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John F. Kennedy
The Federal Reserve Message Board
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On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The Christian Law Fellowship has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress. We can now safely conclude that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid.

When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - the author of Profiles in Courage -signed this Order, it returned to the federal government, specifically the Treasury Department, the Constitutional power to create and issue currency -money - without going through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. President Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 [the full text is displayed further below] gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority: "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury." This means that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation based on the silver bullion physically held there. As a result, more than $4 billion in United States Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations. $10 and $20 United States Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated. It appears obvious that President Kennedy knew the Federal Reserve Notes being used as the purported legal currency were contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America.

"United States Notes" were issued as an interest-free and debt-free currency backed by silver reserves in the U.S. Treasury. We compared a "Federal Reserve Note" issued from the private central bank of the United States (the Federal Reserve Bank a/k/a Federal Reserve System), with a "United States Note" from the U.S. Treasury issued by President Kennedy's Executive Order. They almost look alike, except one says "Federal Reserve Note" on the top while the other says "United States Note". Also, the Federal Reserve Note has a green seal and serial number while the United States Note has a red seal and serial number.

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and the United States Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation. Federal Reserve Notes continued to serve as the legal currency of the nation. According to the United States Secret Service, 99% of all U.S. paper "currency" circulating in 1999 are Federal Reserve Notes.

Kennedy knew that if the silver-backed United States Notes were widely circulated, they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve Notes. This is a very simple matter of economics. The USN was backed by silver and the FRN was not backed by anything of intrinsic value. Executive Order 11110 should have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level (virtually all of the nearly $9 trillion in federal debt has been created since 1963) if LBJ or any subsequent President were to enforce it. It would have almost immediately given the U.S. Government the ability to repay its debt without going to the private Federal Reserve Banks and being charged interest to create new "money". Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S.A. the ability to, once again, create its own money backed by silver and realm value worth something.

Again, according to our own research, just five months after Kennedy was assassinated, no more of the Series 1958 "Silver Certificates" were issued either, and they were subsequently removed from circulation. Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve's control over the creation of money. It seems very apparent that President Kennedy challenged the "powers that exist behind U.S. and world finance". With true patriotic courage, JFK boldly faced the two most successful vehicles that have ever been used to drive up debt:

1) war (Viet Nam); and,

2) the creation of money by a privately owned central bank. His efforts to have all U.S. troops out of Vietnam by 1965 combined with Executive Order 11110 would have destroyed the profits and control of the private Federal Reserve Bank.



The Fed has taken our gold and given us paper Monopoly money.

Twisting their arms with economic distress has them dropping interest rates to keep their game going, such worthless souls willing to do whatever it takes to retain their foothold. JFK challenged them and paid the price, after all their is NOTHING money cannot buy.



DEN said...

Bill Moyers Journal on PBS is a 'should not miss' show with Henry Waxman and the oversight issues he has over seen.

Coffee in the corner and due to diverticulosis, bran muffins on the side.

Fiber, fiber!

micki said...


º¿carol said...

Electoral Compass USA - Discover your position in the political landscape for the USA presidential election of 2008

I l♥ve these things.

Carey said...

Morning everyone. Blog went all hours last night.

Alan, the only other one that remotely knows a thing about football, cept Gerald. So it's New England for you. I hear you on the AFC thing, that's exactly how my Dad and next door neighbor would call it. Don't think it's going to be a blowout this year, my friend.

Two great quarterbacks, oh yeah.

This is so interesting Micki, what your brother and friends are saying. It's just fascinating how the party has divided down two lines. We will hear ad nauseum the old versus new argument.

My goodness with the Kennedy family split on endorsements. It's just insane watching the commercials. The Bobby Kennedy family and its heritage, all for Clinton. Then you have the JFK side. It's just tres trippy to watch. You kind of sit back with a "say what" expression on your face.

The first family of politics is split.

Carey said...

Micksters, Oh My God!!!!!!!!!

"Puppy Bowl." I can't take it. Ultimate cuteness for hours on end.

I NOW know about this! I'll have it on for hours, my goodness.

You know the pit bull I fell in love with, Dan's puppy, has been stripped from our home. That's alright though. My cat's just fine with that!

By the way, Northland terriors, is that their official name? Pit bulls are an incredible breed when handled with love. The loving that came from that dog! I'll miss him.

Oh yeah, Dan's gone. Dance, let's dance. Boogie-woogie, it's the super bowl and Super Tuesday!

Boogie-woogie. I'm happy!

Carey said...


I started the morning with Bill Moyers. What a thinker Bill Moyers is.

On the popcorn thing, you still may be able to eat it. It's individual, but read the medical on it. Some can and some can't.

You see, I couldn't allow for no popcorn, I think I'd die. But, diverticulosis is nothing to sneeze at.

What is diverticulosis versus diverticulitus? Carol, isn't that what you had or something?

I think mine may have been due to damage from years of drinking. It has gone away.

