Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Little Oil

On January 2nd a single trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange pushed the price of oil to the psychologically freighted $100 a barrel. That trade made newspaper headlines or the front pages of newspapers throughout the world.

The trade itself was for a single futures contract of 1000 barrels of crude. The price quotation on the exchange prior to the fateful $100 trade was $99.53 so that the when that one contract at $100/bbl crossed the ticker, it jumped the market price of crude oil everywhere by nearly one half percent or 47 cents per barrel to be exact. At that moment that was the price on which all transactions of crude oil were based. The next trade on the exchange, that is the price at which the $100 contract could have been immediately resold, would have incurred a trading loss of $600 to the trader who executed the trade, understood to be one Mr. Richard Arens. Thus Mr. Arens, by being the first trader to have closed a $100/bbl trade on the NYMerc purchased a slice of immortality at a cost of but $600.


With all the stuff going on you might have missed this little tidbit. If this one man can make such a huge change, what does that say for the power of BIG money boys to send it to where it is today?

A little speculation goes a looooooong way!

At any rate we are the real losers, these rich goomers have all the money they need and so what if we do not. We are but mere scabs on the festering sore that is the financial system, for the rich, by the rich, to serve the rich.

What a country eh?



Hajji said...

Dammit, Den!

I woke up feeling particularly optomistic...

...but now I think I should just open up this "Muddy Ford" Holiday Celebration ale brewed by one of my ER docs (Jolly is his real name!)...get the hops levels up to "theraputic" and climb the ladder to take the Christmas lights off of the double-wide Mansion.

One thing I will NOT do is drive anywhere, for any reason, today.


carey said...

I'm here but extremely distracted to watch New Hampshire.

Hajji said...


Dixville Notch has already spoken...

What's to watch?


Carey said...

Yeah, I know Hajj. I need distraction at the moment. I'll think of you de-lighting your farm and teetering on that old ladder.

Carey said...

Don't you get too tipsy on that ladder.

Gerald said...

DEN, I have heard ever since I was in my twenties that the stockmarket can be manipulated. The powerbrokers treat the little investors as pawns. This is one reason why people will have a difficult time accumulating wealth. Money can be made but it is a few cases that gives people the belief that they can be one of the few cases.

Personally, I believe that Hillary is the best candidate of the three - Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. Obama is a fad but unless Nazi America wakes up he will be the party's nominee in three to four weeks. It will be too late for any corrections. Once Obama has to answer real questions and address real problems, we will see the real Obama. BUT, IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!!

Carey said...

Gerald made an interesting comment. I'll quote Micki, I'm sure she won't mind.

Obama and the momentum?

It's so American-Idolish.

micki said...



".a summons to shake ourselves free from the physical and political corruptions of oil." -Seattle Times

www.apollosfire.net . www.islandpress.org

Listen to Congressman Inslee this week on:

Wednesday, Jan. 9th on Seattle's KUOW "Weekday" 94.9 at 9 a.m. PST, http://www.kuow.org/programs/weekday.asp

Saturday, Jan. 12th on Air America's "Ring of Fire" at 12 p.m. PST, http://www.airamerica.com/ringoffire/

micki said...

Carey -- no I don't mind. In fact, I said this on another blog and got the (meaningless editor's choice red star) for it:

Independent? I wish the press corp would be INDEPENDENT!

The biggest losers in this horse race are the traveling press corps who impose their friggin' petty opinions on the American electorate, dissing candidates they don't like because of their coiffed hair or imagined shrillness, doing everything possible to American Idolize this most serious presidential election.

There's one caucus under our belts, and the media act as though it's all over except the acceptance speech.

Boy, those press folks must really need self-validation the way they maul viable candidates, then congratulate themselves on their brilliant analyses once they drive the American sheeple into submission by their incessant opinions on who fucked up on one response to one question in one debate on one day, totally ignoring all those other days in a candidate's life.

It's effin' depressing.


Monday, January 7, 2008 08:15 AM

micki said...

I feel it in my bones. The Chimp-in-Chief is up to some good-for-nothing shenanigan.

For him to even come close to transparency on the condition of the economy tells me he's up to something, BIG time.

Never trust a coiled snake.

Gerald said...

Wake Up America Before It's Too Late

Carey said...

Dang! If you don't bottle up yourself and sell it, Micki, I will! Micksters hit the nailhead AGAIN!

