Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Reading

How to Build a Homeland Security Campus in Seven Steps

By Michael Gould-Wartofsky

Free speech zones. Taser guns. Hidden cameras. Data mining. A new security curriculum. Private security contractors... Welcome to the new homeland security campus

From Harvard to UCLA, the ivory tower is fast becoming the latest watchtower in Fortress America. The terror warriors, having turned their attention to "violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism" -- as it was recently dubbed in a House of Representatives bill of the same name -- have set out to reconquer that traditional hotbed of radicalization, the university.

Building a homeland-security campus and bringing the university to heel is a seven-step mission:

1. Target dissidents: As the warfare state has triggered dissent, the campus has increasingly become a target gallery -- with student protesters in the crosshairs. The government's number one target? Peace and justice organizations.



Just when you thought it was safe to go to school, this happens. Looks mighty damn fascist to me, over the top, beyond just security. Scary bastards.

Humanity has come so far in time but has matured so little. Control, control, is the mantra, we must control. Why? To retain the fascist-corporate symbiance that drives the money machine, the profits must go on!

It's a shame really, so many great people have advanced technology to be able to better manage power production and use to reduce our impact on the environment, but the corporatistas will have none of that. So we go on, submitting to the corporatista control through fascist means in order to keep our luxuries, nice homes, big cars, big screen TV's, we sell our selves to the devil to keep the 'junk' flowing into our veins, fine example of humanity we are.

Well regardless, the Sun will rise tomorrow and another day will begin, whether we we are here or not. The experiment 'Planet Earth' is a unique one, a living breathing life sustaining planet seeded with a species of learning and reasoning humans to see if they could co-exist in harmony with their world.

There is still time.



DEN said...

Welcome Saturday viewers, hope you enjoyed the reading, and hope it will not give you nightmares about 'jack boot' thugs marching up your driveways.

Government and business must be separate, there needs to be standards to follow.

Many problems, few solutions.

Coffee in the corner and waffles and fruit on the side.

Dig in!

Carey said...

So we go on, submitting to the corporatista control

We have no choice. No one does.

Carey said...

I just wanted to make sure this late post is noted from yesterday.

When we were no longer referred to as citizens but morphed into taxpayers, as though it was a heavy burden, everything went into a cocked hat.

Geez, the girl can write.

Carey said...

Just discovered the silver gone too. I'm not sleeping well you guys.

I'm almost there. Almost over with this terribly fatiguing nonsense. But I sure am dragging. Can't even exercise well, no oomph.

Carol, I was burglarized seriously, that's the reference.

Carey said...

At least I'm getting help clearing the house.


Carey said...


FBI Finds Blackwater Trucks Patched

WASHINGTON - Blackwater Worldwide repaired and repainted its trucks immediately after a deadly September shooting in Baghdad, making it difficult to determine whether enemy gunfire provoked the attack, according to people familiar with the government's investigation of the incident.

Carey said...

I should add, for everyone's information, I have nothing else to steal. That siege should end now. My trustee will handle things once I'm slightly moved out of here.

It'll cost me and arm and a leg to remove the trash from this site, the junk. Oh my God, people have been hoarding their stolen property here! I just realized that. Can't talk about this anymore here.

Carey said...

Folks. I'm the stupidest person on the planet. Okay???????????!!!!!!

Let's face it.

DEN said...

Sez who?

©¿rol said...

Something is wrong with my server. I can send email, but can't receive any. Hmmm. At least I can use the internet. Phew.

Carey, thieves broke into your house?
Stolen goods were stored on your property? Huh? How? When?

DEN said...

Gals never know what guys are up to if the guys don't want them to know.

Don't beat yourself up there, time for that to stop, look up, look ahead, and watch your back.

Gerald said...

A Wake Up Call

Dear Posters:

This is an open letter to you. I have for the majority of my life believed that America has been a great country with great people. I have never felt during this time that America could be an evil, vile, and wicked country. We were the good guys wearing our white and coming to the rescue of people from floods to earthquakes to droughts. We were placed here on this planet to help people.

