Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunny Sunday

We have a fine video for your approval:

Begging many humble pardons for displaying such humorosity this early in the morning, better get more coffee.



DEN said...

OK coffee is brewing in the corner, the dog ran off with the snacks, anyone have spare donuts?

Jeanne said...

That was just CRAZY! I loved it.

Chica Micka said...

¡Muy hilarante! ¡Gracias, Den!

chica Micka said...

¡Escupo mi café en la computadora!

DEN said...

Muy pastorios en la side`

DEN said...

I made that up

Clarita (my mommy's nickname for me) said...

Chica Micka--how cute!

Bueno, tu computadora esta suscia ahora. Como tu boca.

Just kidding. I'm depressed.

Man Micki, you have accents on your keyboard for foreign languages, that's so cool.

San Diego Charger Fan said...

Think I spelled suscio wrong. At the moment don't have time to check.

Off on a Sunday morning errand already.

The San Diego Chargers, I know you all know, will play in the AFC Championship today against super team New England Patriots. They're going to give it their all and I'm proud of this team. We know we can't win this one, but the city stands proud and strong, holding our heads up.

Last year's loss in the playoffs was one of the most upsetting there was for San Diego. It sunk the city into a deep funk because we could not understand what happened to our team. San Diego was sick about it.

micki said...


Did you know?

Hustings are where babies are kissed, flesh is pressed, and media events are staged. The term traces to an Old Norse word meaning "house assembly," and 1000 years ago hustings were judicial assemblies where Anglo-Saxon kings and their followers held council and resolved civil disputes. Over time, "hustings" came to refer not only to the assembly but also to the platform where the leaders of such gatherings sat, and in due course the term was applied to the entire campaigning process as well. Nowadays, "on the hustings" is synonymous with "on the stump," and it can refer to any place along the campaign trail where a candidate makes a pitch for public office.

micki said...

I made that up

Well, it sounds good!

DEN said...

Yahoo News story line: Plummeting temperatures mean frozen balls and sleeveless jerseys.(maybe heated cups and duct tape could help?)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- Baby, it's cold outside.

So cold, one team has practiced with footballs straight out of the freezer. But not so frigid that many players say they will go sleeveless.

As for the plummeting temperatures being an advantage for the Green Bay Packers in Sunday's NFC championship game against the New York Giants, the hosts aren't quite so sure.

"It's not like they're coming from Florida," guard Daryn Colledge noted.

Of course, Colledge is from Alaska, so zero degrees might be balmy to him.

Forecasts are calling for thermometer readings around 3 degrees for the 5:30 p.m. CST kickoff; yep, a night game in January on the Green Bay tundra. If the wind kicks up, temperatures certainly will dive below zero, and head toward the NFL records.



Charger Blue cheerleader said...

Game time. Go Chargers, you poor, cold dears.

David B. Benson said...

An intractable problem:

American universities overproduce PhDs

Costs you, too.

carey said...

I'll have to come back to read that David.

I'm fairly sure after this 2007-08 football season, given the current conditions in Green Bay, that domes will be 100% required by '09.

micki said...

Shortage Of Ph.D.'s on Campus Seen -- NYT, October 3, 1989

What a difference almost 20 years make....

micki said...

that domes will be 100% required by '09.

I know you love football, but those domes had better be built without taxpayer dollars. Most people are getting sick and tired of paying for stadiums so the team owners can get rich.

The Green Bay Packers are the last vestige of "small town teams" that were once common in the NFL during the 1920s and 1930s.

The Packers are currently the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. They have a foundation that awards grants to community programs.

David B. Benson said...

Of course, ought to play football (if at all) only in the fall.

Othr games in the winter..

David B. Benson said...

Blue Moon brews white wheat beer.

It's time...

micki said...

The two most common varieties of wheat beer are Belgian witbier and German Weißbier

Many breweries in the U.S. as well as in Canada now make their own varieties of wheat beer and it is particularly popular in Portland, Oregon, considered one of the US "beer capitals". Some North American wheat beer is a distinct style fermented with ordinary ale yeast, with a less fruity taste than the Bavarian styles. Wheat beers made in the American, German, and Belgian styles are often sold by US breweries as a spring or summer seasonal product.

I know next to nothing about bier.

carey said...

That dome comment was just an observation. Playing with a windchill of -23 degrees, it's insane.

You could simply snap a bone for God's sakes. I do not understand this behavior, I completely agree with you on that. Sports fanaticism goes way too far. So does the money crap.

It's disgusting like the rest of what a malignant capitalism will do.

Tomorrow, the debate. I wonder, the black caucus--will the questions be productive? I don't know, probably more of the same.

But it's different now, isn't it? Edwards did so poorly, what are we to think?

DEN said...

Hang in their Charger fan, better than the Vikings...choke....

DEN said...

Actually I don't even watch football, No motors? No Den!



Hajji said...


Witbiers are one of my favorites...right up there with pilsners, lagers, dunkels,IPAs, bitters, stouts, porters, beer-battered shrimp, spent beer-grain bread, beer nuts, beer bashes, beer bellies, beerbeers....


Hajji said...


I just wanted to drop a line about what’s up in this racist, southern, cracker barrel of a state.

During the Repugnant Primaries I-Vote voting machines caused a break-down in the system in Horry County, (think Myrtle Beach) right out of the gate. People were turned away and told to “come back later” (a clear breech of South Carolina voting laws) when it was discovered there weren’t enough paper ballots to hand out to everyone.

The night before, the voting machines were taken home for a “sleep-over” by the Poll Managers and out of the public view for as much as twelve hours.

While it was reported that all the machines were “up and running 100% by 1pm” it is known that many of the turned away voters did not return to cast their ballots.

South Carolina voting laws specifically states that the “tallying of votes shall NOT take place” out of the view of the public.

All that said, I have decided to leave my traditional role, driving folks to the polls, to be a certified “Poll Checker” for Saturday’s Democratic Presidential Primaries. I’ll be charged with checking the “zero tapes” on the machines prior to the opening of a nearby Pickens County precinct, observing the voter sign-in and check-off, recording why voters are turned away (if any) and checking the close-out tallies of the machines to record any over- or under-votes compared to the numbers from the check-off lists.

I am fully aware that what happens INSIDE the machine is always questionable.


While I got certified by the Obama campaign, I urge all who share my fear of “Black Box Voting” practices to volunteer to ANY campaign during your primaries and then again in the general elections to be a POLL OBSERVER.

Most state/commonwealth/county election laws allow for observers (training by local election officials as well as many candidates’ programs) who are residents of the county to observe the election process, so long as it doesn’t “interfere with the act of voting”.

Get out, get involved, get COUNTED!