Wednesday, January 02, 2008

TPM Lays it Out

Late last year we decided to take stock of all the Bush Administration officials who'd been accused of corruption and/or resigned in the face of scandal. Although we had fun doing it, we altruistically started the project in order to help our friends at Powerline, who professed an inability to think of any Bush officials beset by scandal.

This year´s result, which built on Justin Rood´s original gem, is, like our catalog of the administration´s efforts to disappear information, a staggering monument to the Bush Administration. And it wouldn't have been possible without TPM's research hounds, Adrianne Jeffries, Andrew Berger, and Peter Sheehy.

A quick note on methodology. Since a complete catalog of administration officials who've been accused of some form of corruption or abuse of power would be endless, we tried to maintain a high standard for inclusion. Most of those below were the subjects of criminal probes, but we also included officials who were credibly accused of acts that, if not criminal, were a corruption of office (like the U.S. attorney scandal). And even then, such officials were only included if their accusers had them dead to rights (which is why Karl Rove didn't make the cut). We also limited ourselves to officials who were either political appointees or whose actions were so political that they were effectively political appointees (like John Tanner).



What has to be the most crooked administration continues to produce more than their fair share of convicts. Why do you suppose that is? Do you think they might ALL be CROOKS? There's a real good chance they are. Why then are they running the country?
More than likely because Congress is lax in it's oversight and addled further by the likes of LIEberman and other traitors like him mucking things up real good to avoid

Lot more at stake here than this Presidential race, it is the smaller Congressional and Senatorial races that will set the pace for the next Congress. It maybe weak and inept or strong and decisive, I hope for the latter.

Boy this place needs a housecleaning, should have kept the bushes outside in the yard.



carey said...

Before I read your intro post Den I wanted to officially post this. Found it early this morning. Micki reported this yesterday afternoon. I hadn't seen anything since but worried myself to no sleep anyway.

Kucinich Names Obama the Best of the Best


carey said...

How am I going to move a four bedroom house to maybe a two bedroom apartment? Maybe a two bedroom. The shit's expensive.

"Get a shovel" a good friend told me. He's referring to Ken's/Dan's incredible mess he left here of junk, cars, tires, bike parts, etc. A veritable junk yard my neighbors of over 50 years have put up with cuz it's me they love. Nobody wants me to leave. Icky sadness. Thinking about it because now's the time.

You don't need to respond to all my moving chat. It will continue unabated till it's out of my system. Kind of ignore it.

On the Bhutto thing I keep talking about. I know it's so complex, the whole Pakistan mess. Wayne Madsen, God, I haven't read him in a while, walked us through some of the Pakistani Intelligence web of nightmares.

My response was emotional, yes, because I'm a woman. Still, I think there is an overriding suspicion that she actually got the hit because she's a woman. It could be done, in other words, without as much recrimination as if the victim was a man.

She died because she's a woman. I really don't think it would have happened, in this particular set of circumstances, if she was a man.

How's that for awkward. It's awkward because it goes against the grain of the way I approach things. In Bhutto's case, her beauty and gender marked her.

carey said...

It'll be a very small two bedroom for me, my cat and Brandon.

carey said...

Dang it, I can't hold it back Micksters. I want Edwards. Bad.

DEN said...

Carey, What kind of Junk car and bike parts???

micki said...

Oh, oh...Den's on a mission! Parts? Junk? Bikes?

One woman's trash is another man's treasure....

micki said...

Well, Carey, if you want Edwards bad, I bet you wish that Ralph Nader had kept his endorsement to himself!

Just what Edwards needs! An endorsement from irrelevant Ralph.


Nader screams for attention anyway he can get it.

micki said...

bu$h'$ crimes against the PLANET AND HUMANITY

Den, is it no wonder that there are so many crooks in and around the bu$h administration? Birds of a feather....

DEN said...

The chimp would not have got so far if there was Congressional oversight, with a repug controlled Congress he was able to literally get away with MURDER!

I'm always interested in interesting old cars and bikes, it's a curse.
Motorhead till I'm dead!

Carey said...

It's so weird the way they want to loosen the legalities surrounding the usage of nuclear weapons. Why?

Why, for that matter, do they torture?

All for the sake of making money? Me thinks perhaps. It's that craziness we've all seen. The one in which greed blinds absolutely.

Den, of course I know you might be interested. It's crap, really. Rusted trash, all the parts have been sold. But I'll let you know as I go through it all. I'm sure Danny's cleaned out anything of value long before I could realize something had been taken. He refuses to work for a living. Like his dad. That whole thing will be a slower process. First order is finding a place. That's going to be hard.

Carey said...

