a Lisp,
Said cardinal numbers clear, simple and crisp,
He then did doth,
Suggest Zeroth,
Is that an ordinal place or a will-o'-the-wisp?

12/24/2007 5:35 PM

David B. Benson said...

And I won't say anything this time either.


But your poem about lutefisk is right on the mark.


David B. Benson said...

Five and twenty.

micki said...

And I won't say anything this time either.

Well, okay then. You meanie. :-)

micki said...

Seven and twenty.

Baked into a pie...

micki said...

Joe Biden, briefly

Ya know, it makes one wonder. Joe Biden's son, who is the attorney general of Delaware, will be shipped to Iraq soon. Obviously, Joe Biden doesn't try to grandstand in his campaign about his son, but one would think that the son of a presidential contender being shipped to Iraq is worth more than a mention.

Den said...

That would not be wise, it would be seen as exploiting him for a campaign, he's right not to touch that with a ten foot pole!

He ain't no roody gee.

Den said...

Hey speaking of politics, who's big idea was it to put hill and O out front to get the coverage?

Screwy how they are being paraded around like they are, and everyone else is floundering behind.

Seems odd.

DEN said...

Dang googles!

Weekly 'cookie' break at the sign in office.

micki said...

That would not be wise, it would be seen as exploiting him for a campaign, he's right not to touch that with a ten foot pole!

No, no no...Den. I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't suggesting that Biden should say anything about his son.

I was saying that the punditocracy and the media don't say anything about it! I think it is worth MORE than a mention that a presidential candidate's son, who is a state attorney general is being shipped off to Iraq, and the chickenhawks keep making hay from their goddamned war!

micki said...

Also, aside from the "rationale" for this illegal War of Choice, or the incompetent military strategy, or the lack of planning on the part of the bush administration, or the personal sacrifice of the troops, etc., this story about Biden's son also highlights another important failure of the bush administration: the gross misuse and depletion of our National Guard.

Exactly how is attacking and invading and meddling in a sovereign nation's affairs supposed to be guarding our nation?