Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alternate Power

Out riding yesterday, I ran across this single water power generator on the American river. Utilizing water is one of the most efficient ways to generate power. Water cannot be compressed and acts like a solid against the turbine wheels which turn the generator.

Ocean wave action is also water in motion and could be harnessed to provide electricity. Power from water is reusable and efficient. Development of more water sourced energy makes sense. We do not need to burn stuff constantly.

With that I welcome everyone to a new week ahead. The Primary wage on and the MSM is only too happy to provide whatever they think they need to promote their choices.
Could be a turning point for the Clinton camp tomorrow if Obama continues his stampede for the nomination.

Meanwhile, coffee in the corner and waffles on the side, anybody got syrup?


carey said...

A good morning to all. I hope Jeanne's family is doing well, what a dificult and emotional time for them.

Hmmm, how 'bout them Israelis? Holocaust is the right term here.

Last night the polls were as tight as a new girdle. A nail biter tomorrow, to be sure. I got nervous just anticipating.

carey said...

Ah, Tim Rutten writes another interesting one for all you Catholics and where that vote might go.

The Last True 'Swing Vote'

In the mechanism of American politics, Catholics are the pendulum -- and they consistently swing toward the winner. In fact, Catholics have gone for the winner of the popular vote in nine consecutive presidential elections, which means that, since 1972, they've supported five Republican candidates and four Democratic ones.

Through Super Tuesday, Clinton appeared to have a 2-to-1 lock on the Catholic bloc. After Super Tuesday, the Catholic pendulum -- like the campaign's momentum -- swung decisively toward Obama. The most recent polls say Catholic sympathies are too close to call in Texas and Ohio.

DEN said...

Those crazy Catholics, finding time away from Bingo to play the political game, whoda thunk it?

The repugs are getting seriously nervous at the lack of campaign financing funds versus the dough the Dems are raking it, tsk, tsk.

Thats the way the cookie crumbles.....Losers!

DEN said...

I just got off the phone with the Pope and he sez he hates abortions and both Dems favor it.

He said it's them renegade non-Latin Mass folks screwing things up(no pun intended).

Better straighten up, he is headed this way and he is pissed!

Carey said...

Jesus, I'm on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow night.

Do you know it's Easter in three weeks? My goodness, time is flying.

I'm discovering that with two eye blocks or the thickness of the cataracts or whatever is causing it, recovery is a little slower than I'd like. Mucho nausea, heachache, vision adjustment and heavy nonstop flashes of light as my body tries to adjust to everything. You know strobe lights, that's what it looks like all the time.

I can't do computer or much of anything just yet. So toodles for a while.

One thing. though.


Oh my God people! Wow.

DEN said...

Joe Wilson does a body slam on Obama, might find agreement here eh Micki?

What should we make of Obama's other judgments in foreign affairs? Take Afghanistan, for example. It has been evident for some time that our efforts there are going badly and that cooperation and support from our NATO allies would be helpful. As chairman of the subcommittee on Senate Foreign Relations responsible for NATO and Europe, Obama could have used his lofty position actually to engage the issue and pressure the administration to take some action to improve our chance of success in that conflict against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Of course, that would have involved holding hearings, questioning administration witnesses, and taking a position and offering alternatives. That is what we expect that from senators in a democracy. It is called oversight.

But, instead, Obama, by his own admission, offers the excuse that he has been too busy running for president to do anything substantive, such as direct his staff to organize a single hearing. "Well, first of all," Obama was forced to confess in the Democratic debate in Ohio on February 26, "I became chairman of this committee at the beginning of this campaign, at the beginning of 2007. So it is true that we haven't had oversight hearings on Afghanistan." To date, his subcommittee has held no policy hearings at all -- none. At the same time that Obama claimed he was too busy campaigning to do anything substantive, racking up one of the worst attendance records in the Senate, Senator Clinton chaired extensive hearings of the Subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health and attended many others as a member of the Armed Service Committee.



DEN said...

Krugman takes the tag and does a flying drop kick.