I have never felt that America would have a ruler who was evil, demented, deranged, and demonic. Today, in only seven years I now believe that we have such a person in the White House. All of my beliefs of a great America have been shattered.

We have a psycho running our asylums. We have certifiably crazy people willing to march into hell for him. We are a country wallowing in hell. We are an enslaved people.

We have at least ninety-five percent of our mainstream media under the control of Nazis, fascists, and the religious right lunatic fringe from all religions. Every facet of our lives will be under the control of some lunatic group.

Even today we see our people reveling in their lust for human blood and human carnage. We have come to be enamored with the sight of human dismemberment. We are a very evil and sick country.

Eternal wars are accepted as everyday occurrences. We are driven to kill, maim, and torture human beings. This is the true American character. We have accepted the anti-Christ of money, possessions, nuclear weapons, Bush’s words, and Bush’s eternal wars. This is our American way and destination to commit mass murders and crimes against humanity.

Although I have titled my letter, “A Wake UP Call,” it is too late to change our manifest destiny toward perdition.


©¿rol said...

According to my daughter-in-law, an email she sent to me bounced back and said, I think, the verification thingy was down.

Someone send me an email then let me know what happens. :)

Gerald said...

Where Mercy Walks the Plank

Gerald said...

In Memory of Franz: Lord Jesus Christ, You filled your servant Franz Jagerstatter with a deep love for you, his family, and all people. During a time of contempt for God and humankind, you bestowed on him unerring discernment and integrity.

In Faith he followed his conscience and said a decisive NO to National Socialism (Nazism) and unjust war. Thus he sacrificed his life. We pray that you may glorify your servant Franz, so that many people may be encouraged by him and grow in love for you and all people. May his example shine out in our time and may you grant all people the strength to stand up for justice, peace and human dignity.

For yours is the glory and honor with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

May we pray likewise: In faith, we follow our conscience and say a decisive NO to corporate imperialism that wastes entire countries and rips lives apart through unmastered greed and mindless technological supremism.

"We petition our Bishops in all Dioceses to enable us to pray at our Cathedrals, the centers of our church; and we further petition our Bishops to support, pray and fast with us to help us cleanse our souls of the immorality of war, the immorality of torture, and the immorality of occupation. We invite and welcome the participation of all peoples of conscience in our efforts for peace in our world. Together we can fulfill our responsibility to our youth to educate them about forming a conscience consistent with the way and teaching of Jesus."

Gerald said...

This was my Christmas gift for each of my sons

Gerald said...

Bush Fails Again

by Charley Reese
To understand the failure of the president's trip to the Middle East, which is foreordained and doesn't have to be completed in order to fail, take note of two words that the president will not utter: "occupied territories."

Let's review the situation from the standpoint of international law. The West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and a smidgen of Lebanon the Israelis still occupy are officially designated as occupied territories. They were seized in war. Jerusalem is officially an international city, so designated by the United Nations partition resolution that created the state of Israel. The Israelis, of course, long ago declared the resolution null and void.

As occupied territories, they fall under the Geneva Conventions. An occupying power is not allowed to take land or to build settlements in occupied territory. It is not allowed to destroy homes, to uproot olive groves, to deport people, and to wall the area off – all of which the Israelis have done and are continuing to do.

This brings us to the equation of negotiations. It is impossible for the Palestinians, whose land is occupied and whose lives are totally controlled by the most powerful military state in the Middle East, to make any concessions. To make a concession, you have to have something. They have nothing. They have no power. They don't control their land, their borders, their access to the sea or the air, the water or even their movements within the territories. Thanks to the American vetoes, they don't even have any recourse in the U.N.

The only party, then, that can make concessions is Israel, and Israel is not making any concessions, since it far prefers land to peace with an enemy that is virtually powerless.

