Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making History

From our friend Hajji:

My brief conversation with Barack Obama…

Right after he finished a damn fine talk to a few thousand folks, he sorta made a bee-line toward stage right, where our crew of volunteers had been signing up hundreds of people to go door-to-door in their neighborhoods to remind people to vote today...Judging by the numbers I’m staring at….I'm thinking it kinda worked…..

BHO: (reaching out to shake my hand) Hey!

Hajji: Hey! Thank you!

BHO: (eyeing my “Volunteer for Change” Badge) Thank YOU!

Hajji: I just wanted to come down to see if you’re really “The Guy”.

BHO: Well, what do YOU think?

Hajji: I think you are.

BHO: Then let's go get 'em!

He spent the next 45 minutes being mobbed for handshakes all across the front of the amphitheater.

The crowd was truly amazing and about the most apparently diverse crowd I've ever seen for anything other than the “diplomatic immunity” line at the NYC DMV.

Security was excellent. Metal detectors, tons of local cops, omnipresent Treasury agents and spotters on every rooftop, not to mention a Women’s Rugby Team whose destructive capabilities I’ve first-hand witnessed, whom I’ve been bled on by, danced with (don’t ask to see THOSE pics) whom I’ve admired and been out-drank by since my little Katie-bear was Captain.

I’ve been waiting from reports from some of the people I know who weren’t really rabid BHO supporters to see what they thought.

But that was yesterday…THIS was today…

Today, half a MILLION people, in a state where many still write-in Strom Thurmond out of muscle-memory and habit, turned out to vote for Democratic candidates.

Only 2 counties went to other candidates today. Oconee , the extreme Northwestern, went to John Edwards while Myrtle Beach ’s Horry County , where widespread machine problems were reported during the Repugnicon primary, went to Mrs. Bill (“STFU!” you’re staining your LEGACY!) Clinton.

Congrats to both of them for such strong showings in the northerwesternmost and northeasternmost counties!.

The most surprising county win for Obama was……ahem….…you guessed it!…PICKENS county, whose reputation of being more red than your average bulbous clown nose turned out over 15% of eligible voters, including repugs, liberts, indies, greens and commies (I don’t really know, but assume there was at least one) to squeak out a 1%victory by Obama over NATIVE SON, John Edwards in a freekin’ DEMOCRATIC primary!

Now, before you get all “His father worked in a MILL” on me, remember that I voted, with glee and conviction TWICE for the man in double-ought-four, and respect him and continue to wish him success and a place on the National Democratic Ticket.

Our “Target Precinct” comprising most of downtown Easley, SC…where I spent my morning hours learning more about what happens when people come out to vote than I ever thought possible (AND witnessed an actual I-vote voting system problem at start up, film at 11) recorded…get this kids, I’m gonna type it BIG….

78% of voters for…Barack Obama!

It wasn’t easy…weeks of intensive canvassing, thousands of Easley people who were phoned…probably tens of thousands of times (some maybe just TODAY) turned out to “Mash that Big, Red, “Vote” button.”

I must admit that there were many times today I could’ve cried from the conversations I heard. As a “Certified Poll Observer” I was forbidden from interacting with voters directly, but I was deeply touched by what I heard and saw.

In the afternoon, I was relieved at the polls so that I could make some of those thousands of calls. So many times, there were people who wanted to vote, but hadn’t because they simply couldn’t get out to vote. More than a few of them were only a few blocks away from their voting locations, but couldn’t hoof it, so were “just sittin’ this one out”.

So I was got some “Mapquest “(gods bless ‘em) magic maps and filled up the tank.

“Baby Blue”, the Isuzu Rodeo donated by Dr.Lagleva so that Spanky could have some wheels when he got home from Iraq transmogrified into the “Obama” GOTV shuttle.

I picked up some voters, dropped ‘em at the Polls…raced to pick up a few more, dropped them off and took the first couple, smiling and laughing and sporting “I VOTED” stickers, dropped them off at the drugstore and then delivered some more to the polls.

I met some folks today, lots of folks. They were from everywhere with tutti-frutti DNA and all-the-way backgrounds.

They were all shades and all histories and all human and all people and all souls and all WORTH it!

