Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doug Thompson

The Clintons are a threat to Democrats and the country


Hillary Rodham Clinton is in trouble. Her husband is out of control, Obama is gaining momentum and her once-inevitable run for the White House is stuck in a sea of political mud.

So Hillary wants to do what the Clintons have always done in times of crisis: Cheat.

After agreeing with the Democratic National Committee's decision to punish Michigan and Florida for moving the dates of their primaries up ahead of Super Tuesday, Clinton now wants the rules changed so she can claim delegates from both states.

Why? Because her campaign is in trouble and she needs all the delegates she can get to try and salvage a win against the surging Barack Obama.

This is typical Clinton skulduggery. Bill Clinton built his political career on a disregard for law, ethics and fair play so why should his political partner/wife/co-conspirator be any different?

She's not and that's the danger of Hillary Clinton -- a conniving, ruthless political animal who will do anything to win without regard to the consequences.

Those who know the Clintons best say Bill's mad-dog attack politics of recent weeks is just part of a carefully conceived plan hatched by both to try and recapture momentum lost to Obama.

But the plan may have backfired because Bill, as he so often does, went too far and angered rank and file Democrats. After Sen. Ted Kennedy tried to intervene and counsel the former President to tone down the rhetoric, Bill blew him off and an enraged Kennedy rushed over to the Obama camp with a stirring endorsement.

@ Capitol Hill Blue


Ego trumps common sense handing an opponent a bonus with victory, Bill blew it.

Loose lips sink ships? Well not exactly, but over inflated ego driven attitudes do.

With the bad rhetoric coming from the Clinton camp it is quite easy to dismiss them as divisive. Fade in Obama with supposedly good intentions to whisk away the angst and capitalize on the moment to scoop up the Kennedy's blessings.

Some call it offensive, others cheer. Politics as usual with the moves and ploys that will make or break the next leader of the free world. When the rhetoric stops and the voting begins the delegates will decide who will lead. From there, we the people and Diebold will determine the winner.

Meanwhile calm heads should prevail while we work through this process. Many changes ahead in what is still a political horse race. Youth dominates the electorate as the population ages and we must yield to their thoughts as well.

Another issue is the economy, reporting half the growth today of what it should be will mean another rough ride for Wall Street and investors. The Fed will cut rates but is quickly running out of wiggle room. The Fed is why we are in this pickle to begin with. When we gave the foreign entity (The Fed) control of our financial system we we heading down the road of no return with a financial dead end, we lost our gold and our future to foreign control.

Hang on!



DEN said...

DAMMIT!! Edwards is supposedly pulling the plug too.

Seems way too early to me.

More narrowing of the selection available to the delegates means the choice might be made for them.

Goulianni will be gone too and the addled McCain will take over the top of the repug charts.

carey said...

Oh Den. Edwards. I'm confused now.

carey said...

How are you this morn big guy?

Upset system? I bet you do. As I wrote yesterday, it took me a week to get over the rotgut.

carey said...

Maybe Edwards is seeking a deal with Obama for like Attorney General or something. Probably.

Carey said...

Okay, I'm rather disappointed I think. I don't know.

I don't know what's in their heads.

DEN said...

Carey, I go this AM for the proboscopic colon scope, EWWWWW!

I'm hungry dammit!

Looking forward to food.

Yesterdays Colyte was not that bad for me, just hungry as hell,(did shots to kill the taste).

Edwards disappoints!

The field is narrowing and I will vote for whichever Dem is left over.

micki said...

Sad way to start the day -- John Edwards dropping out. :-( I wish he had stayed in at least until after Woozy Tuesday. If he endorses Obama that'll give Barack another chance to walk on water.

But speaking of Florida (and Michigan), Walter Shapiro @ writes about this kerfuffle over the primary schedules and delegates in a manner that is closer to honest reporting than Doug Thompson's lop-sided screed. (Thompson, of course, makes no secret of his hatred for the Clintons, so it would be out-of-pattern for him to write without showing his strong anti-Clinton bias. That's okay -- I'm not aware that he ever claimed to be a journalist in the Ed Murrow model.)

But, for the record, Obama did campaign in Florida -- his campaign ran TV ads in Florida as part of a national cable buy. And, for full disclosure Clinton benefited from the active, but nominally independent, campaign efforts by the public employee union AFSCME.

