Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Market update
Change % change
• DJIA 11932.82 -166.48 -1.38%
• NASDAQ 2284.88 -55.14 -2.36%
• S&P 500 1303.96 -21.23 -1.60%
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Overseas markets


FTSE (London) 5688.00 +109.80 +1.97%
DAX (Frankfurt) 6816.71 +26.52 +0.39%
Nikkei 225 (Tokyo) 12573.05 -752.89 -5.65%
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NEW YORK - Wall Street plunged at the opening of trading Tuesday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials down more than 400 points after an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve failed to assuage investors fearing a recession in the United States.

U.S. markets joined stock exchanges around the globe that have fallen precipitously in recent days amid concerns that a downturn might spread around the world.

The Fed’s decision to cut its federal funds rate to 3.50 percent and the discount rate, the interest it charges to lend directly to banks, came a week before the central bank’s regularly scheduled meeting, a sign that the Fed recognized the seriousness of the world financial situation.



DEN said...

OK for your financial entertainment the front page is stuffed with various links to get you info on the BIG-ASS Black Tuesday events.

If you would prefer to not look, don't go there, it is not pretty.

Plenty of coffee in the corner and fresh donuts on the side.

micki said...

You're still buying fresh donuts in this market?

Talk about living on the edge!

DEN said...

Den fiddled while Wall Street burned!

micki said...

Den nibbled while Wall Street burned!

micki said...

Meanwhile, as the world burns:

Jose Padilla Is Sentenced to 17 Years
Reports: Layoffs Planned at Yahoo Inc.
General Says al-Qaida on the Run in Iraq
44 Killed in Pakistan Militant Fighting
White House Mulls Stimulus Plan
Dozens of Bridge Victims Prepare to Sue
Court Rules Against Muslim Inmate
Court Refuses to Hear Enron Case
Rice Defends US Aid to Pakistan
Clashes Erupt at Gaza-Egypt Border
Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate
United Airlines' Parent Posts $53M Loss
Congo Government, Rebels in Peace Accord Suicide Bomber Kills 18 North of Baghdad
EU Official: IP Is Personal
Mich. Denies Illegal Immigrants Licenses
Lebanese Troops Fire on Israeli Jets
White Separatists Protest in Jena, La.

And, last but not least:

micki said...

Congo Government, Rebels in Peace Accord Suicide Bomber Kills 18 North of Baghdad

It should read that way.

micki said...


Still not right.

Congo Government, Rebels in Peace Accord

Suicide Bomber Kills 18 North of Baghdad

DEN said...

Better straighten up buster!

No Typos!


Gerald said...

The Sentencing of Fr. John Dear

Gerald said...

The whole world knows this war is a disaster. History will judge us all for where we stood, what we did, what we said at this kairos moment. I urge you to choose life, take a stand for peace, and call upon the whole country to speak out against this war and be converted to the truth of nonviolence.

But I take my case to a higher court, and plead before the ultimate judge, the God of peace, for us all: “Give us a new world without war, poverty or nuclear weapons, a new world where one and all live by your eternal law of nonviolence. Help us to end this war and abolish war forever. Thank you, God of peace, for hearing my plea. Amen.”

Gerald said...

We are closer to a nuclear holocaust

Gerald said...

January 23, 2008 is another day in the passing of Roe v Wade. Abortion IS a dastardly act but so IS the silence from pro-life organizations that avoid additional pro-life issues as adoption services, social services, day care centers, and health care for mother and child.

This silence reminds me of Nazi America's schizophrenic personality regarding all life issues beyond abortion.

The United States of Evil has serious psychopathological disorders that impinge upon clear thinking in the decision-making process.

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush makes me puke.

Hitler Bush is a hypocrite.