But Mr. Obama, instead of emphasizing the harm done by the other party’s rule, likes to blame both sides for our sorry political state. And in his speeches he promises not a rejection of Republicanism but an era of postpartisan unity.

That — along with his adoption of conservative talking points on the crucial issue of health care — is why Mr. Obama’s rise has caused such division among progressive activists, the very people one might have expected to be unified and energized by the prospect of finally ending the long era of Republican political dominance.

Some progressives are appalled by the direction their party seems to have taken: they wanted another F.D.R., yet feel that they’re getting an oratorically upgraded version of Michael Bloomberg instead.

Others, however, insist that Mr. Obama’s message of hope and his personal charisma will yield an overwhelming electoral victory, and that he will implement a dramatically progressive agenda.

The trouble is that faith in Mr. Obama’s transformational ability rests on surprisingly little evidence.


Something fishy going on here?

DEN said...

Hey where did the 'Golden Boy' image go?

What a clusterdouch this is turning out to be.

Oil hit $103/barrel, get ready for $4/gal gas. Talka bout a bitchslap to the economy, it is almost like someone is trying to sink the good ole USA and send us into chaos like some 3rd World Country.

Got soup and bread?

Alan said...

As chairman of the subcommittee on Senate Foreign Relations responsible for NATO and Europe, Obama could have used his lofty position actually to engage the issue and pressure the administration to take some action to improve our chance of success in that conflict against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

I seen somewhere, forgot where and who, but... it said that was a bit of propaganda, that Afghanistan is by itself under some other subcommittee and not Obama's responsibility. I might try 'n google it later. Anybody else hear that?

Carey said...

A poll just came out showing Obama ahead by two points in Ohio.

Sorry for the unscientific report.

Carey said...

I have read the blog, almost, more like blurrily skimmed, with no glasses.

Alan, there are qualifications to the assertions that Obama could have done something as chairman of a subcommittee. Yes, something about it wasn't in his position to do so. Vague, but that's how things are coming in for me right now.

I keep reading and breaking for a nausea and headache bout. Oh how fun.

DEN said...

Jeez Carey don't torture yourself!

Carey said...

Okay. Judging from the various polls, I'd say Clinton's got Ohio wrapped up. So, this week will be very interesting.

Distractions wil ensue as we haggle. Stupid distractions and arguments, like the ones we've been subject too recently. It's not just my eyes making me nauseous.

Alan said...

Alan, there are qualifications to the assertions that Obama could have done something as chairman of a subcommittee.

True dat Carey.
Especially since it's John Kerry and not Obama in charge of the subcommittee that Afghanistan comes under. Here's the first article I found and of course there's more...

Senate Foreign Relations Committee takes another look at Afghanistan
January 30th, 2008

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee John Kerry (D-MA) kicked off a hearing today to discuss strategies aimed at stabilizing Afghanistan. He began by reemphasizing the threats posed by al-Qaida and the Taleban in Afghanistan and warned that they are still planning attacks around the world including in the U.S. and in Europe.
Co-chair of the Afghanistan Study Group Thomas Pickering listed some positive aspects in Afghanistan. Among them are economic growth, low inflation, and a stable currency but he did say the country is poised for a downhill slide.
So that was Joe Wilson piling on with the false info? That's disappointing.

David B. Benson said...

Gasoline price predictions:

$4 --- this summer;

$9 --- spring/summer 2009.

Bicycles, anyone?

DEN said...

Another outrageous Bush appointment goes through:

The Senate on Monday confirmed a federal judge from Chicago as Attorney General Michael Mukasey's second-in-command, restoring the top tier of a Justice Department that had lost many of its officials to a scandal over the firings of nine federal prosecutors.


This person was an aide to Scalia and sat on charges against the Admin for Treason, Obstruction and other charges, guess that blew right out the window thanks to that Harry Reid asshole!

David B. Benson said...

Yesterday found something claiming to be amber wheat beer.

Time to go try it.

(Soon won't be able to afford beer with hops. Testing substitutes.)

Hajji said...

Gonna be close, VERY close in OH..,

Need new boots...tomorrow I might need Hip-waders!

