Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Big Tent Olympics

WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton scored three victories in a night of revival that denied Barack Obama a ripe opportunity to drive her from the Democratic presidential race. Clarity came only to the Republican side, where John McCain made the nomination his own.

Meanwhile, Clinton, fresh off big primary victories, hinted Wednesday at the possibility of sharing the Democratic presidential ticket with Obama — with her at the top. Obama played down his losses, stressing that he still holds the lead in number of delegates.

In a night that failed to clarify the Democratic race, John McCain clinched the Republican nomination. Clinton won primaries in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, halting Obama's winning streak. Obama won in Vermont.

Delegate count:
Barack Obama--1,307
Hillary Clinton--1,175

2,025 delegates needed for nomination

(stolen info fromMSNBC)

Hey! Ole Hill will consider an Obama VP! so she hinted at on Scarborough this AM.

One big tent!



DEN said...

McPain clinched. Just think, only a few short months ago he was begging for gas money to feed his campaign bus, what a comeback.

Too bad he is nutz.

DEN said...

Huckkkabee threw in the Bible, er, towel, one less religious nut with political power, tsk, tsk.

Will someone please put Hagee back in his cage now?

Carey said...

Poo-poo McGee, how did last night happen?

I can't take the morning news line this a.m. Can't take it.

Fucking A, people. Watching Terry McCauliffe (sp) gloat, ay, ay, ay, I don't like him. Never have. He's one of those DLCers gung ho triple.

Are we a little irritated this morning or what?

Damn red phone business.

DEN said...

We who? You have a mouse in your pocket?

I'm not irritated one bit.

Big O still has the highest delegate count.


Saladin said...

Greetings DEN, I want to address Jeanne first, I've just caught up and I want to offer my condolences for your loss. Losing a parent is very difficult, I lost both of mine 25 years ago, my blessings to you and your family.

Now, in the "NO Surprise" category we have this news flash:

House Dems Near Surrender on Bush Spying

Tuesday's Washington Post reports that House Democrats are close to granting all of President Bush's demands for more domestic spying powers and telecommunications amnesty, in exchange for, well, nothing:

House and Senate Democratic leaders [say they are close to a bill giving the President] more domestic surveillance powers and grant[ing] phone companies some form of immunity for their role in the administration's warrantless wiretapping program...

Unlike the Senate leadership, senior House Democrats have been fighting Bush's demand that telecommunications companies receive blanket amnesty for warrantless surveillance. Even when Bush refused to sign an extension of the surveillance bill without amnesty, the Democrats held firm and let the measure expire, drawing attack ads and fear-mongering from the G.O.P. By surrendering now, Democrats would not only ratify the administration's assault on the rule of law. They would also be practicing a self-destructive brand of political cannibalism that thins their ranks and enervates their base. Salon's Glenn Greenwald explains it in crushing detail, which I think is worth quoting at length:

The signs are unmistakably clear that what was always inevitable -- full compliance by the House Democratic leadership with Bush's demands on warrantless eavesdropping and telecom amnesty -- is now imminent... There's very little point anymore in writing about how the Congressional Democratic leadership is complicit in all of the worst Bush abuses, or about how craven they are. All of that is far too documented....But what is somewhat baffling in all of this is just how politically stupid and self-destructive their behavior is. If the plan all along was to give Bush everything he wanted, as it obviously was, why not just do it at the beginning? Instead, they picked a very dramatic fight that received substantial media attention. They exposed their freshmen and other swing-district members to attack ads. They caused their base and their allies to spend substantial energy and resources defending them from these attacks.

And now, after picking this fight and letting it rage for weeks, they are going to do what they always do -- just meekly give in to the President, yet again generating a tidal wave of headlines trumpeting how they bowed, surrendered, caved in, and lost to the President. They're going to cast the appearance that they engaged this battle and once again got crushed, that they ran away in fear because of the fear-mongering ads that were run and the attacks from the President. They further demoralize their own base and increase the contempt in which their base justifiably holds them (if that's possible). It's almost as though they purposely picked the path that imposed on themselves all of the political costs with no benefits.