Each and every one of ‘em was worth the few days of my time that I’ve given to the cause. They kept thanking me for being there, but my gratitude toward them is a deluge that washes over me, a respite from the drought that I hope will continue to flow through the valley to nourish all our souls.

What an uplifting day for me. I’m hardly worthy of the pride I feel right now. I’m gonna hafta see my massage pal, Dennis, to work out the kinks I’ve developed, just from patting myself on the back so much. Brief celebrations, hugs and handshakes and “Attaboy’s” from the “paid staffers” before I started looking for the big party…

…but I instead found that while we’re out here celebrating, jumping up and down in rhythm to the beat of our swollen hearts, thumping our chests in victory over another couple of pretty good choices while taking in the glorious view from the lofty heights afforded, we suck in the political O2 like the first gasp of a newborn whose first cry is only to make room for the second, life-giving breath….

…While we gloat…those “paid staffers” (at least the ones not currently texting me from the bar in Columbia, U owe me BIG!) are packing up their worn and sticker-covered bags and heading out to Jersey, to Cali, to Texas then Honolulu, to Tennessee and to Topsham, to suffer the (Singapore) slings and outrageous arrows of grass-roots, grass-skirts and even that Maui Grass misfortune of Political Hamlet dwelling. (oh! To admit to have inhaled, who among us hasn’t? Which, among us have yet to EX-hale?)

Bless them, each and every one… Paid pennies for their sleepless nights… Fed by whatever happens to have been donated (what was it with that CASE of apricot preserves, 20 loaves of white bread and only ONE jar of chunky peanut butter?) sleeping where ever and driving what ever for thousands of miles.

Who then are the REAL Zealots, then? Is it those of us who creep out of our warm homes into our own comfortable community, who sleep in our own beds, who only slightly change the regular flow of our lives so that we can wear the pin of our chosen candidate? Is it WE, who hanker for a hand-shake and a quick word with “THE” one, who may or may not become “THE GUY or GAL” we choose to hang our hopes upon?

Or is it those who travel with “The Show”? Is it those who descend on our states to promote, to organize, to galvanize, to mobilize, to accessorize our bumpers, our lawns, our chests…to tattoo our very hearts with the logos of our hopeful Heroes?

The passion is the same. The intensity is the same. The dedication is the same.

The difference is the difference between involvement and COMITTMENT.

The Chicken and its egg versus the Pig and its bacon…

Which are YOU?

I wanna be the PIG!

…and I’m ready to WRASSLE!!!


-Tom Hodges, Pickens County


Great job Hajji!! Walking the walk while others merely talk the talk.

Maybe you could swing a cabinet post if he gets elected!



Hajji said...

Thanks, Den,

...I'm thinkin' Secretary of Hoppy Suds?

Thank you all.

Oh, GOD how I need a very Kind editor and somebody to stop me from Bloggin under the influence!


DEN said...

O geez another drunken sot on my blog, o crap now what?

Beer-N-Flakes, what else!

Very well written T, just glad i was able to be the transmitter.

'Bout that pig......

Gerald said...

I am caught up in the change fever. Yes, it's time for me to change.

If anyone has the names of people running on the Independent Party, Socialist Party, and Green Party tickets, please let me know.

I will not vote for a Nazi and I will not vote for Obama that means a change for me in voting.

Thank you for any help!!!

Gerald said...

The South Carolina vote is self-evident that Obama will get the Black vote. Plain and simple!That should never come as a surprise.

Let me share with you a fact! A Black U. S. Congressman was convicted and sent to prison. He still ran for re-election and he won. Why he did not lose his seat in Congress, I do not know.

He was re-elected when the times were that to criticize a Black politician was politically incorrect.

So a double standard was present and it was present for many years and it may still be present.

Obama looks like he will get the nod for his party's nomination.

Did Bill Clinton hurt his wife? Maybe! But I give him credit for taking his wife's side. Hillary did not start the swiftboating but she will be blamed.

The presidency, if we have an election, will be retained by the Nazi Party.