But, more to the point of Thompson's screed: Obama also held a press availability in Tampa (counter to the "rules") following a fundraiser in Florida, after he had pledged not to campaign in the Sunshine State. And, in that press availability, he hinted that if he was the presumptive nominee he'd do what it takes to seat the delegates: Obama was asked during the event about making sure Floridians have a role in the nomination, despite the DNC sanctions and the pledge. Obama responded that he'll "do what's right by Florida voters."

This is getting pretty damned ridiculous, all this wasted yammering -- the Democratic nominee can't afford to piss off the VOTING CITIZENS of Michigan or Florida, if s/he wants to win the White House. State Democrats are considering asking all candidates to pledge they would seat the state's delegation. So, puhleeeeeeeeze -- this is NOT all about Clinton!

Anyway, the story about Obama breaking the pledge is in The Tampa Tribune, by William March and Elaine something, can't recall her last name.

micki said...

Den -- after the ordeal......errrrrr procedure, go have a Big Mac.

No, don't..

But, good luck.

micki said...

Meanwhile.....bu$h signs bills into law, then uses signing statements to ignore (break!) the law

Over the last seven years, Mr. Bush has issued hundreds of these insidious documents declaring that he had no intention of obeying a law that he had just signed. This is not just constitutional theory. Remember the detainee treatment act, which Mr. Bush signed and then proceeded to ignore, as he told C.I.A. interrogators that they could go on mistreating detainees?

This week’s statement was attached to the military budget bill, which covers everything except the direct cost of the war. The bill included four important provisions that Mr. Bush decided he will enforce only if he wants to.

giggle logged me out again said...

I have a service, Postini, which for the price of a latti per month, catches almost all the spam and junk sent to my e-mail address. Once in a while I go through the captured e-mails in case there is actually something I want.

Today's list included an e-mail entitled


which sounds about right, but I didn't bother to capture the e-mail to read the contents. Too depressing...

Gerald said...

Yes, it does appear that Obama walks on water.

Guiliani (sp) drops out of the race. I believe that Rudy's wife did not have the fire to pursue the presidency. Adultery and BJ's are more serious to Nazi Americans than mass murders and war crimes. Nazi Americans can relate to Hitler Bush because Nazi Americans receive a daily high from human blood and human carnage.

Edwards drops out of race. He did not run for reelection in his state beause Elizabeth Dole would have creamed him in the general election. Edwards could sound good because his vote was not recorded. He was not in the Senate to run on his recorded votes.

Edwards will probably back Obama for a place in his cabinet.

Again, we will have two men battling for the presidency. My dream of a woman president is delayed and it will never come to fruition.

Women need to be in more power positions in the world. Maybe they can make our world a better place.

Alan said...

I have a service, Postini, which for the price of a latti per month, catches almost all the spam and junk sent to my e-mail address.

Is that a latte?... cause I'd rather have the coffee. haha I mean, since AOL does all that for FREE. I mean literally FREE, since they aren't even my ISP and I don't pay them a penny. Comcast is my ISP. Comcast has free McAfee anti-virus, but I already had that free from AOL as well.

Alan said...

hmmm, I shoulda used the alt key to spell lattè.

signed out involuntarily said...

Yes, Alan, latte with the accent.

hajji said...

sorry to see Edwards go, Edwards out...

Tee Hee...Woo HOO!


Alan said...

the "E" with the squiggle above it is alt-138... è

David B. Benson said...


With Firefox/Linux, nothing comes up.

Cut-n-paste: è

Oceans' biological deserts expanding

Alan said...

The US ARMY reports that 2,100 soldiers attempted suicide in 2007.

micki said...

Rupert Murdoch ♥ Barack Obama.

Murdoch's New York Post endorsed Obama today. Well maybe Rupert doesn't necessarily ♥ Obama, but apparently the NY Post's editorial board ♥ Obama.

Gee, with an endorsement from the owner of Fox News, before you know it Faux News will ♥ Obama.

Gerald said...

I wrote this post for AR but the blog is not taking comments at this time so I posted my comment with DWF.

This article reminded me of several articles that I read on our tainted food coming into our country for our students lunch programs.

I mentioned this fact to my one Nazi sister-in-law and she disagreed. If any of you have a Nazi relative, you are well aware that they have bricks for a brain and most are brain dead.

I cannot stand to talk to someone who is totally stupid. This Nazi relative listens to Rush Limbaugh religiously. Her brain is filled with filth and garbage.

Hajji said...

Thanks, Den.

I hope the recovery is short and you'll tell us less about the gases being released than another blogger here might!