The Post even floats one Democratic ploy to hide the ball: a "procedural move would allow many Democrats to vote against immunity but still make its approval all but certain." I don't think Democratic voters will be fooled by that "move." Even if you don't follow the floor rules closely -- and Speaker Pelosi can prevent most of Bush's demands from coming to a vote at all -- it's obvious when the Democratic Congress caves. It's especially striking on issues like Constitutional rights and Iraq, where Democrats cave after loudly declaring their commitment to fight. Back in October, I wrote about this tendency to "Rage and Cave":

If you believe the papers, Congressional Democrats have spent the better part of the past seven years vacillating between shock and outrage. They are thunderstruck by every White House scandal, stunned to discover another lie from the Bush Administration and positively livid each time they realize Bush is negotiating in bad faith. That is, of course, until they cave again. The Democrats' current rush to pass the President's intelligence bill repeats this sorry pattern. After roughly three years of outrage over illegal domestic spying--complete with [Sen. Pat Leahy's] roars of "Shame on us!"--Democrats are now pushing legislation to validate more warrantless surveillance of American citizens.

It's only gotten worse since October. Just this week, Bush's attorney general flatly refused to enforce contempt citations issued by Congress to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by White House officials. House Democrats say they are outraged and they will fight the attorney general. But the spying bill grants the attorney general new powers to prevent courts from reviewing the administration's conduct.

In the end, the Democrats have not offered a coherent explanation for this policy or their political surrender. After following this issue closely, I can't explain it either. As Greenwald writes, even on the most cynical terms, this was the worst possible route. And on principal, of course, there is no defense for retoractive amnesty, which stymies court oversight and undermines the rule of law.

From The Nation.

Change is in the air, I can just feel it!

DEN said...

Sal, combine that with the approval of Mark Philp to be MuKKKaseys' right hand man, it is setting up to be a totalitarian/authoritarian/fascist/dictatorial state unless the elections are successful.

Dangerous times.

Saladin said...

Successful? HA! The MSM is officially calling the GOP nominee for McInsane! Ron Paul is still very much in the running but we can't have a staunch anti-war candidate on the loose, now can we? Down to two, but you'd never know it. What a total joke this whole thing is. America is going to get exactly what it deserves.

DEN said...

Sal, it's the delegate count, a lot of good people that do not deserve to get what they deserve in this country too.

The few spoil it for the many.

Carey said...

Oh my. Hillary's apparently hinting at sharing the ticket with Obama. I don't know anything else, I saw it on the crawl at the bottom of the TV screen.

I don't know why I didn't see that coming more clearly.

Carey said...


It's the shift in momentum that has me uptight.

Alan said...

Oh my. Hillary's apparently hinting at sharing the ticket with Obama.

Playing it both ways as usual. If she can't win the Dem nomination, then she'd settle for VP on the ticket with... McCain! The "red phone" ad was part of it. Some said that was a fig leaf to McCain. She was saying in effect, 'I'm second best qualified in national security, and you Obama are third'. That kinda dirty politics burns bridges. Either the cheap shot pays off and you win, or you have to go to the other side to stay in the game.

Wow, the wingnuts' heads would explode at a McCain/Clinton ticket. Not one, but TWO republican-lites to represent them.

Alan said...

At "Crooks...", y'all GOTTA check out the post about "The Emperor Is Butt Nekkid"! Click 'n enlarge the picture. LOL

Saladin said...

So it has always been DEN. Can someone explain to me Obama's co-sponsorship of this obviously big Pharma friendly legislation? I'm not surprised, Hitlery/Obama would be the perfect United Corporations Of America ticket! I love how politicians make the most obnoxious ideas sound so good and helpful. Quite the coincidence that this bill appears on the heels of recent news that anti-depressants are pretty much worthless, other then causing people to go ballistic and start shooting randomly.
Press Release
March 3, 2008

...Since we first issued our press release opposing S. 1375, The MOTHERS Act on February 11, thousands of people have been made aware of this bill, which at one time flew way under the public radar. Many people have come forward for the first time with sad stories of personal harm caused by the drugs, while a few others have, unfortunately, gone on to continue their support for a bill that threatens to bring about a dire and dangerous situation, sacrificing life, family, children, motherhood, freedom, and our future.

Some people pushing for the bill have taken notice of our efforts, and in response simply told the public and the media that The MOTHERS Act is mainly about “education.” That sounds so innocuous and harmless that it’s nearly impossible for most people to disagree with the bill if they have not read its contents. But even if that were the true purpose, or if the Senate were to rewrite the bill and remove most of the negative wording, leaving ONLY education as its goal, let us consider this idea for a moment - what is the impact of an education or awareness campaign promoting certain psychiatric labels?

Full Content Here

Stop the MOTHERS Act

One Example of Why We MUST Stop the MOTHERS Act

DEN said...

