Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Is Here


DEN said...

Quite possibly the shortest front page ever, three words!

Hope everyone survived the festivities OK.

Coffee in the corner for those of you needing a waker-upper.

micki said...

I tried my hand at a free verse, vers libre, form of poetry. The line formatting won't come out right here, but if you heed the puncuation prompts, I think you'll get my drift. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


The twin dangers of remembering, sentimentality
and revisionism, spoil the pages of time.
Ringing in the new year,
revising the past, thus denying the future.

The ball drops, the calendar ends, hope disappoints.
Countrymen tarry in their slogan-level lives,
comfortable that tomorrow will come as sure as today did.
Tardy in doing, slow in acting, expecting...what?

The global warming meme is slow to spread,
too gradual to give comfort, 2008 must be its year.
Wasted time. Wasted fools. Self-indulgent wastrels.
Citizens as consumers, oh! shop and awe!

Well-informed citizens are a rare breed, almost extinct,
refusing fear, feeling endangered.
Power is now a negative -- war, corporations, guns,
war, corruption, greed, money, war. War.

The New Year is our next chance to get it right.
Power must be positive, from the Latin, posse, to be able.
We are the creators of our world, we humans are.
We must heal our wounded planet. We are able.

Anonymous said...

WOW Micki,
that was great. really a great poem.

2008...Everything is moving in a forward direction. In fact it feels as if a renaissance is beginning to occur and we are at the front lines. And I feel like my life is starting over. What an exciting time. I'm back to my writing. This year I KNOW I will finish my book.



micki said...

Well, thanks, Jeanne. I applaud you for tackling writing a BOOK!

To all: There is a legend that if one says, 'RABBIT, RABBIT" on the first day of the month, it will bring good luck.

So, RABBIT RABBIT! -- on the first day of the first month of new year, perhaps it brings lots of luck. :-)

I think we're gonna need it.

micki said...

New Des Moines Register poll says that Obama is ahead 32 to Clinton's 25, and Edwards' 24.

Upsy-downsy-topsy turvy-oopsy daisy-crazy dazey. What a way to select a candidate!


MICKI said...


US Casualties in Afghanistan Hit Record

2007 Deadliest for US Troops in Iraq

To say nothing of the other deaths.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing. What can Bush be thinking right now? Hmmmm. Well, if his whole world is keeping the greed factor in this country happy...if that was the mission he was given way back when, then he's probably happy. Our view of failure is different than his. When do you finally see the calamity of your actions?

I read this book called the Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule. It was about Ted Bundy. He was a sociopath, obviously. But even with him there was a point where his actions were beyond his ability to ignore. He kept going crazier and crazier.

There has to be a point where even somebody like Bush starts to implode. Nixon did. Cheney never will because he has other people do his dirty work. That makes it easier to pretend.


Gerald said...

DEN, sometimes the shortest page is the most effective page.

This was not a good start for me in 2008. I wanted to start the New Year with Mass but 8 to 9 inches of snow made driving the streets impossible.

Gerald said...

A Year Spent Further Defining Madness

Gerald said...

Ten Ways to Prevent Peace and Goodwill on Earth

micki said...

I'm a minority here, perhaps, but I remain mystified as to how Barack Obama expects to make the changes he talks of. He's a good talker, as long as it's scripted, but faced with an unexpected question, he's often lost. Okay, if he's elected president and there's a remarkable majority of Dems elected to the Senate and the House, too, he wouldn't have to charm the Repugs into holding hands across the aisle.

The Repugs do NOT compromise on anything, so if they retain enough clout to obstruct, that's just what they'll do -- with a vengeance, if a Dem wins the WH. They have mastered the art of obstruction. Masters.

Barack's Kum Ba Yah is naive.

John Edwards is right. You've got to confront the Repugs, if anything is going to change.

micki said...

I'm going to have to take the time to write out my Ted Bundy story. My encounter with him.

DEN said...

Gerald, looks like you guys got hammered with snow! Mass should be online somewhere, Google it!

Shoveling through the New Year of snow, I know you are not but a lot are digging out, hope you have some help with the shovel work.

Ho Ho Ho from here in sunny Cal!