Happy "no drinking ever again" day for me. Quit on this day many moons ago. I keep it to a quiet observance. All hail marijuana.

David B. Benson said...

Locally, despite what the weather reports state, it is sunny. So the local groundhog, if there was one, would see his shadow.

Six more weeks of this!

micki said...

Locally, despite what the weather reports state, it is sunny.

Sunny here, too, but the last weather report forecast rain, with possible snow showers.

Well, there's always a chance it'll change by NOON.

Carey said...

I forgot to thank you for the article on the Federal Reserve, Den.

David and Micki,

Let's keep our fingers crossed on the snow. Bet you've had enough for a while.

Carey said...

Den, I see what you mean about Moyers. Everyone shoud try to catch it.

The Edwards campaign. Ay, ay, ay. I'm not over this. It's not over. Edwards' message, end poverty, speaks directly to the futility of Iraq.

Carey said...

This is turning into a day of introspection and looking at what's happened in my personal life.

Wow. Happy Feb. 2nd. This is a good day.

Gonna skip the donuts for popcorn!

David B. Benson said...

Pennsylvania groundhog, the "official" one, saw his shadow.

So there you are...

DEN said...

Carey, good news about your unwanted house guest, gone for good I hope.

Life is tough enough and after all the crap you have endured deserve a welcome break from the madness.

Alan said...

Don't think it's going to be a blowout this year, my friend.

The Patriots beat 'em by only 3-points (I think) in the last regular season game a few weeks ago. The Patriots were said to be struggling, and didn't have their "A-game"... but was that it, or was it because of how good the Giants played? We'll see which team shows up tomorrow.

Alan said...

Ehhh, I forgot to say that... one way they spin it is that winning as the Patriots did even when they weren't playing their best is the mark of a great team.
Again, we'll have to wait and see how that works out.

caro°L° said...

Diverticulosis. Yeah, I have that. Pockets in the colon. There isn't anything I can't eat. I remember way back when people were told to not eat tomatoes because they thought the seeds would get stuck. *eyeroll*

Supposed to eat fiber, which acts like a big broom, sweeping through the colon, scraping out the pockets.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Your ever-changing slide show is reeking havoc with my ol' Firefox 1.0.

More times than not, I have no access to the bottom of the page.

But perhaps that was your plan. :-)

micki said...

There once was a team of Alan and Carey,
Both up to 'snuff on the teams who will parry,
Come Super Bowl Day,
To the TV they stray,
Not giving a thought to the candidate, "Barry!"

David B. Benson said...

Last wave for wild golden frog


DEN said...

Doc, you need to update your Firefox to Version At the top of page, click on 'Help' then click on 'Check for updates', follow the directions.

Now who is paranoid? HMMM?

Cª®ºL said...

Where were you when you heard Kennedy was shot 11-22-63?

Bob & I were married six days. He worked midnights at the steel mill so we just happened to be watching the Bill Kennedy show on channel 9 in Windsor. Can't remember what the afternoon movie was, but he interupted it to say Kennedy was shot. They never went back to the movie.

The next couple weeks were surreal. TV ran nothing but that on it and we were captivated by every word. Today I bet people would complain, but we didn't. I saw Ruby shoot Oswald live! It was a horrible time. I was only 18, not very political...a kid...but I was WITH IT, paying attention.

I don't think there is anything in these times, at my age, that could stun me like the Kennedy assassination did.

Alan said...

Where were you when you heard Kennedy was shot 11-22-63?

My Dad took us to see him arrive here in Houston at Hobby Airport (then called Houston International)the day before. I was in fourth grade and my teacher told us about the assasination right before the bell to go home. I remember the shocked look on her face. I never noticed any sad look, though she might've been hiding it. But what was weird is... she launched into a lecture about not wanting to hear ONE WORD spoken about this on your way out. I THINK she thought kids would be kids and maybe joke it or something? I'm like, wtf? That never entered my mind, and why does it sound like we're in trouble all the sudden, getting reamed for something we didn't do? So in effect, I was double-shocked at first.
My parents stayed glued to the TV. I'd watch it with 'em for awhile, go outside 'n play awhile, then come back and watch some more with 'em in a continued cycle.

micki said...

Alan -- Hobby Airport had several names. I didn't know it was called Houston Intercontinental at one time. Interesting (to me).

In the 1930s, it was Howard R. Hughes Airport and before that it was Houston Municipal. It was switched back to Houston Municipal because there was some kind of federal regulation that disallowed federal funds being allocated to airports that were named after living persons. Hughes was still alive at the time.

The only reason I know this is Bill and I visited the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, in McMinnville, Oregon, which is home to the Spruce Goose and lots of Howard Hughes' memorabilia, and I happen to be interested in airplane and airline "stuff" so that stuck in my mental filebox.

micki said...

They Might Be Losers

...above for Carey and Alan, in case you're interested. :-))