Bush embraces pro-lifers. This morning, on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Bush met with the participants in the March for Life, anti-choice group. The National Review’s K-Lo describes the scene:

On a cold morning in Washington today, the president got a warm reception by pro-lifers in the East Room of the White House. The crowd — which included the organizers of the official March for Life — expressed their gratitude in what seemed like an endless sea of applause, breaking up the president’s speech, which continued as he worked the room.

The president said that “in a civilized society, the strong protect the weak.” He talked about the unborn as not only being lives that deserve protection, but beings with “souls.” The president said that “America is better than this” — meaning legal abortion. … The president’s receptive audience was grateful — no doubt a gratitude that was intensified by the prospect of a less-welcoming administration to come.

Where is universal health care for all Americans so they can have life? No health care means no life at some point in a person's life.

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush is pro-life? He makes me puke because it is my perceptual opinion that he is A MASS MURDERER AND A WAR CRIMINAL.

Hitler Bush deserves prison time for his crimes against humanity.

Gerald said...


Gerald said...

Choosing Life

It’s fair to say that Debbie Borza has experienced far more than her fair share of emotional pain. Borza’s daughter, Deora Bodley, was the youngest person killed aboard United Flight 93 during the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Her former husband, Derrill Bodley, Deora’s father, died in a motorcycle accident.

Despite the burden of grief that she carries daily, Borza says she has made a conscious decision to look for positive ways to ease her pain.

“Since I’m probably going to spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void, I choose joy and happiness and peace and love,” she says. Borza now seeks out people inspired by her daughter’s life, encouraging volunteerism in her memory.

Surely those who are able to remain hopeful and faithful in the face of loss will be blessed. Reach out to console the bereaved people in your life.

Those who mourn... will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4)

Jesus, infuse us with Your everlasting hope.

Gerald said...

War remains the decisive human failure.
– John Kenneth Galbraith

Gerald said...

War remains the decisive human failure.
– John Kenneth Galbraith

Gerald said...

A failure to think is nothing new for Hitler Bush

DEN said...

Fast Freddie threw in the towel!

Not that Mr. Hollywood mattered anyway.

thin headed said...

Women more thick-headed than men

I alway knew it!


David B. Benson said...

I prefer two-day old donuts, myself.

DEN said...

I'll leave the donuts out for ya Doc, unless Spike gets to them first.

º¿carol said...

Anyone glance at the Corn blog lately? It could be renamed the Capt & LBH forum.

Have to go got to a funeral tomorrow. My daughter-in-law's dad. :(

Cold and snowy here. Blech. Spring can't come soon enough.

I tested out the old 8mm film projector today AND THE BULB WORKS! I need to transfer the films to another media. What a job! I've done the ones from my family. Now to Bob's family. I've been putting this off for years now.

Later guys..............

Gerald said...

When it comes to donuts, let me say to you that donuts assisted in my heart attack. Be very careful in consuming donuts!

Gerald said...

The American War Upon the World

Gerald said...

Pentagon Report on Iraq War

Carey said...

Quite humorous exchange Micki and Den, in the first few posts.

I'll just jump right in and say it's the word games played again last night and today I don't like. Hillary Clinton is constantly engaging in them, as a tactic. It doesn't get to the meat of the matter ever. Was it Republican or Reagan's ideas, whatever, WHATEVER! It just changes the subject. That's a tool manipulators use to their advantage.

Bill Clinton does the exact same thing. It's not fair play.

DEN said...

Carey, kinda like two kids trying to out argue the other, Edwards was the parent as far as I saw.

Whether America saw it that way remains to be seen, Stockmarket woes walked all over everything.

Carey said...

Edwards attacked. He cut it with humor rather superbly. Genuinely funny too, he rocked and clicked on all counts. They all performed to a "T" if you ask me. As I said last night, let us count our blessings--this is an outstanding Democratic crowd.

It's also hugely historical. Gee whiz, that part is so much fun.

micki said...

It's probably a blessing in disguise (just kidding) that the world-wide financial situation took top billing in the news today, rather than all the nit-picking about what Hillary and Barack hurled at each other -- and what Bill Clinton has said.