Obama may be elected if the powers that be want a fall guy to be in office when the depression takes hold. A depression would clear the books of our deficits and entitlement programs. This depression will be a very long one. I also see Nazi Americans begging the federal government to start continuous wars to put people back to work on weapons of mass destruction so that the depression can be shortened. Wars do shorten a depression. A perfect example is WW II. But this war will be started by Nazi America. It's going to get very ugly out there.

As my spiritual advisor said, the American people are in pain and suffering because they will not repent.

Nazi Americans will never repent because the cardinal sin of pride is rampant in Nazi America.

carey said...

Gerald--I'm sure ready for a change.

Many thank yous for all the birthday wishes. I wrote that yesterday and came home to find I hadn't posted it yet.

Hajji, such wonderful, wonderful stuff. You've caught the fever Obama's spreading. I felt it during his victory speech last night. There's a healthy, innocent energy with Obama and crowds.

Thought my birthday might go smoothly, it did not. I think I may be rid of Dan for sort of good as of today. While I was out he moved out his furniture--sneaky style. He's weird and a sicko.

People say these things happening now in the Dem Party can be healed. I think they can., grow up everyone.

Hajji said...

Beer or Communion wine, the ETOH has the same effects, it would seem...


Gerald said...

U. S. Biggest Producer of Terror

Gerald said...

Your Government Lied to You

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush is the perfect example.

The coward threatens when he is safe.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Gerald said...

The Number One Terrorist Organization

Gerald said...

The CIA, whose very name is enough to inspire generations of "terrorists", has outlived its usefulness. The time has come to abolish the CIA --to smash it into a thousand pieces! Its leadership should be dismissed and investigated. Where there is probable cause, CIA members should be investigated and tried for crimes against humanity.

Gerald said...

To the wicked, everything serves as pretext.
– Voltaire

Gerald said...

"At the beginning of the occupation, the people of Iraq did not realize the US strategy in the area," Abu Taiseer, a member of the communist party in the city told IPS. "Their strategy is based on destruction and massacre. They do anything to have their agenda fulfilled.

"Now, Iraqis know that behind the US smile is hatred and violence," Taiseer added. "They call others violent and terrorists, but what they are doing in Iraq and in other countries is the origin and essence of terror. America is the biggest producer of terror, and they spend huge funds for creating and training death squads all over the world."

Gerald said...

I forgot to mention that the Black U. S. Congressman was from Detroit and he was re-elected even though he was in prison serving time. This was some years back, possibly in the 1960's or 70's.

Gerald said...


Gerald said...

Super Tuesday is set for February 5, 2008. There are some key primaries after Super Tuesday but the prize is set for Febrary 5, 2008.

Change fever vaults Obama to his party's nomination on that date.

One party's ticket is set. Obama for the Democrats!!!

McCain or Romney for the Nazi Party!!! McCain has the edge at this time.

Gerald will vote someone in the Independent Party, Socialist Party, or Green Party.

Gerald said...

The drama for 2008 is basically over for me. Only one suspense lingers on my mind. Will Hitler Bush declare martial law and cancel the 2008 elections???

DEN said...

For those stuck indoors today, Sam Seder has a show on Air America going right now.

DEN said...

That link might need plugins, go here instead for Sam.

DEN said...

Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher will be on today.

David B. Benson said...

What does the Thirteenth Amendment state that labor unions hope to rescue their status with it?

The Nation, 2008 Jan 21 issue...

Gerald said...

I have posted some articles on Alternate Reality for anyone who may be interested. Very good articles to read!

Gerald said...

Dead For Lies

By Cindy Sheehan

27/01/08 "ICH" -- -- Once, before I camped out in Crawford, Tx, I was speaking at a venue in DC and I called George Bush a "lying bastard." This was in May 2005; right after we discovered the revelations of the Downing Street Minutes which we believed was the smoking gun that would bring down BushCo in short order.

We held hearings in June of 2005 that Congressman John Conyers convened (in a crowded basement room in the Capitol) that exposed the deceit of the "yellow cake uranium from Niger" lie and the fact that Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby made many trips to the CIA offices to "cherry-pick" intelligence. Along with myself, Ambassador Joe Wilson, and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern: Constitutional Attorney John Bonifaz wrapped up the panel to explain how and why the criminal Bush regime should be impeached and imprisoned.

