Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election Results

ABC News: Results At a Glance [IPB]

I thought I would try this and see how it worked out. Click the link and see State results by clicking on that particular State.

Total Delegate count from MSNBC(so don't yell at me if the numbers are wrong):

*Clinton=582, Obama=485, Edwards=26

*McCain=516, Romney=207, Huckabee=142


BIG STORMS with tornado's ripped up the mid-south marring the election results and killing 45 people in the process, YIKES!



DEN said...

Forgot a picture, oops, let me go find one.

DEN said...

Thats better.

Gerald said...

I did not go to sleep until 3:00 am this morning and before I retired for the evening I posted some comments for the February 5 blog in case you may wish to read.

And the Winner Is

Dear Posters:

This is an open letter. Super Tuesday is behind us and the remaining states are ahead of us. Obama is in the driver’s seat with the remaining states. I do not know if he will have the delegates needed to win the nomination before the convention. The convention will be a broker convention and Obama will come out the winner. Failure to nominate him will mean that the Democrats will lose the black vote to the Nazis.

With the nomination wrapped up Obama will head into the general election the Democratic nominee there is a strong possibility that he will win. Here are some reasons for a possible win. The Americans want change and they are willing to accept platitudes as change. The ground swell for Obama will ride him into the presidency. The younger people will vote for him. He will receive the black vote. Blacks vote for blacks. In studying the mayoral elections in Detroit I have come to understand the black vote. More Latinos will also vote for Obama. The religious right is not enthralled with McCain. Will enough religious right sit out this election? McCain may have Huckabee on the ticket to ease the religious right concerns or he may add a proven religious right candidate from some state.

Obama will face McCain’s experience and war record. Plus, the trump card is those rigged voting machines that favor the Nazi Party. If through some miracle these machines let filter some Democratic votes, Obama will be elected president. As of February 6, 2008 Obama remains in the driver’s seat.

There is one unknown at this time. Will Hitler Bush declare martial law before November 4, 2008? Personally, I believe that Hitler Bush will declare martial law. He is a mass murderer and a war criminal and he will be too frightened to leave the White House. Plus, Nazi Israel could encourage him to declare martial law and carry out more wars, murders, and war crimes. Hitler Bush is Nazi Israel’s best friend.

When it comes to Bill Clinton, he should leave his Harlem office for an office closer to home. Hillary should complete her Senate requirements and remain silent during the general election. In January, 2013 she will be 65 years old and she should completely retire from politics. In February, 2013 she and Bill should move to Arkansas. Former presidents have office space at their libraries. There could also be enough office space for Hillary. Both Bill and Hillary should enjoy retirement with their daughter Chelsea.

Gerald will have to worry about his name on the enemy combatant list with Homeland Security. I qualify for the list because my words rub the powers that be the wrong way and my farts are considered lethal and a weapon of mass destruction.


Carey said...

Nice analysis Gerald.

Den, okay, Chuck Todd had an estimation last night at 2am Eastern that had Clinton/Obama dead even. You saw my late post last night. So, I think they're alot closer when you factor in countervening variables or whatever.

Having troubles nearly every morning with this stupid machine. Just ate a wonderful letter I wrote to someone. Geez, I get so pissed off at that.

Huckabee. Could be the next VP. Barf bag please. They have a good ticket people. A good ticket.

Gerald said...

Carey, this recent letter will not make you happy.

A Compelling Argument

Dear Posters:

This is an open letter. I am calling it, “A Compelling Argument.” Before I discuss the main theme of my letter, I want to share with you my frame of reference. Growing up in Michigan has been a great experience. I understand the black vote and I also understand how the Nazis operate. Here in Michigan we had Barney Rubble from the Flintstones as governor for twelve years. Today, there are term limits on being governor. Barney Rubble, aka John Engler, a Nazi, screws up Michigan so badly that the people of Michigan voted for a Democrat. Barney Rubble left Jennifer Granholm with a deficit of $4 to 5 billion. After a month or two in office the Nazis said that she is not doing the job and they wanted to recall her. Jennifer Granholm has been a great governor. The Nazis operate to the point that they are total screw ups and when they are out of office, the problem that they left must be fixed in one or two months and they will whine and complain that the Democrats are not doing the job. In brief I have given you my frame of reference as a resident of Michigan.

Now, I will go onto “A Compelling Argument.” I have said that I want a woman for president and if Hillary is not the nominee for the Democrats, I will vote for Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party. It is said that I am throwing away my vote. Yet, our sons are making a compelling argument why I should vote for John McCain. They are right on target. Our sons have said that they are voting for John McCain for three reasons and they make a compelling argument. With John McCain as president the religious right would be discredited for what they are. Talk show hosts like Coulter, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Limbaugh would also be discredited. Plus, the Nazis have screwed up this country so badly that a Nazi as president would have to fix the multitude of problems. I can assure you that if Hitler McCain follows the Hitler Bush path, he will be impeached, especially if the Democrats gain seats in the U.S. Congress. Removal from office will be another matter.

Yes, our sons have convinced me that if I can only vote for Obama or McCain, I WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN.


Gerald said...