First politics is not fair. Never has been. And, not likely ever will be.

But, secondly, there could be a very, very plausible reason why Bill Clinton is fighting for his wife -- and probably by extension, for his own legacy. It's because his heart surgery caused cognitive changes -- and he is putting up the fight of his life. He's striking back for all the shit that was hurled at him -- from DAY ONE in his political career. The media never allowed his the "honeymoon" always given to a newly elected president -- they were hammering him before he took the oath of office. (That's fact, not fiction.)

Despite the many technological developments in arterial perfusion and cardiac surgical procedures, open-heart surgery is believed to pose a significant risk for cerebral injury -- i.e. including cognitive changes, including an alteration in judgment.

There are various potential causes of brain changes (damage?) during open-heart surgery, including prolonged or severe arterial hypotension, as well as emboli emanating from the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit or the operative field.

Because coronary surgery is a life-saving operation, little research has been done on cognitive deficits that result from the procedure.

However, studies show that cognitive dysfunction DOES occur after open-heart surgery, and that the deficits are attributable, at least in part, to factors specific to the operation or to the patient being maintained on cardiopulmonary bypass (the heart-lung machine).

(But as far as Obama and his incessant whining about being unfairly attacked -- get used to it buddy! You're looking mighty thin-skinned to be presidential material.)

Carey said...

Beautiful, Micki. Just beautiful.

I was with you in spirit today then. For I was thinking the very same things about Bill Clinton, about his wanting to finally get his chance.

You provided some real steel to that thought foundation. What an excellent example, folks, of intensely thorough analysis.

Fine work lass. Really interesting too. How fascinating. I know big stuff like Bill's operation, this affects you. My illness affected me, no two ways about it.

Carey said...

Politics may not be fair. But Bill Clinton as a most admired leader of the Democratic Party and ex-President is a different story. You can't get around that. That's why he needs to lay a little lower. Get out of that fray, you don't belong there sir. Please maintain that dignity just a tiny bit.

As for your commets Micki, they just dang brilliant, as usual. And stunning in their depth. I'm going to cut and paste them to send to certain people.

Carey said...

Stupid transitional lenses--"they are dang brilliant".

micki said...

AND, another thing! I think it is really pathetic that Obama's supporters say they will never, ever, never, ever vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination, yet Hillary's supporters say they will support the Dem nominee, no matter who it is. So do Edwards' supporters say they'll support the Dem nominee.

I know, I know. The Hillary-bashers will say, well...see...that shows that Obama's more inclusive because he's not "all about party politics." Puh-leeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzeeeeee! That makes my head ache.

Face it -- the GOPhers are a bunch of bu$h imitator$ who are yukking it up with their supporters, tying themselves to bu$h'$ disastrous War on Iraq. Unless bu$h has a miracle up his sleeve and the surge turns into a hallelujah miracle and the economy surges too, Clinton, Edwards or Obama can beat any Repug -- including McCain.

Unless, of course, Obama's supporters decide that a Repug is better than anyone other than Barack.

Get real!

micki said...

He'll lay lower when the time comes.

He's the only voice geting media attention calling a spade a spade. (If Obama can allude to black stereotypes, I can say that. This is a time for change, right?)

Obama gets a pass in the media -- with Bill out there, telling it (as he sees it), we're getting to know a lot more about Barack.

And it ain't all that reassuring. But, at least, we're finding out.

Carey said...

Okay, Den can read this in the morning. I just wrote a whole post, brilliant to the core and YOUR googe/blogger dealy ate it up!

Actually, it's late so I don't know how brilliant it was.

Micki, ignore the crapola. It will hurt your head. This is political debate??

No, I think this is what they mean when they warn of the "tyranny of the majority" and the "banality of democratic debate."

That's how you loose the middle. There's never a "perfect" way to do it. Stop the fighting. Start the meat grinding.