Obama/Edwards...Edwards/Obama has LONG been my idea of a "dream ticket".

Now, I believe it is up to Edwards to make that dream a reality.

They'd be an unstoppable campaign tour-de-force, a BIG win for both legislative moderation and cooperation as well as hyooge warning to the Corporate Facists who continue to rape our citizenry to come clean.

It would go a long way toward showing the world that America is ready to move away from its bellicose belligerance and reach out the hand with an olive branch, instead of the one concealing the dagger.

The young people of this land would know that they, too, through hard work and dilligence, can achieve the lofty heights of public service no matter their race, gender or social standing.

I am sorry for those who no longer have Edwards as a front man, (I believe he'd make a fine president, with a little seasoning, HA!) but please do what you can to encourage such a dream ticket.

It'll be a big win for the whole country and guarantee a center/left administration for the forseeable future.

Clinton II, like Bush II would fill the cabinet with the same old faces from the Clinton I years. Their devisive policies would just push the edges of the chilly crevasse running down the middle of this nation further apart with never a hope for national reconcilliation.

The Clintons have had their chance and "blew" it with personal power excesses, greed and hubris. It is time to move on.

...and for me to move on to bed.

peace to all


Hajji said...


I read somewhere today that Faux spent so much time becoming a Repugnicon mouthpiece, they're gonna go bust when the neocons get run out of DC.

Carey said...

Okay Hajji.

I don't know what to think. I believe many people don't. This is a confusing scenario, so many things to think of--to be cautious of.

Why did N.O.W. get so nasty? We've seen them do this before and I don't like their either/or attitude. Now and again, N.O.W. can really piss me off.

I tried to recreate the heart thingy but couldn't. It's so just right. Not too cute.

º¿carol said...

Wrong accent mark. I took two years of French for whatever THAT'S worth.

Latté é alt 0233

accent aigu é
accent grave è

You know how you get a twitch in your eye lid? I've had one of those fluttering things in the top of my right arm just below the shoulder for TWO days. It really starts twitching when I put my hand on the mouse. What could that mean??? :) (don't say it....)

Car♥l said...

You can copy/paste it, Carey, or hold the ALT key and type the numbers 259 ♥

ALT 259

Hajji said...


I can't say I'm up on the NOW issue. They've been a very important voice for social change in this nation for a long time.

I'm thinking that to whomever makes the policy statements for them, having ANY woman in the oval office is better than having the RIGHT man, but that is purely speculation on my part.

I've just been asked to re-joint the Upstate Obama folks in Augusta, GA. I want to go very badly but have to take time off work to do it.

Will Hajji put his money where his mouth is, can the ER survive a odd weekend without him, will Jill tell him to "Just SHUT UP and GO?"...

Tune in tomorrow for...As the Stomach Turns!...(sorry den, you're already there!)


Hajji said...

I, mean, if we can do it in SC, Georgia should be a cakewalk, right? I mean...oh, yeah...Georgia...still pissed about that whole General Sherman Weinie Roast thing...

Well...we'll just hafta go and see for our OWNselfs!


Carey said...

I copied/pasted that. I can make some of the other ALT thingies like the accents, just not the heart.

I guess I should go listen to some of the commentary on the Repug debate, for a moment anyway. I don't care, what am I doing?

So far on the internets, there's not much speculation or analyses that's decent about Edwards. People are a little stunned I suppose. I know I sort of am. Maybe it's more that I don't know what to think.

Hajji said...

"...Now that John Edwards is out, and there's (unfortunately) not a truly "progressive" candidate in the field, there's no reason why the progressive bloggers shouldn't step up and actively support Senator Obama's effort. If the arguments for Senator Obama are framed correctly, supporting his campaign shouldn't be any different or more divisive than actively campaigning for Ned Lamont over Joe Lieberman or, presently, campaigning for Donna Edwards over Congressman Al Wynn. And while, unlike Lieberman/Lamont and Edwards/Wynn, the 2008 presidential primary campaign isn't specifically about pro-war versus anti-war candidates, an argument can be made that it really is, since, after all, Senator Clinton vocally supported the invasion...

Even if we were to strike the war from the syllabus, we'd still be left with a choice between a once-in-a-generation, transformational candidate who's running parallel to our collective desire to remake the party, and, on the other side, a candidate who represents a species of Democrat that we've traditionally rejected. If the blogs choose to step out of the way on this one, they're forfeiting an historic role in the most historic presidential election of our time while the antiquated, embarrassing politics of DLC triangulation sneaks on by without a fight..."

