Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday

Hey thats why I watch it, the commercials, remember herding cats? Yea baby bring on the BIG buck advertisement.

This years featured entertainer for the halftime show is Tom Petty who is one of my personal favs.

Who is playing again? Oh yea the Patriots against the Giants. Sweaty men fighting over an odd shaped ball with guys in striped shirts throwing yellow rags around and blowing their little whistles, how quaint.

Being a motorsports fan, not a ball-sports fan leaves me relegated to eating munchies and drinking beers waiting for the ads to come on between skirmishes and whistle blowing.

I am NOT a NASCAR fan however, repeated left turns make me yawn repeatedly. Must turn left AND right to qualify as real racing, the only exception being straight line drag racing.

But back to the foot ball game, some of our biggest corpratistas will be touting their products in 30 second outrageously priced spots with the real BIG boys going a full minute, I suspect Exxon might get the full minute to show all how they are doing nature a favor drilling oil out of the ground all the while raking in massive profits. The beer folks will find more ways to make me want to go to the Liquor Store by waving their products in front of me.

At the end of the day one team will be declared the winner and we will move on to Super Tuesday which will declare more winners in a different game.

Enjoy the Super Bowl you football fans, I'll enjoy the commercials, Tom Petty and my own concoctions of fine liquors.




David B. Benson said...

Den --- I'll upgrade when my (newer) machine arrives.

Snowing again now, about 2 mm on top of the existing accumulation.

David B. Benson said...

For those who watch the telly:

Six Degrees to appear on National Geographic channel

Six Degrees is a well researched (and frightening) view of a potential future. The book is now available in the U.S.A.

Gerald said...

Another Super Bowl Sunday! One of our sons said that the Super Bowl should be played on Saturday night and starting around 8:30. I am in agreement with him.

This will be my fourth or fifth Super Bowl that I will not watch. As long as our murderous ways are killing in Iraq and possibly Iran in the near future, I will be praying, meditating, and Center Praying. It's a small sacrifice that I can do to offer this Sunday up for the Saved Souls in Purgatory.

I have just read that Cynthia McKinney (sp) will head the Green Party. With the McCain and Obama heading their Party's nomination in the general election I want to vote for a woman. They are our planet's last hope. I will be voting for McKinney and other women down the road for as long as I live.

I have added Move On to my blocked list on my computer of my email. Their endorsement should have come at the general election.

Gerald said...

Take the War Comes Home

David B. Benson said...

Depressing reading

Climate change may cost $20 trillion

in that, so far, the US, China and India are not ready to pony up their share.

It is especially large for North America and Europe, since the countries there have been using the atmosphere as a cess dump for the longest...

Gerald said...

DBB's article is GREAT READING, especially for the people are waiting for the end time and rapture.

Gerald said...

Nazi America is a good place to start

Gerald said...

McCain, like Turgidson, has a disturbing displaced ardor for war. Although he'd be the oldest person ever elected president, he doesn't need Viagra -- he's got Iraq. Call your doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours -- or your war lasts longer than 100 years.

Bush and McCain's tried-and-failed approach to matters of war and peace offers an important reminder that whatever difference the Democrats may have -- and how still more heated and divisive their race may become -- when it comes to Iraq, the two parties are heading in wildly different directions. Clinton, Obama, and the Democrats are all looking to the future while Bush, McCain and the GOP remain mired in a Neanderthal past.

Gerald said...

Arianna hits a homerun with her article, "Bush and McCain's Displaced Ardor for War."

David B. Benson said...

Freezing fog!

Just little pieces of ice falling now, not snowflakes.

Don't recall experiencing this here before...

micki said...

That sounds like it could be pogonip -- the Shoshones called freezing fog...

The name "pogonip" is an English adaptation of the Shoshone word meaning "cloud" ('payinappih')

David B. Benson said...

Well, maybe pogonip-lite:

relative humidity is 92%

dew point is one degree F colder than the temperature

but visibility is 0.3 miles

and it is not lung-damagingly intense.

micki said...

I just returned from an hour's walk in the woods, passing the marsh and a duck pond. Poor little duckies were walking on the ice. I threw a few rocks in to see if I could break up the ice -- I could.

I did this because I also saw a coyote in the woods, who looked a little deranged. Scared the bejesus outta me.

DEN said...

Giants won the game,
best commercials? Bridgestone.

dead around here huh.

Super Sunday today,

Super Monday? tomorrow,

Super Tuesday after that,

Ain't that just super?

Can't wait till Super Friday.

Super Duper!

micki said...

Den -- I forgot to mention earlier today, that I enjoyed your sports riff, an admirable solo improvisation! You're a jazzy fella!

I see the Giants won in an upset.

Considering I didn't know who was favored to win, I am reminded that upsets are possible in politics, too.


micki said...

Oops, there you are.

I didn't see the commercials or any of the festivities.

Bridgestone won? Give us a link.

Aren't they the fellas that gave us faulty tires? Or was that Firestone?

micki said...

Oh, nevermind.

Now, I see Bridgestone & Firestone are married.

Bridgestone Firestone is the North American unit of Japan's Bridgestone Corp.

Well, I'm happy they give good commercial.

DEN said...

Bridgestone Commercials

carey said...

The game was much more interesting than most Super Bowls, actually.

Carey said...

Super Bowl is another corporate holiday ruled by advertisements. Generally speaking, the whole slew of commercials were extremely male and generally all around stupid.

So testosterone-ish, muy macho. Slam-bang MTV-type crap they think young males go for.

Commercials this year? As bad as they've been for some time now, with a real decline in quality and writing.

Alan said...

The game was much more interesting than most Super Bowls, actually.

Thas what I'm screaming! My team didn't win, but I loved the game. Competitive to the end, and the Giants' defense was awesome.
I'm stuffed. Steak, chicken, sausage, baked potato... I declined this year on the bacon-wrapped peppers (called poppers)... delicious, but you pay for 'em later, if you know what I mean. Preston's wife makes those... dang her!
K, I'm home safe.

Alan said...

Carey, I liked the Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale 'making the team' after a tryout.

micki said...

About those Bridgestone commercials ...stoooooooooopid!

Dr. B would undoubtedly have been rootin' for the other "team" against the squirrel in "The Scream."

And, that other one! Oy. Was that Richard Simmons? And the freak-o with the black eyes? Ay, ay, ay.

Fire that ad agency!

No effin' wonder we're doomed.


micki said...

Oh, but Den...thanks for the Bridgestone links.

Den said...

Micki, the freako was ALICE COOPER the musician.

You need a injection of humor there sourpuss!