The biggest losers in this horse race are the traveling press corps who impose their friggin' petty opinions on the American electorate, dissing candidates they don't like because of their coiffed hair or imagined shrillness, doing everything possible to American Idolize this most serious presidential election.

Did anyone hear Air America yesterday. Goodness, the crap. It's all about the press, they think they're the stars. They have press row and they hang out and yuck!

Carey said...

Boy, those press folks must really need self-validation...

God, you think?

Carey said...


Don't say that. About Bush. You're scaring me.

Gerald said...

To all Nazi Americans, I LOVE THE WORD, CHANGE.

This is the buzzword to give us Nazi Americans our warm fuzzies.

60% of U.S. companies pay NO INCOME TAX at all.

4 of the top 10 wealthiest Nazi Americans are WAL-MART heirs with a joint wealth of $60 billion plus.

50% of the FDA's drug evaluation budget is funded by drug companies.

A revolutionary weapon cannot tell the difference between a tank and a hibachi.

The rich are getting richer and the poor and the middle class pay the bills.

With open borders we will have more cannon fodder to fight stupid and endless wars.

With open borders we will have an endless stream of cheap labor in Nazi America.

I have a Nazi sister-in-law who preaches to those who will listen that minimum wages are forms of socialism.

I have another Nazi sister-in-law who also preaches that the poor are poor because they choose to be poor.

Yes, Nazi America loves the word, CHANGE.

Gerald said...

With the six mega-media corporations able to expand beyond their 64% conservative spin they now control to about 95% spin Nazi Americans will become programmed idiots.

It should come as no surprise that the something big will be Hitler Bush's declaration of martial law and cancel our 2008 elections.

Gerald said...



Gerald said...


Gerald said...

With change in Nazi America neighbors will never help neighbors.

Neighbors Help Neighbors

How can a community help neighbors in trouble? Let’s look at the ways that parishioners at St. Philomena’s in Chicago provide food and clothes to hundreds of needy people thanks to the generosity of many.

Their food pantry serves an average of 400 people twice a week, offering food such as meat, rice, canned and baked goods.
Individuals collect, bag and distribute groceries.

People prune their closets to provide clothing for adults and children.

Neighbors take pledges for each mile walked in the annual five-mile “Hunger Walk” along Lake Michigan.

In communities small and large across the country neighbors help neighbors. Could people in your village, town, or city use your help today?

Am I my brother’s keeper? (Genesis 4:9) (NOT IN THE CHANGING NAZI AMERICA)

Never let us forget, Abba, that our lives are woven together in mutual responsibility for each other, for all Your creatures and for earth itself. (NOT HERE IN NAZI AMERICA)

Gerald said...


DEN said...

Change is inevitable,

stupid is preventable.

Gerald said...

DEN says that stupidity is preventable and he is right. Yet, I find that in Nazi America stupidity is not preventable. I look to Stephen Lendman's article, "A Culture of Violence," to offer some credence for my words. Violence is embedded and imprinted on our souls. Violence is the norm and the way of life in Nazi America.

Do really know how hard it is for me to try and be a good person? Violence is Nazi America and it is a major part of our character and personality.

Do you really know how hard it is for me to not put on my jackboots and stump someone's face? Thoughts of stumping someone's face are difficult to set aside.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Folks: Bootboy here and I just returned from my 85 mile loop breaking ice off the cattle troughs. Them cows do get to yearnin fer water even when its 10 below in the late afternoon. A sufferin beast needs comfort or a bullet dependin on how hungry you and your are. Hey it looks like we be havin a black man runnin this country, I say its better than any woman who is all hat and no cattle. Y'all take care, got to feed the horses now.

Carey said...


Mysterious one that you are.

David B. Benson said...

Prez contenders don't seem to get it:

The high cost of doing nothing

David B. Benson said...

I done tol' you so:

Freak tornados strike midwest

In January...

Carey said...

Now, when anything freakish happens, we think of David and his warnings first.

David B. Benson said...

Not anything freakish, just weather and climate stuff...

micki said...

From that link -- the ten worst tornadoes in the U.S.:











It sure is freakish to have a tornado in January.

Carey said...

Pardon word choices, nothing intended. I was attempting humor and in the middle of it grew tired.

Carey said...

So Hillary is leading in N.H.? I've been distracted but I thought Obama was ahead in the latest polls. Isn't that a surprise or am I totally out of it?

micki said...

Well, I thought your comment was funny and he made a witty retort in return.

Just read @ WaPo that John McCain won NH.