More from Bob Cesca

Hajji said...

"...What makes me squirm is the notion that somehow a vote for Obama is a vote for the Old Boy's Network; that it will show we've made no progress and ultimately people can't stand the idea of a woman in the Oval office. That simply invalidates the feelings of voters like me, who have embraced Obama for concrete, considered, and emotional reasons. Obama is not just a male candidate, just as he is not simply the first truly viable black presidential candidate. He also happens to have a message, an eloquence, a personal story, and an optimism that many of us haven't ever felt in politics before. That reaction is legitimate. And it only means that the Democrats have two strong choices -- both of whom will make history we can all be proud of.

When NOW chastises Senator Edward Kennedy, as the organization did on Monday, for his enthusiastic endorsement of Obama, writing hyperbolically that "Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal," that makes me want to shout, "Come on. You don't speak for this feminist." NOW scolds Kennedy because they've done so much for him over the years, and Monday he turned his back: "And now the greatest betrayal! We are repaid with his abandonment! He's picked the new guy over us. He's joined the list of progressive white men who can't or won't handle the prospect of a woman president who is Hillary Clinton (they will of course say they support a woman president, just not "this" one)...This latest move by Kennedy, is so telling about the status of and respect for women's rights, women's voices, women's equality, women's authority and our ability - indeed, our obligation- to promote and earn and deserve and elect, unabashedly, a President that is the first woman after centuries of men who "know what's best for us."..."

I don't believe that Ted Kennedy's endorsement is, as NOW says, "telling about the status of and respect for women's rights, women's voices, women's equality, women's authority." I believe that Kennedy decided Barack Obama was the better person to heal this country at a critical time. NOW's rebuke is exactly what allows people to write off "feminism" as simply angry, and hopelessly stuck in the us-versus-them paradigm of previous decades. I simply do not accept that Ted Kennedy's endorsement represents a throw-back prejudice that aims to keep women down and can't envision a female commander-in-chief. That is not the experience of my generation. It just isn't. Case in point: Caroline Kennedy's parallel endorsement of Obama that same morning, which NOW conveniently didn't mention. NOW could never credibly accuse Caroline -- an independent, accomplished woman in her own right -- of "betrayal," "abandonment," or opting to preserve the male patriarchy in this country..."

More from Abigal Pogrebin

Hajji said...

...and so, with "all 'dat" I bid you farewell...wait...I'll SEE your farewell an raise and adieu!


Hajji said...

Super Tuesday!

Alabama (Dem. | GOP), Alaska caucuses (Dem. | GOP), Arizona (Dem. | GOP), Arkansas (Dem. | GOP), California (Dem. | GOP), Colorado caucuses (Dem. | GOP), Connecticut (Dem. | GOP), Delaware (Dem. | GOP), Georgia (Dem. | GOP), Idaho caucus (Dem.), Illinois (Dem. | GOP), Kansas caucus (Dem.), Massachusetts (Dem. | GOP), Minnesota caucuses (Dem. | GOP), Missouri (Dem. | GOP), Montana caucus (GOP), New Jersey (Dem. | GOP), New Mexico caucus (Dem.), New York (Dem. | GOP), North Dakota caucuses (Dem. | GOP), Oklahoma (Dem. | GOP), Tennessee (Dem. | GOP), Utah (Dem. | GOP), West Virginia (GOP)

Wow Lots to dream about! Why just read about it...get out and BE PART of history!

Vote Rich! Vote White! Vote for a CHANGE!!?

DEN said...

A toast to healthy colons everywhere!

Mine has diverticulitis, crap!

No pocorn? Thats just plain un-American.

Better send down some antiseptic.

Hajji said...


You must now have strong moral fibre and more "ALL" Fibre...

And fiber, fiber, fiber...


Now, seriously...good night!

DEN said...

Hey, I can say goodbye to constipation forever with FIBER!!!

Close cousin to the Colon Blow product.

Carey said...

I wonder if Edwards was moved to act now to coordinate with the co-Kennedy Obama endorsement. By focusing on the direction the party should take in his speech today, he moved the discussion back to one of ending poverty, one of the party's original fundamental tenants.

Obama brought it up with vibrance in his talk today. If Edwards and the two Kennedys combine to bring pressure on Obama to move towards the left in his socio-economic thinking, we could have an actual Democrat. Not a DLCer. There are troubling discrepancies in Obama's writings and speeches in this area, about the social net and it's place in our society.