Since then, I have been hailed or condemned for my strong language and told that if I "framed" my language better, I could be more effective. On the other hand, some people have told me to not dare temper my language because what our government is doing to people is so heinous that someone needs to strongly speak out against it. Now something has again surfaced that alternately angers and sorrows me.

A recent report found that BushCo told 935 lies in the two-year run-up to the war! We all know they lied, and frankly, I am surprised that the number is only 935, but it was an apparently exhaustive study by two media analysis groups.

Calling the President of the USA a "lying bastard" may, on the face of things, seem disrespectful, but there are two definitions of the word that seem appropriate to BushCo: 1) something of illegitimate or dubious origin (stolen elections) or 2) someone mean or nasty.

After nearly four years of living with the horrible knowledge that my son was killed in Iraq for the lies of the lying bastards of the Bush regime, I still mourn him and miss him with all my heart and soul and I don't know if I will ever be able to go through a day without being reminded that he should be alive and well and home with his family. Presidential daughter Jenna Bush will be getting married soon and I can't help but feel that Casey should have been able to have the same opportunity to get married and have his own children and future.

We cannot place the blame solely at the foot of BushCo, though. We have two Senators vying for their party's presidential nomination who are nothing but spoiled Demo-Brats who snipe and bicker at each other instead of calling for the immediate removal of our troops from Iraq and the ouster of the liars who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the tragic creation of millions of broken hearts (when we buried Casey, I discovered that the term is not just a figure of speech).

We have a Speaker of the House who has taken impeachment "off the table" and refuses to even consider doing her job because impeachment would be too "divisive" when so many families have been physically, emotionally, and politically divided by Republican and Democratic war crimes and support of war crimes.

It is imperative that BushCo be impeached for past, present and future high crimes and misdemeanors. They have not only lied about the reasons for invading and occupying Iraq, but they have used their war of terror to redefine and lie about torture and commit unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Accountability should not be a politically partisan issue. No one should be above the law in a democracy and this is not a game of power plays or revenge for a past impeachment for lying about oral sex in the oval office.

We know they lied and now we must demand hearings from our dysfunctional employees in DC to find out why they lied so we can prevent it from ever happening again.

What's more obscene? The word "bastard" or the travesty and tragedy of wars based on so many lies told by so many liars?

Gerald said...

Darker Days Ahead!

Gerald said...

Only John Edwards?

If this is true, why did John Edwards get blown away in S. C.?

John Edwards spent 2004 in rural America trying to get John Kerry elected. He did didly squat for the ticket. John Edwards needs to re-examine his candidacy.

Obama is the Dems nominee for president!!!!!

Yet, I have to ask Obama, WHERE'S THE BEEF?

Gerald said...

Have you taken a close look at John McCain? When I look at his skin, he just does not look well. I wonder what is happening internally to him?

Gerald said...

Hillary, it is over!!! Return to New York and do your best to help your state! In 2012, retire and enjoy your your life with Bill.

Hillary, do you really want to be president of a country where sniveling, spoiled brats rule? These brats are into immediate gratification that is centered around their lust for human blood and human carnage.

The leading candidate for the Nazi Party says that there will be more wars. Don't you just love McCain's leadership qualities of eternal wars for American sniveling, spoiled brats???

Gerald said...

It is time to stop our state of denial where Nazi America is more evil than Hitler and Nazi Germany!!!!!

Gerald said...

Broken Promises

Gerald said...

Here is my answer to the whole rigged election process!!!

micki said...

One thing that deeply bothers me about this Obama Fever outbreak is that our country might get even *sicker* than it is already. Assuming that Obama gets the nomination, and against the odds, is elected president, we may end up with rampant depression, not just the economic kind but the emotional kind, because if that change that everyone is so fired up about doesn't materialize right quick, malaise will fill the land.

Demonstrable change that is good for the country won't materialize because it takes a movement to make change. Obama Fever is not a movement, it's a media-hyped, media-propelled, wishful-thinking, feel good event. This presidential primary is turning into the latest feel-good mania, with little talk about policy, but lots of uplifting rhetoric about change that has, so far, not been connected to any concrete ideas.

micki said...

Gerald -- leave it to you, to have the answer! :-))

micki said...

