Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Trust is dead.

To compensate, we have tried regulating the behavior of commerce, finance and nearly every aspect of life. Some on the religious right want to force married people to keep their vows and some on the secular left want to write enough laws that trust isn’t necessary because it is replaced by government control.

The followers of Milton Friedman would have us believe we can trust in the “market” to right all wrongs, despite the complete failure in each and every instance where this philosophy has been tried. Karl Marx would have had us trust in the communal conscience to deliver the ultimate good, but again, each and every instance in which it has been tried has failed.


Good essay from Phil Hoskins that sums up my thoughts exactly.

Liars cheats and thieves have gained way more control than they deserve and the rest of the honest folks get screwed. Whether it can be described as evil remains to be seen but meanwhile good takes a backseat to bad and there is no end in sight.



micki said...

Oh! If only! I love feistiness!

On Hostile Ground, a Provocative Question

Published: December 29, 2007

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont: in one town, activists want him subject to arrest for war crimes.

A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put on the agenda of a town meeting in March a measure that would make Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they ever visit the community. As president, Mr. Bush has been to every state except Vermont.

More at TNYT

micki said...

Per Den's concern about the demise of trust....

From The New Yorker -- timely example of "lack of trust"

Gerald said...

Let us all look into the eyes of Hitler Bush and see if we see the soul of a good man or a very evil man???

Gerald said...

Please make no mistake!!! Hitler Bush and Hitler Cheney ARE MASS MURDERERS AND WAR CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY.

micki said...

Pakistan government skips autopsy, shifts story on how Bhutto died

Many suspect Bhutto's enemies are trying to control her legacy by minimizing the attack's role in her death. They are attempting to deny Bhutto a martyr's death, which in Islam (even though she was a secularist), is darned important.

Coverups 'r us. And them!

Gerald said...

Be a real man

Gerald said...

We bought Hitler Bush's lies and now we have a real hangover.

The Cost Of Bush: $32 Trillion
17 Dec 2007 02:02 pm

The opinion of another shrill hysteric? Just David M. Walker, the Comptroller General of the United States and head of the GAO:

In a speech today at the National Press Club, he said, "If the federal government was a private corporation and the same report came out this morning, our stock would be dropping and there would be talk about whether the company's management and directors needed a major shake-up." Walker urged greater transparency and accountability over the federal government's operations, financial condition, and fiscal outlook...

"The federal government's fiscal exposures totaled approximately $53 trillion as of September 30, 2007, up more than $2 trillion from September 30, 2006, and an increase of more than $32 trillion from about $20 trillion as of September 30, 2000," Walker said. "This translates into a current burden of about $175,000 per American or approximately $455,000 per American household."

The problem is that average Americans can no longer apply for bankrupcy. There is no way I can pay off my $455,000 debt.

Gerald said...

Under new Nazi American laws my children must now pay off this debt and they are in no position to pay off the debt.

I guess we will have to be placed in gas furnaces. That is the Nazi American way!!!!!

DEN said...

Micki, one would like to hope there is an accurate investigation not just here-say on the exact cause.

Meanwhile the turmoil continues.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — After the United States has spent more than $5 billion in a largely failed effort to bolster the Pakistani military effort against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, some American officials now acknowledge that there were too few controls over the money. The strategy to improve the Pakistani military, they said, needs to be completely revamped.

5 BILLION DOLLARS!! This is not mismanagement, this is on purpose.

Financing those that would kill us.

DEN said...

Speaking to todays theme, would you trust Cheney with your life?

Who do you trust to defend you if need be?

Short of near friends or relatives?

That's the problem, not just here but across the world, dissociation is a state of acute mental decompensation in which certain thoughts, emotions, sensations, and/or memories are compartmentalized because they are too overwhelming for the conscious mind to integrate. This subconscious strategy for managing powerful negative emotions is sometimes referred to as "splitting", as these thoughts, emotions, sensations, and/or memories are "split off" from the integrated ego. This use of the word "splitting" here should not be confused with references to splitting mentioned with regard to borderline personality disorder or family relations theory.WIKI

Own little world syndrome I call it, fear forces it into the collective consciousness. That would explain the inattention of the American people. Many visually disturbing events on the TeeVee cause a withdrawal from reality into a personal 'safe zone' walled in by denial, we have lost any trust with each other.