Perhaps Edwards could actually have some influence on the party's political direction. With Obama and Clinton as candidates, I'm sorry but you have two candidates who have major DLC connections.

That's a problem and a half.

micki said...

Carey, John Edwards' message, as you know, was an attempt to bring the Democratic Party back to its blue-collar roots, but his message was largely ignored by the media, and by one of the leading Democratic candidates -- and that would be Barack Obama.

Edwards was first out of shute with a healthcare plan that mandated universal coverage, and Clinton followed, matching his plan. Obama has still not got on-board universal coverage. Obama was very clever, aiding and abetting the media who chose to ignore Edwards, when he said in one debate this is "a race where you've got an African-American and a woman ...[pause for effect] and John." I could have throttled him!

micki said...

I found out something today that I had not heard.

I'm not suggesting anything sinister -- it's just an observation.

We have heard much, in Obama's own words and in the media, about his Kenyan father and his Kansas mother, and that he was born in Hawaii, that his grandparents moved to Hawaii from Kansas, etc.

Okay...what I didn't know is that his mother graduated from the same high school as my brother did -- Mercer Island High School, just east of Seattle.

His mother and his grandparents lived in Seattle and on Mercer Island for about five years. His mother -- Stanley Ann Dunham -- graduated from Mercer Island HS in 1960. (My brother didn't graduate 'til years later.) My family moved to Mercer Island when I was in college, after Obama's mom had already graduated.

The only thing I think is odd is that I've never heard Obama talk about his mom and grandparents living on Mercer Island -- maybe it doesn't fit with the image he's trying to project?

Not everyone on Mercer Island is wealthy, but Bill Gates and Paul Allen have homes there.

Hajji said...

"Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 - November 7, 1995), known as Ann Dunham, [1] was the mother of Barack Obama. She was born in Wichita, Kansas, to Stanley and Madelyn Dunham. Her father was an itinerant furniture salesman in downtown Seattle, Washington, and her mother worked for a bank. Her family moved to Mercer Island, Washington, in 1956 so that 13-year old Ann could attend the high school that had just opened.[2]"

Hmmm first page of WIKIPEDIA entry.

Funny place to bury one's dark secrets!

Also, from the ChiTrib piece in a masterful "slantless" (uhm, whazzurpoint?) insinuation of something sinister..

"...But interviews with their friends from Kansas, now in their mid-to-late 80s, and interviews with their daughter's former classmates and teachers, now in their mid-60s or older, paint a vivid portrait of Barack Obama's mother as a self-assured, iconoclastic young teen seemingly hell-bent to resist Eisenhower-era conformity.

Boyish-looking, Stanley Ann was prone to rolling her eyes when she heard something she didn't agree with. She didn't like her nose, she worried about her weight, she complained about her parents -- especially her domineering father. Her sarcasm could be withering and, while she enjoyed arguing, she did not like to draw attention to herself. The bite of her wit was leavened by a good sense of humor.

While her girlfriends, including Box, regularly baby-sat, Stanley Ann showed no interest. "She felt she didn't need to date or marry or have children," Box recalled. "It wasn't a put-down, it wasn't hurtful. That's just who she was..."

"...Seattle in the 1950s had no Space Needle, no Microsoft, no Starbucks. Mercer Island, now a pricey home to corporate luminaries such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, was then "a rural, idyllic place," said Elaine Johnson, who remembered summers with "sleepovers along the water in sleeping bags. It was so safe." The island was quiet, politically conservative and all white.

But consistent with the 1950s, there were undercurrents of turmoil. In 1955, the chairman of the Mercer Island school board, John Stenhouse, testified before the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party..."

Wow! Mother out in the FRONT LINES of social change!

GoBAMA! and goodmorning!


Hajji said...

Time to make the GO(bama)Nuts, eh?


micki said...

Hajji -- Read for content.

I said I HAD NEVER heard him mention it. And, he doesn't mention it, as a general rule. He talks mostly about Kenya and Kansas and Hawaii.

I stand by my post.

micki said...

For historical accuracy -- Mercer Island ceased being "rural" following the opening of the Mercer Island Floating Bridge on July 2, 1940

I still think it's ODD, not sinister (Hajji, please read...I explicitly said NOT sinister) that Mr. Walk on Water talks so often about Kansas and Hawaii, but doesn't mention his mom's and grandparents' time in Seattle. That's all!

I make no bones about it, I still am not keen on Obama. So shoot me.