Micki, I can always depend on you to produce a great poem!

Jeanne, just type your name where 'nickname' is and you won't have to be so annonymouse. Glad to hear you are recovering and ready to write.

364 days left till 2009!

DEN said...

Micki, Edwards and Dodd in either order are a great combo. they would get things done and reperesent a good knowledge base for doing so the right way.

Obama is a distraction and so is...

The repugs set up their flunkies cause they know they do not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

DEN said...

Reminder: there are sinister big money forces that will attempt to control the election and if they cannot will throw a nasty tantrum afterward just for spite.

That is why certain candidates are being paraded and others left in the corral, hoping to garner their person the WH for further control.

carol said...

TRAPPED! WE'RE TRAPPED! . We sure got dumped on. I measured 11 inches. We'll have to find someone to plow us out again. I shoveled an area so Izzy can do her duty, but that's it for now because the winds have picked up and maybe three more inches expected. I might as well wait.

Happy New Year, everyone.

carey said...

Micki, this is just stunning. So powerful, my God. You must be published. This is a bowl-over. The power, my God you reach it. You tapped it. Gorgeous.

I've printed and sent to everyone here.

My letter to Micki when I read her brilliance.

carey said...

Oh Jeanne, I don't think I could have heard better news. That is reassuring in the midst of all this chaos.

A very happy, peaceful and healthy new year to us all.

carey said...

We must get Micki published.

Alan said...

"A very happy, peaceful and healthy new year to us all."

what she said

*love you guys

carey said...

He's a good talker, as long as it's scripted, but faced with an unexpected question, he's often lost.

The boy needs work, he's not quite ready yet. I know that's trite to say, but it's so obvious. A great work in progress--that's Obama. It's in him. You can see the fears too. He's human.

His wife--WOW! Put me down as impressed.

Same with Elizabeth Edwards. Two 'wow' women.

This is a campaign of firsts, there's no two ways around that. And man is it cold where the candidates are.

carey said...

Micki and David have been innundated, I hear, with lots of snow. Well, near them.

carey said...

Micki's free verse says it all. All the pain and worry.

carey said...

That hope we speak of? Can it, I say.

No, just kidding.

carey said...

I haven't finished it yet, I have it on DVR. The Tournament of Roses Parade, which I look forward to every year, is so far, just spectacular. The designs!!!!

All those flowers and plants. The Asian floats are often the best.

micki said...

The Asian floats are often the best.

Are they lead-free? (Just kidding!)

micki said...

No, snow RIGHT here. But, lots all around the area.

Thanks, Carey. You're too much.

micki said...

Carol -- you could be like our Mormon neighbors in Alaska. The young missionaries would shovel snow as it was coming down! When it was raining, they'd be washing the President's (ward person, whatever he was called) car. Strong work ethic. Just not too efficient in the approach.

carey said...

I would not call Obama a distraction. I'm pretty sure he'll be president someday.

Y'all know it's downright awful we haven't elected a black president. Let Obama do his growth thing. I think he's got some good brains in there.

We shall see. Obama leans too far right past the center sometimes which is what I don't like about Hillary. Edwards is the real fighter. He knows it's the corps. But you know how I feel.

Obama, however, is anything but a distraction. He's a study in American history.

carey said...


Really, it's just a stunning display, your work. Ripe with the anguish we all feel.

carey said...

You made me laugh out loud Micksters. Lead...

carey said...

Hey, I'm not just saying this about your art Micki. It's very good.

David B. Benson said...

About 6--7 inches all told, blowing into drifts.


carey said...

Okay, this is hard to describe. Micki, you invite us, no lead us into a whole world. It's not just a poem. It a whole reality.

A reality of the pain and anguish, sapped hopes. Sapped energy.

It is an experience. That's why it's a piece of art.

It is well-timed. Beautifully. Your words almost mathmatically evoke. Because they jive so well together. That's the cadence I've spoken of before. Known only to Micki.

Gerald said...

DEN, thank you for the suggestion! I was able to read through the Liturgy of the Eucharist but not follow the priest through the Liturgy.

Posters, when I look at the snow, it is beautiful but the maneuvering through it is the problem.