I have said it all along

Gerald said...

This is Nazi America

This is the true Nazi America!!!

Gerald said...

The experiences of U.S. troops in the worst areas of Iraq, where soldiers are ordered to go door to door and arrest all men of military age as well as confiscate their weapons, is a mere portend of what is being planned for America if these training programs ever come to fruition.

Gerald said...

Limbaugh on McCain

Gerald said...

McCain, for his part, has refused to engage with Limbaugh, telling reporters: "I don't listen to him. There's a certain trace of masochism in my family, but not that deep."

Gerald said...

People who listen to Hitler Limbaugh have self-loathing, masochistic personalities.

David B. Benson said...

Only another 1--2 cm overnight last night.

Current prediction is 4--5 inches tonight, so I'd better go ley in the b**r and w**e now...

DEN said...

The MSM is dominating with Dem coverage, bout time.

The Hill& O Show

The repugs? Move along, nothing to see there!

Anyone see a voter turnout number?

I'll go look

DEN said...

Here we go:

Of the states which had primaries in both parties, records were set in 15 states – Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.

Voter turnout in Democratic primaries set records in 12 states – Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Utah.

Republican turnout set records in 11 states – Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah.

Overall 24,007,097 citizens have voted in the primaries so far – 13,901,602 in Democratic primaries, 10,105,495 in GOP primaries. The overall average turnout so far has been 27 percent of eligible citizens the highest average, eclipsing the 25.9 percent average in 1972 (albeit with fewer primaries at this juncture).


Carey said...

I'll wait till you get over your snit, Gerald. :-)

I'm just teasing. This is an argument that doesn't have a right or wrong, it's an opinion, a value call. Still, you already know what I'd say about your vote.

I'm in a good mood. Police are doing their work on my particular case, they're doing their follow-through. That's encouraging, seeing competence somewhere in public service.

Dead even steven we are on the political dance floor. I worry about one thing. The young might become disaffected if Clinton is the nominee, if their candidate isn't the nominee. That's what Obama means when he speaks of the problems with transferring votes, it is a conundrum. It's a reality we need to acknowledge and address.

There's something else that can alienate the younger voters. The same ole, same ole from the right if Clinton is the nominee. Old fights, boring and off=putting to young folk. No more "yes we can".

Oh my goodness about the tornadoes. Pacific Northwest set for a bout too. Hope not tornadoes, doubt it. But then one never knows these days.

Carey said...

NBC estimates a final delegate count will be:

Obama: 840-849
Clinton: 829-858

Dead even steven. The beat goes on.

Hajji said...

It ain't just the kids, Carey.

There's a certain fervor among ALL the Obama supporters. It is a belief in something bigger than themselves, something more important than anything they've seen, for most of us in our lifetimes...for some, since John or Bobby.

It is what got a 60-something couple to drive from Raleigh, NC to walk the neighborhoods of Augusta, GA this week. It is what turned out people who are in their 50's and voted for the FIRST TIME EVER on Tuesday.

No time to do it up right, just yet, but I'll be highlighting Loretta, a 52-year old woman, living with Multiple Sclerosis who walked the hills of Southwestern Augusta, Ga with me for hours until basically collapsing.

I couldn't keep her down...even though she couldn't possibly make it up the steps, she'd walk up to a mobile home deck, reach up and rap on the door with her cane...and quickly convince whoever came out that it was "Time"..."Time to get your butt up to Trinity CME and VOTE!" When I left at 6pm to come home, she was still on the phones getting every last voter she could out to the polls.

It is such dedication, past all thoughts for her own health, her own comfort that is the difference...the difference between involvement and comittment.

If you haven't heard the 'old a ham 'n eggs

The Chicken is involved...the PIG was COMMITTED!

Obama now has the luxury of time...face time...time to show up...look what just "showing up" did in Idaho!

Hillary will fail to inspire, young, old, or otherwise. She just can't. She may have honed her "Wonk" skills for the past 35+ years, but that will never be the same as truly creating a "movement".

Obama rising...and bringing the folk who lift him up along WITH him...what a ride!

Cinch your seatbelts TIGHT...time to BOOGITTY!


Hajji said...

btw, MSNBC now has the total delegate count:

OBAMA.......................... 838
Monica's ex-boyfriend's Wife.. 834

How much fun is THIS?!

Carey said...


What an experience this all is for you, watching and participating in history. You exude exhilaration. Be sure to record some of this for posterity in logs or a journal, you'll be asked for it.

The stories come out of the woodworks. This is one giantly huge phenomenon.

The Democratic Party is divided down all kinds of lines for all kinds of reasons. It's just a wonderful study. I am constantly stunned. A perpetual state of stun, doesn't alter.

On another note quickly:

I'll post this tonight and again tomorrow. It's keyboard activism to ban a certain pesticide.


Alan said...

What an experience this all is for you, watching and participating in history. You exude exhilaration.

I agree Carey. Hajji sounds inspired and inspiring... but watch out!! Debbie Downer gets word of that and she'll show up with her doom and gloom.

Den said...

Debbie Downer gets word of that and she'll show up with her doom and gloom.

Be mature pleez!