I read that if Hillary were to be elected president that she would be the only one of the current candidates (Dem or Repug), to use political capital in the first term to take demonstrable action on the climate crisis.

I have to find that article...

DEN said...

Shameless political promotion from DWF:

Dear Den,

From the very beginning, our campaign has been about one central thing: giving voice to millions of Americans who have absolutely no voice in our democracy.

If you are worried about your health care or, like 47 million other Americans you have no health care, your voice will be heard in this campaign.

If you're one of 37 million Americans who wake up every single day, worried about how to feed and clothe your children and living in poverty, your voice will be heard in America -- and it will be heard in this campaign and we will speak and fight for you.

If you're worried about being able to pay for your child to be able to go to college and being able to pay for tuition and books, your voice will be heard in this campaign -- and it will be heard in America.

If you're one of the forgotten middle class, working and struggling just to pay your bills, worrying every single day about what may be around the corner, we will give you a voice in this campaign.

And if you're one of the extraordinary men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States with pride and honor and served this country patriotically, and you're not getting the health care you need or deserve, your voice will be heard in this campaign. If you're one of the 200,000 veterans living in America who every night go to sleep under bridges, in shelters or on heating grates, your voice will be heard in America.

That's why this campaign moves on to February 5 and "Super Tuesday" when millions of Americans will cast their vote and help shape the future of the Democratic Party and, most importantly, help shape the future of America.

Thank you for standing with me as, together, we take this campaign to the Democratic Convention, to the nomination -- and then to the White House.

Your support as we move forward means that the voices of millions of voiceless Americans will be heard.


John Edwards
January 27, 2008

David B. Benson said...

Why don't the white wheat beers have hops for flavoring?

Hajji said...


By all means, let us not set our expectations high...Positive thoughts leading to positive actions never accomplished anything.

Presidents speaking of "their" so-called "political capital" (think W, 2004) sure have a nasty habit of spending OUR Capital right the F down the drain until we have none left to speak of...

Now THAT's depressing!

Sounds like you could use a little HOPE in your life!

I hope you get yerself some!


DEN said...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy captured the Democratic nomination by winning a series of state primaries despite his youth (he was only 43), charges by his opponents that he lacked experience in foreign affairs, and his Catholic faith. He had to overcome the traditional assumption that a winning candidate must have the support of entrenched party leaders from states with large blocs of electoral votes. A solid victory in overwhelmingly Protestant West Virginia launched him toward a first ballot victory at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles--although he did not reach the 761 votes required for the nomination until the final state in the roll call (Wyoming). After choosing Texas senator Lyndon Johnson as his running mate, Kennedy told the convention delegates that he would get the nation moving again and declared that the United States would have the will and the strength to resist communism around the world.

JFK Library

micki said...

Hajji, I have a lot of hope in my life.

I apply hope wisely. That shouldn't detract from you hope at all.

But, thanks for your concern.

micki said...

JFK attached his hopeful rhetoric to plans.

♥C♥rol said...

Micki, I see you really DID like my ♥. C°°L! (cool)

DEN said...

Obama on the issues

Elaborate ruse? Or genuine?

Hajji said...


It won't do any good for people to read the truth about Obama, the man and his hopeful plans.

He hasn't been "annointed" by the PTB, who are only allowing this meteoric success so they can shudder and giggle with glee when his star finally plummets to terra firma and pulverizes the spirts of his supporters who've displayed their "Audacity".

Who IS he, anyway, to think that his decades of public service, raising the spirits of people brought them together in a sense of community pride qualifies him for anything?

Who is HE to fail realize that the only way to get anything done is to sledge-hammer flat any opposition and ram YOUR 100-page whitepaper down the throats of those who might agree in essence, but have a couple of helpful suggestions?

No, it PAST time to elect someone who has spent their life steeped in the "Good-Old-Boy" system that has given rise to the Government we now know and abhor.

It is time to elect a "Same-'Ol-Squid" with tentacles burried deep into the DC infrastructure, pulling power and money into its gaping maw while its children are devoured by the parasites it hosts.

It is TIME FOR A CHANGE, but don't think that just because the names and faces are all the same, you're gonna GET the same!


Vote RICH, vote WHITE, vote for a CHANGE?!