DEN,I do not shovel the snow. It would be very dangerous for my health.

I read that some are calling Obama, the next Abraham Lincoln. Yes, he and Abe are from Illinois and that is all.

A scheduled protest against Hillary is set for the Eve of the Iowa caucus. The good old boys club will not permit a woman to be president. It really does not matter for any Democrat who receives the nomination because the election is already rigged without a paper trail.

The Nazis will retain the White House and the Nazis win back the Senate. House Democrats will lose seats but they may still retain the House.

I am still predicting martial law before the November elections and Hitler Bush takes complete control over the United States of Evil.

Happy days are here again for Nazi Americans who love mass murders and torture.

What is there not to love about Nazi America???

Gerald said...

Posters, it is interesting. Snow piles up in certain parts of Nazi America but the shit piles up in all fifty states. Sometimes the shit is so high that I have to gag. Gagging is a sickening feeling!!!

Gerald said...

January 1, 2008

Resolve on Your Resolutions

How good are you at keeping your New Year’s resolutions? The fact is that most people start off with a bang – and then give up when they meet setbacks.

Here are a few ideas from Alex Ferreyra writing in Positive Thinking that could help you meet your goals:

Start early. Good intentions are not enough. Plan how you will achieve your goal.

Keep it real. Changing habits takes time. Don’t make your goal so big that it overwhelms you and your chance for success.

Be specific. Instead of resolving to lose weight, exercise or whatever, target some specific goals.

Buddy up. Have someone you can talk with about your mutual efforts.

Go for something new. If one method doesn’t work for you, try another tack.

Write what you “sow.” Keep a journal of your efforts.

Remember to be patient with yourself – and keep trying.

Endure everything with patience. (Colossians 1:11)

Holy Spirit, guide my attempts to live a healthier, more positive life.

Gerald said...

Bob Edgar of Common Cause emailed me and he asked me what my resolutions are for the New Year.

I said that I would continue to call Bush, Hitler Bush and Cheney, Hitler Cheney. I would also refer to America as the United States of Evil.

These are my resolutions for 2008!!!

Gerald said...

Ten Commanments for the New Millenium

Gerald said...

Thank you, Charley!

Gerald said...

Count Me Out?

David B. Benson said...

Anyone having Atlantic salmon and creamed peas today?

Gerald said...

I have been a misfit for most of my years in public education because I have refused to kiss the glorified fannies of those within the fortress; and I have refused to deceive those outside its walls – the students, parents, taxpayers. When my job is to teach a group of students to read, I do my very best to – teach them all to read. If my successful instructional methods, using inexpensive Materials-That-Work, offend and embarrass those in power who have spent obscene amounts of money to buy untested and ineffective Curriculum-by-Kickback, that was just tough luck and egg on their collective faces, as far as I am concerned.

Amen, Sister!!!

Our public education is a disaster.

We have three sons and we can count that only ten teachers were worth anything. That is sad for a K-12 education with three sons.

David B. Benson said...

What form of government does Iran have?

Iran's inner and outer circles of influence and power

Buried in the article is the prediction that Iran will become a debtor nation in two years.

Join the club, Iran!

Gerald said...


Dear Posters:

I have read about five articles from American CEO’s and foreign CEO’s. Each CEO has said that they are reluctant to hire American engineers for a variety of reasons.

These CEO’s believe that Americans do not have the discipline and work habits to be engineers. When they interview American engineers, these engineers focus on salary, the work day in term of hours, vacation time, fringe benefits, and how soon will it take to be promoted to a management position?

Foreign engineers are focused on doing a job. They seem to take more pride in their work and they also seem to have more creative ideas.

The courses that American students take rule them out of many science and technological studies. It is unfortunate but these are true statements.

American students from the early grades to higher education are babied and too lazy for the world of work.

Although I strongly oppose a lenient immigration policy, I can understand why American corporations pursue skilled foreigners for many working positions. I believe that this trend will not cease any time soon.


David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- Not here! Actually train engineers here...

Gerald said...

Michigan is in a recession

There is a saying when America coughs, Michigan has pneumonia. Governor Granholm is a very good governor but the odds are against her. We have Nazis in control of making decisions and policies.