Benson...MANY wheat-based beer (opposed to barley or rice-based) are flavored with hops!

Enjoy each and every one.



DEN said...

hajji said


I think my Dad would've liked your Dad a LOT!

I'm sure we all would have.

Your brother knew just what to say.

Keep near your heart forever.


(just in case she checks in here instead of back there.-D)

Carey said...


As I wrote that to you with fuzzy vision, I thought to myself, "Is Obama the chairman of that subcommittee?" Knew you'd catch it if it tweren't so.

My car broke down, fortunately, a walk distance from home. I think it could be serious, a radiator leak or something. Just got home.

Yes, a nail biter it shall be manana.

me...home from PDX said...

Hey, Den, I doubt there's anything "fishy" going on -- it's just way past time for *journalists* to do their job and take a hard look at this unexamined potential POTUS nominee. But, it's probably too late. Now, it'll be so easy for the oppo-team to take him down.

But, Carey and Alan, Obama, as the steward of the Senate Foreign Relations' subcommittee on European Affairs, which includes NATO - the organization overseeing events in Afghanistan, does have a responsibility especially as a presidential candidate, to attend (and even call for) hearings on Afghanistan. Some issues relating to Afghanistan come under his purview as the head of the subcommittee on European Affairs, i.e. NATO.

And, even if you don't buy that line of thinking, one would think that Obama, who claims to be an agent of change would have taken the opportunity as chairman of the subcommittee to explore issues in Afghanistan that will be of great importance to the next administration.

As European Affairs' subcommittee chair, Obama had an opportunity to examine a variety of urgent matters in Afghanistan. So far, he's chosen to do nothing. That's not leadership, IMO. He could have taken a leadership role to try to strengthen the foundation of the Atlantic alliance that the cheney/bush administration has so drastically undermined, which also effecst Europe's role in Afghanistan. Obama is all about expediency. This is where ambition and experience come into play, eh?

In his role as subcommitte chairman, Obama has the authority to call for hearings. Congressional hearings do matter. By calling for hearings, for instance, Obama could have displayed real leadership and shown that he is serious that Congress is a co-equal to the executive branch of government.

I continue to be unimpressed and underwhelmed with the Obama cult of personality.

Alan said...

"Is Obama the chairman of that subcommittee?"

He's chairman of a committee that covers NATO in Europe, but Afghanistan has a separate subcommittee.

Forgot who linked it, but the story about Sylvester Reyes saying they are close to a deal on telecom immunity has an interesting sidebar. Someone pointed out that "immunity" didn't specify only the telecoms and that it sounded like a back door 'get out of jail free' card for bush. THEN, someone pointed out that the deal they are close to only goes back to 9/11... immunity for crimes since then. Ehhh, bushie ordered the warrantless spying BEFORE that, so Reyes might be conning the cons.

Alan said...

In his role as subcommitte chairman, Obama has the authority to call for hearings.

And yet, I JUST read where they say in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that NOTHING gets done in the sumcommittees. It said if it was worth a hearing, then it was done with the full committee under Sen. Biden.
Blame it on Biden's cult of personality then. haha

Alan said...

This was pretty cool. A letter from the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) to Congress against telecom immunity.

it's a one-page .pdf

NO O for me said...

The Big O should have followed Joe Biden's effective leadership as chair of the Europe (and NATO) subcommittee -- but, alas, Obama cruised, taking no leadership role. Ya can't dodge that Obama had autonomy and independent authority to call for meetings, hearings, etc. on Afghanistan. That's fact, not fiction. He didn't do jackschitt.

When Biden was a junior senator during the Cold War, he turned himself into an extremely knowledgeable expert on nuclear weapons, arms control, Salt II, European and Soviet attitudes towards the U.S., international treaties, and became a leading voice on foreign policy.

BTW, if anyone is interested in how Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth about bringing people together, etc. then you should read about his first campaign -- google Alice Palmer Obama ballot

A close examination of Obama's first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career: The man now running for president on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it.

It's the holier than thou aspect of Obama that just kills me. Oh, well. Manufactured candidates rule.