Folks we are being flim-flammed by a bunch of money hungry power freaks and if the recent events in the ME have proven that, we are truly lost unless we unite against the machine that grinds humanity into bits for it's own pleasure and replace it with true Democracy once again.

Alan said...

only suckers pay

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Wouldn't it be fun to do a money-dance around town, throwing borrowed hundred dollar bills to passersby, while arranging to have others pay for the adventure?

That in essence has been the Republicans' two-step: Spend money you don't have, and cut taxes so you have even less — then let future generations foot the bills. The beauty part is that the people who will eventually pay are currently more focused on their Tickle Me Ernie dolls than their future obligations as taxpayers.

There is something fundamentally immoral about this arrangement, which is one reason Democrats won back Congress in November 2006. A few genuinely conservative Republicans understand the fiscal depravity of spending and not taxing. But in the view of the party leaders, only suckers pay their bills.

Read on...

DEN said...

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007

Strange yet engrossing.

Alan said...

Misnamed agency---
EPA obstruction of state efforts to control emission of greenhouse gas is at odds with its stated goal

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

When the Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1970 during Richard Nixon's administration, its aim was well-defined: protect human health and the environment.

In its action last week deflecting state attempts to impose tough greenhouse gas emission standards on motor vehicles, the EPA is acting more like the Polluter Protection Agency, defending the interests of the oil and auto industries rather than those of the public.

Frustrated by the failure of President Bush to limit man-made emissions that fuel global warming, California and 16 other states requested waivers from the EPA to allow them to enforce more stringent standards for new vehicles.

In justifying denial of the California waiver, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson claimed that allowing individual states to enact emissions regulations would create a confusing patchwork of rules. The matter, he argued, should be left to the federal government. The problem is that under Bush, the EPA has refused to take any meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas discharges from any source, industrial or automotive.

read on...

Alan said...

Gas Prices--- a short animation

DEN said...

EPA=Excessive Pollution Allies

micki said...

In bu$h'$ final year, the agenda gets greener

Time for the barf buckets.

WaPo is dutifully reporting that bu$h really does care about global warming. No really. Just because he's sat on his hands, been dismissive, arrogant, and totally obstructive on climate change, doesn't mean that the toadies @ WaPo won't tell us that the upcoming year could see all kinds of changes.

As Keith Olbermann said, when monkeys fly out of his butt!

micki said...

From Alan's neck of the woods -- Texas prosecutor sends lovey-dovey messages to his secretary. But, he has time set aside to keep his place as the capital punishment "capital" of the country

ยบ¿carol said...

Just read The Beast. I like to read that every year. I'm glad you posted it, Den.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- I sent Dr. Hansen exactly one e-mail, mostly to ask a question and propose 315 ppm. He kindly replied that late evening.

He is a very busy man and I'll not bother him further until I have something substantive to propose.

David B. Benson said...

Scary story

Real Climte: The Forecast in the Streets

A brief review of The Age of Consequences.

Not bed-time reading...

micki said...

Perhaps I'm misreading your comment. But, I didn't expect you to contact him again. I asked that if, and when, he proposes 315, that you inform us -- because some of us might miss it, or not learn of it as quickly as you do, since you are so akamai on climate change.

It was a simple request. I apologize if I annoyed you.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- De nada!

If he publically says so, you'll probably learn of it as soon as I do. But I will if needed.

Anonymous said...

sometimes things happen by design.

The Post-Bush Regime: A Prognosis

Alan said...

Texas prosecutor sends lovey-dovey messages...

Yeah Micki, it was a big story here for about a day. If he was a Dem, it'd be page one news for weeks. The latest is... the judge re-sealed the emails. Un-ringing the bell, so to speak. There's more to the story that what that article told. She has a county car he arranged for her, which she doesn't merit, with the gas paid for, etc... One email she's asking for a personal day off and he replies something to the effect of 'you don't have to ask, you know I'll never turn you down'. I think that's when the 'you own my heart' quote came in. She replied to that with "I feel I should ask because you're still my boss".
You'll note in his apology, he never he was sorry for cheating on his first wife, only that he was sorry for saying those things to his secretary.
His current wife should give him a blanket party. Y'all know what that is, right?