Going to find out today a little more about what they might be able to do for my cataract. It's severly limiting my driving and independence. My older brother developed one as bad right around the same age.

Carey said...

I didn't mean quite to splurt out how much I like Edwards. It's been developing. I am so impressed by him as I watch all of the candidates. Redundant on my part I know but I sure like the guy and his motives.

Carey said...

You know those smaller Congressional races, Den, and their influence? Look at the impact so far of the 2006 results. Dems could not amount enough votes for even a soft deadline of Iraqi troop withdrawals. Perhaps it more depends on the type of Democrat voted in. We're looking for ones a little less connected to the war market and the DLC.

Have I got a small treat for y'all.

How cliche

Leaving no stone unturned, we issue a wake-up call on the use of trite phrases. It's time for a change.


Talk about small surprises. This was a Los Angeles Times editorial. NOTHING WORTH READING AT ALL has come out of that rag recently. Most particularly, the editorial page. They sound neocon--a turnaround from older, milder, sane days.

DEN said...

Carey, cool compendium-O-cliche's!

Rusty junk I don't need, emblems and tool items OK as long as they are not pitted and nasty.

Ocean air does funny things over time to metal.

Carey said...

Ocean air does funny things over time to metal.

It sure does. Beach living rusted up something fierce my '72 Buick Skylark convertible.

micki said...

Carey -- great list from the LAT.

Some overused/misused words, phrases from 2007:

The word surge

Throwing someone under the bus this post 9/11 world (Rudy, get it!!?)

DEN said...

Carey, sorry to here about the demise of your Skylark, those are reeeel cool cars.

Carey said...

I know a few French people who are undoubtedly fuming, so to speak, at the new French ban on smoking in cafes.

When it comes to smoking--the French outdo their arrogance.

Carey said...


The history of the buick is not good. Ken bought it from me, that's how we met.


micki said...

So, oil hits 100 bucks a barrel for the first time ever today.

Dana Perino notes that the government is working to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its capacity, which is 727 million barrels of crude.

If the U.S. uses 21.4 million barrels of petroleum products a day, does that mean that (if the oil supply simply ran out or was no longer available to us), that we would be out of petroleum products in about 34 days? (Except for those products that were already refined.)

Dr. B, do you know what the answer is: Since those 727 million barrels in the SPR are crude, what would that translate to in barrels of refined petroleum products?

Just curious.

DEN said...

Hell of a way to meet people, just sell cars!
Were you on the list of options?
Get taken for a ride?
End up needing body work?
The perils of selling used cars to strangers.

DEN said...

Holy Crap! Oil @ $100/Barrel, stock market screaming downward, recession warnings, Crappy New Year!

micki said...

More wisdom from the bu$h team on rising price of energy:

"Well, we always watch energy prices," press secretary Dana Perino said today. "And we know that higher energy prices have a perverse impact on families' budgets...

Perverse impact?! Surely she meant adverse, but she did sum up the effect of bu$h/cheney administration on our country and the world -- PERVERSE IMPACT, indeed!

DEN said...

Freudian slip on Purinos part:

Main Entry:
per·verse Listen to the pronunciation of perverse
\(ˌ)pər-ˈvərs, ˈpər-ˌ\
Middle English, from Anglo-French purvers, pervers, from Latin perversus, from past participle of pervertere
14th century
1a: turned away from what is right or good : corrupt
b: improper incorrect
c: contrary to the evidence or the direction of the judge on a point of law, perverse verdict.

2a: obstinate in opposing what is right, reasonable, or accepted : wrongheaded

b: arising from or indicative of stubbornness or obstinacy

3: marked by peevishness or petulance : cranky

4: marked by perversion : perverted

Yup, perverts for sure!

Gerald said...

If you love your country, you must read this article.

Matt Howard, Patriotic American

Gerald said...

George Bush is a war criminal who has violated international law, the Geneva convention and the Nuremburg standards and needs to tried accordingly for crimes against humanity.

Gerald said...

Please send Matt Howard a thank you for his patriotism

Gerald said...

Coalition of the Killing

Gerald said...

January 2, 2008

“Here a Patch, There a Patch”

There’s something special about turning a hobby into a heartfelt mission of hope. After swapping designs and patterns, long-time knitters, Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner decided to turn their love of knitting into a crusade for charity anyone could enjoy—online.

By posting a request for hand-knit patches on their knitting “blog,” the two women were able to create 25 blankets for Afghans for Afghans, a group that sends hand-knit items to those in need in Afghanistan. As Gardiner puts it, “There’s something meaningful about people taking on a project together.”

That was just the beginning. Inspired by Shayne and Gardiner, other knitters followed their lead in gathering hand-knit items for charities. Thousands have donated their time, knitting, and heartfelt creations to those in need.