We had a Nazi governor for 12 years and his name was Engler. People, Nazis screw up and the Democrats have to clean up their dirty laundry.

Engler was a very big screw up!!!

Engler left Michigan with a nearly $3 billion deficit. He gave his goons and thugs contracts and once he left office, they rewarded him with a $500,000 yearly salary as a consultant in Virginia.

Gerald said...

DBB, America may train the engineers but in Silicon Valley there are 500,000 foreign engineers. China and India graduate 200,000 engineers per year.

Our son was the last American engineer his advisor advised and this was eleven years ago. His former advisor has not had one American student to advise since our son was at Berkeley. Foreigners will come to America for training but not all foreign engineers are trained in American universities. Foreign students will gravitate to universities, like Michigan, Berkeley, Stanford, Cal Tech, M.I.T., and Illinois to mention the more well known engineering schools.

There are too many Americans who avoid math and science classes, especially in high school because these classes will lower their grade point average. Parents want to brag about their childrens' GPA.

Carey said...

I know I've missed it somehow, but is Atlantic salmon and creamed peas a New Year's Day special?

No, popcorn and the Rose Parade. Boring. Brandon's out playing his best friend's latest gadget, a Wi. (SP)

Last night, well, that's a different story. I spent it with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, for a little while at least.

micki said...

Atlantic salmon? Are you kidding? Most of that is farm-raised -- maybe all of it now? Yuk-a-roo!

Pollution is a huge negative. Large cages densely packed with salmon create an unnatural amount of waste that is not easily absorbed by the ocean's ecosystem. The "farmers" just move the cages around to avoid a build up of salmon waste on the ocean floor.

As for creamed peas...why ruin 'em by "creaming" 'em? Makes no sense to me.

But why do you ask?

Carey said...

Are you?

micki said...

Norway was the instigator of salmon farming, I think.

micki said...

And farmed salmon is DYED! Because it's kinda greyish if the dye isn't added.

micki said...

A fish by any other color is just not natural

This is a good fish story. Really.

Carey said...

A replay, I'm sure specifically chosen, of Randi on the XM feed today. She got me thinking again about something, yes she did.

Impeachment. I don't see anyway the nation can proceed within reason without legally abolishing what's been done and punishing the oil whores. The temptations are too many in the White House. Power is there to corrupt. It always is.

Same holds true to our appearance in front of the world. Look what we have let loose on the rest of the planet. The criminal culture is the norm. It's okay to murder Bhutto.

The Bhutto murder I still need to hash out. I really see it as a sexual crime. Against women. I see what the Islamic women see. It's against them.

Them. Do you see it? That's what I was trying to say earlier. Den elaborated for me a little. This is a multi-layered murder. It most definitely is a crime of gender, a statement.

micki said...

Obama got a boost in Iowa today. Dennis Kucinich said that he was asking his supporters to back Obama in the second round of voting at the caucus.

Well, okay.

Carey said...

One can obviously see that. But it gets clouded in all the Musharaff crap. I cannot remember how to spell his name suddenly. I think it's Freudian.

The assasination screams to all have-nots, "don't you dare".

It's a specific warning to Islamic women. A head chop.

Carey said...

Oh no.

Dennis Kucinich said that he was asking his supporters to back Obama in the second round of voting at the caucus.

He made a similar deal with Edwards in 2004. I assumed, no hoped, it would be the same.

Carey said...

Well, poop, now I have a droopy head. That's not good news.

David B. Benson said...

About one hundred years ago, salmon and creamed peas was the traditional New Year's Day dinner in New England.

Tradition doesn't seem to be surviving.

Like wild salmon...

David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- I didn't mean training engineers everywhere in the U.S. I meant here!

DEN said...

Gee you guys been busy.
Been out on the bike all afternoon, dang near 60 today here.

You Michiganders and your blizzards!

Be careful out there!

Dyed salmon?? Spose they artificially flavored too, keep the chemicals, give me the fish!
Call it anything you want, if it is good i will eat it.

Smoked Lake Superior Salmon is the real deal and available at reasonable prices along the shore in stores, the real(yum)deal.