I wonder what Mr. Plastic from Massachusetts will have to say.

micki said...

Obama was 39, to her 30 in the polls, going in.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- De nada.

Just clarifying for any luckers here...

micki said...

I hope she wins.

But, not counting any chickens on this one.

It's serve the friggin' media maniacs right if it backfired on 'em.

micki said...

Just clarifying for any luckers here...

Now, I am confused.

David B. Benson said...

Oops. lurkers!

And gosh, I even previewed the post.


Carey said...

I wonder what Mr. Plastic from Massachusetts will have to say.

Bits and pieces struck me oddly. It had moments of an almost concession, and others--an unenergetic, "but, I'm still here" sort of thing.

Carey said...


That frown sign was cute.

DEN said...

Ok Microsoft users, ther might be a problem with a security update sent today dated 1/9/08, it shut me down to the nubs, I could not boot at all!

If you update these two updates you might see the "no bootable stuff found" (or similar) Hold down the on off button until your computer shuts off. Then push the on/off again and start tapping the F-8 key, it will enter the 'safe mode' screen, use the arrow keys down to 'last known good configuration' hit enter, you should get the Windows startup screen. WRITE THIS DOWN NOW cause you won't be able to read it then.

Wow, freaked me out!

Of course, Micki and Doc won't need to worry but the rest might.

Let me know if you others have trouble.

DEN said...

Oh yea, forgot one more thing, if you have trouble like I did, when you get Windows back, go to 'Control Panel', 'Add/Remove Programs' click the little box that says 'Show Updates', scroll down to the 1-9-08 updates and uninstall them little rascals before shutting your computer off by clicking 'Remove'.

Turn off automatic updates at the bottom of 'Windows Security Center' window too, to keep them from nagging.

DEN said...

Linux is sounding better all the time.

Carey said...

Okay Den. And you know I'll be able to remember all that once it happens. Actually I have it down.

ยบ¿carol said...

I didn't receive any updates today. Hmmmm.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Yup. You can get Linux from Red Hat or other vendors, maybe even a good free one now.

Apple Mac OS X starts from a different fork onf the Unix tree, and certainly also has a good reputation.

Carey said...

What's with Edwards having James Denton behind him? He's a Desperate Housewives celebrity with good taste.

Smacks of Hucksville/Chuck Norris, doesn't it?

You know why he did it? Micki's so right. Edwards noticed the American Idol aspects and their success and thought, okay, I'll cash in and give you a Desperate Housewife.

Carey said...


The projected winner, for your birthday, is Clinton.

(It's Thursday, folks.)

Alan said...

Wellll, a early Happy Birfday to ya Micki!

Michaelyn <==== that's a pretty name

Alan said...

I didn't notice till I read Den's post about the Windows update, but my system has downloaded the update automatically and the yellow icon is sitting there down by my clock. I haven't installed 'em yet. After x-amount of time, it starts popping up on my screen saying it'll install itself if I don't click on "later"... but it keeps popping up every 15-fkn minutes and pisses me off. It hasn't started that YET tho. I'll cross my fingers when I do install 'em, and let y'all know if I had any probs like Den did.

DEN said...

OK I'm back, damn! a certain person here dumped a glass of water in my computer today and neglected to tell me, got the Printed Circuit Board wet! And my hard drive circuit board, so no damn wonder I had grievous errors-O-plenty. GRRRRRRRRRR!

Why don't you keep your water glass by YOUR computer? HUH?

Itty bitty circuits don't like water!!

DEN said...

So disregard my previous "Update error" post, download them and move on, sorry.

Carey said...

Shall we say, while the men were having computer problems, Clinton went and pulled an upset!

My, my, my, my, my. Real politics!! Obama's speech, which was spectacular, and Clinton's too. This is the real thing, folks.

We have a race.

Carey said...

Frustratin' day, Den? A little "water" under the collar?

Alan said...

Carey, you might say Den was waterboarded.

Carey said...

Listening to late-night analysis, Chuck Todd raises one rather intriguing factor. You have a public caucus in Iowa versus the private voting curtain in New Hampshire.

Public vs private--easier to vote white.

Carey said...

The other thing, that the polls were wrong. Wonder why that is? Could it be it's easier to say you're gonna vote black and then go vote white?

Carey said...

The race factor will creep in dressed variously. That is the strongest given we've got.

carol said...

There were updates on my computer this morning. I printed out your advice, Den, then installed and restarted. Everything went fine. a BIG phew on that!