Don’t keep your good ideas to yourself. Spread the good word and the good deeds.

Do not avert your eyes from the needy. (Sirach 4:5)

May we use the gifts with which we have been blessed to create a positive change in our needy world, Sweet Jesus.

logged out again said...

Micki, are you having weather again yet?

Gerald said...

We can blame Hitler Bush for a horrible legacy but our legacy as Nazi Americans is that we feel totally glorified at the sight of human carnage. We lust for the blood of human beings and to murder human beings because that is the Nazi American way.

Gerald said...


stiil logged out said...

How about a short bio on Representative Jay Inslee (Seattle?)

no time to login said...

What a good idea!

Cap and Dividend

Please help pass the word.

micki said...

Hillary's 2-minute message to Iowans b/c tonight

micki said...

Jay Inslee's Bio

His district doesn't include Seattle -- Bainbridge Island, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Edmonds, etc.

He's my hero! :-) I wish he was my rep!

Two of his top priorities are New Apollo Energy Act and Global Warming.

This fact, some of you may not like -- he has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

micki said...

No weather here that's remarkable.

Overcast, but that's about it.

Moderate wind this a.m.

Stay tuned.

micki said...


Now I lay me down to sleep,
Counting caucuses instead of sheep,
If Iowans don't get it straight,
I hate to think about our fate!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- (1) I don't know the converstion from bbl crude to gal. gas. Alan might.

(2) Thanks for Jay Inslee's bio.

(3) Looks like you and then me are going to have a mega-storm come our way in a few days.

(4) Snorter of a prayer! :-)

micki said...

This is Jay Inslee's District -- 1st WA STATE

Inslee's district is sort of far-flung, both sides of the Sound, including Kirkland and Redmond, too -- but not Seattle. That's McDermott's turf.

Carey said...

There's no two ways about it, Micki, Hillary's a consumate politician. Her message to Iowans, nice. Very, very nice. She's hot that way.

My cataract issues are still unresolved. It's at an iffy stage. Not all that thick but certainly interrupting my vision and perception. I have to see another doc in the same group for consultation in a month. I knew this would be knotty.

Carey said...

I don't know if I wanna watch this. Iowa caucus I mean. I'm scared.

Carey said...

Oh, now I just saw Micki's poem. How appropriate. And, of course, how right on.

Getting ancy, anyone? Me is.

DEN said...

Micki, Jay is the kind of Rep we need, is he really that good?

He likes Hill? everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Sounds like he gives a shit about something beside his cronies.

Fresh air in a world clogged with cash.

David B. Benson said...

How about calling it a fossil fuel dividend?

This is a tax on producing/consuming fossil carbon, coal, oil, or natural gas. Annually the tax revenues are distributed equally to everybody, the owners of the air.

Good plan?

Carey said...

Alot of really good people like Clinton Den. Micki, for one. She has racked up seriously respectful endorsements.

Carey said...

It's all in a name, David.

Hoo-boy. This is going to be close.

David B. Benson said...


Jellyfish invade Baltic

Carey said...

Such good news from the sea. Jellyfish invasions--the stuff of nightmares.

DEN said...

Hill is too deep in the big money industries, too short in Senate like Barak, and too female to garner male votes, seen as too wishy washy. Remember when immigrant driver license issue came up in the debate? Edwards called her on her two different statements in the same debate.

I am just saying why i think she is not a fixer, she complies. i will not tell anyone they are wrong to support her and defend your right to do so if you wish.

You are you and I am I, we are different, but the same, you and I.

I hate imposing my views on someone else, wish people would quit imposing theirs on me, present company excluded.

Rock On!

David B. Benson said...

Any bets on when crude oil reaches $200 a barrel?

carey said...

Do you realize the moment of this evening? We are on the eve of Iowa '08. A devastatingly long agonizing wait for a more anticipated event you won't find.

DEN said...

Voted best picture of the race to the finish line by me with this story at the Phoenix.

micki said...

$200 Wager

Okay, I'll bite. I'll wager that crude reaches $200 a barrel by summer.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say that the goal is to eviserate the middle class -- wherever that category exists around the world, not just in the United States. The wealthy global elitists' control is then more thoroughly entrenched.

Get your walking sticks, burn your junk mail to heat your home, buy a good donkey (and cart) if you have the dough.

carey said...

the goal is to eviserate the middle class

A conspiracy theory???? Way long past sober reality to qualify your statement of truth with that, Micksters.

By the way, that's one of Edward's main mantras. Ain't no conspiracy about it. It's out and out--kill the middle class.

Uh, Karl Marx.