Therefore, if the U.S. refuses to pressure Israel, there will be no peace. President Bush's trip is nothing more than a public-relations ploy to simulate an interest in peace. Bush is, however, unwilling to say or do anything that might actually result in Israeli concessions and therefore in peace. In fact, the main purpose of Bush's visit is to harangue the Arabs about the alleged dangers of Iran. He refuses to talk to the elected representatives of the Palestinians, who are Hamas members.

I see no change in Bush's thinking, if you can call it that, at all, but I do notice that he looks depressed. The last two public appearances I've watched on television show an unhappy man. The old cockiness and the silly smiles seem to have vanished. It could be that slowly the news is trickling into his brain that his administration has been a flop.

In the meantime, the Palestinians continue to suffer, the world continues to ignore their suffering, and the kettle that is the Middle East continues to simmer. It is never wise for either an individual or a country to believe that because it is powerful today it will always be powerful. The Middle East is an open-air museum of the ruins of past conquerors.

It's quite a sad situation for everyone concerned. If I were an Israeli, I'd be concerned about forcing another generation of Palestinians to live in poverty and bitterness. I'd be concerned that another generation of Israeli children is going to have to grow up in a militarized state in the midst of a larger population that hates them. As an American, I'm concerned that cowardly politicians are putting Americans at risk out of fear of a domestic lobby.

Gerald said...

War, n: A time-tested political tactic guaranteed to raise a president’s popularity rating by at least 30 points. It is especially useful during election years and economic downturns.
– Chaz Bufe

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush has made himself into a scared cornered scurvy rat

amateur psychologist said...

Gerald --- Bush thinks?


Carey said...

"amateur psychologist" funny.

Good timing.

Carey said...

You give Bush way too much credit Gerald.

DEN said...

Ten Billion dollars sez we own your azz, mushy, STFU and step aside or else we will put a cruise missile up your tailpipe!

Tinhorn idiot!

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Looks as if (1) the State of California has money woes; (2) they are going to take over your thermostat.

DEN said...

They recalled Gray Davis and replaced him with the governator and stuff is STILL screwed up.

©¿rol said...

Did no one read my 11:13 post?

no violence today said...

Raining snow in Baghdad

DEN said...

OOps sorry Carol I was a bit distracted away from the computer and had every intention of sending something but forgot.

done now tho and no kickback

ÂșCÂșarol said...

Thanks, Den. Still receiving no email at this end. That's ok. As long as the internet works.

David B. Benson said...

Article in the paper recently stating that there are not enough hops for all the world's breweries.

What is beer without hops?

Hopless beer or hopeless beer?

Carey said...


I sent you two emails.

Carey said...

That's pretty sharp David. Your writing, that is.

Could you grow your own hops?

micki said...

Carol, I emailed you last night and it was returned, with one of those "fatal error" messages.

Then I tried again, last night, and it was returned with this: "Deferred: Illegal seek" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????????

Then I tried 3x this morning -- but had to go out all day. I got home a bit ago, and all three were returned this morning about 10:20 or so my time.

Are you back?

Carol, as I was typing an email to you last evening the UPS guy came tromping up onto the porch!

I love stones! Followup message to follow.

micki's proofreader said...

Followup message to follow.

A little redundant, Micki.

DEN said...

Can anything be a 'little' redundant?

Carey said...

Trinkets of stones, how lovely. Okay, Carol, so far, I have NO ERROR MESSAGES.

•¿•arol said...

Well, something went wrong with the equipment at my email server. No one is there on the weekend. The phone message says 8:00 to 5:00 Mon thru Fri. Have to live without email until Monday.

Can't wait to see your emails, Carey! I'm in the dark and can't wait to hear what happened.

Thank goodness the UPS guy showed up, Micki! I was getting worried.

Oops! Bob yelled. He's ready to watch a movie

David B. Benson said...

Yes, there are degrees of redundancy.

Yes, there are degrees of redundancy.

Above is 100% redundant.