Unnecessary hysteria I think, read the text:


`(A) IN GENERAL- To the extent practicable and appropriate, the Secretary shall ensure that projects under subsection (a)(1) develop policies and procedures to ensure that education concerning postpartum conditions is provided to women in accordance with subparagraph (B), that training programs regarding such education are carried out at health facilities within the State, and that screening and referral is provided in accordance with subparagraph (C).

`(B) REQUIREMENTS- A State that receives a grant or contract under subsection (a)(1) shall ensure that postpartum condition education complies with the following:

`(i) Physicians, certified nurse midwives, certified midwives, nurses, and other licensed health care professionals within the State who provide prenatal and postnatal care to women shall also provide education to women and their families concerning postpartum conditions to promote earlier diagnosis and treatment.

`(ii) All birthing facilities in the State shall provide new mothers and fathers, and other family members as appropriate, with complete information concerning postpartum conditions, including its symptoms, methods of coping with the illness, and treatment resources prior to such mothers leaving the birthing facility after a birth.

`(iii) Physicians, certified nurse midwives, certified midwives, nurses, and other licensed health care professionals within the State who provide prenatal and postnatal care to women shall include fathers and other family members, as appropriate, in both the education and treatment processes to help them better understand the nature and causes of postpartum conditions.

`(C) SCREENING AND REFERRAL- A State that receives a grant or contract under subsection (a)(1) shall ensure that new mothers, during visits to a physician, certified nurse midwife, certified midwife, nurse, or licensed healthcare professional who is licensed or certified by the State, within the first year after the birth of their child, are offered screenings for postpartum conditions by using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), or other appropriate tests. If the results of such screening provide warning signs for postpartum conditions, the new mother shall be referred to an appropriate mental healthcare provider.

`(D) SUBGRANTS- A State that receives a grant or contract under subsection (a)(1) to carry out activities under this paragraph may award subgrants to entities described in subsection (b)(1)(B) to enable such entities to provide education of this type described in subparagraph (B).

`(2) SERVICES- To the extent practicable and appropriate, the Secretary shall ensure that projects under subsection (a)(2) provide services for the diagnosis and management of postpartum conditions. Activities that the Secretary may authorize for such projects may also include the following:

`(A) Delivering or enhancing outpatient and home-based health and support services, including case management, screening and comprehensive treatment services for individuals with or at risk for postpartum conditions, and delivering or enhancing support services for their families.

`(B) Delivering or enhancing inpatient care management services that ensure the well being of the mother and family and the future development of the infant.

`(C) Improving the quality, availability, and organization of health care and support services (including transportation services, attendant care, homemaker services, day or respite care, and providing counseling on financial assistance and insurance) for individuals with postpartum conditions and support services for their families.

`(d) Integration With Other Programs- To the extent practicable and appropriate, the Secretary shall integrate the program under this title with other grant programs carried out by the Secretary, including the program under section 330.

@ Govtrack

Looks quite benign to me, no one is forcing anyone to do anything against their will. Preventative care if needed, not a mandate.

ò,óarol said...

I just saw that Bush endorsed McCain. His opinion would have been more interesting if he had done the endorsing while everyone was still in the race. So, big fat deal. It's all such a bunch of crap.

tytandanmar said...

Received my Obama button from Hajji sometime around 4:00 this morning. He tucked it inside my storm door on his way to his moms house. Went to see him around 11:00 proudly wearing my Obama button but he was still snoozing. Apparently he was up all nite after the primary in Ohio.


Hillary needs Barack. Barack does not need Hillary. Either way, it will not happen. Bill Clinton gets in the way of Obama every step of the way whether he is Pres or VP. e iere

Saladin said...

DEN, that was covered. How can preventative care for pregnant women possible include anti-depressants? Did you watch the video? Drugs should not even be an option. If bush signs it, and he will if it means increased profits for big Pharma, then you will know. Hysteria? That hasn't even begun yet. I guess a few more psychos on drugs shooting at the general population might produce the hysteria you mentioned.

Saladin said...

Winning Hearts And Minds

DEN said...

"DEN, that was covered. How can preventative care for pregnant women possible include anti-depressants?"

I hate to beat a dead horse but,

POST-partum means AFTER delivery not prior to as would be indicated by PRE-partum.

Did you read the text of the bill?

David B. Benson said...

I'm thoroughly confused and be-dazzled by too many events this week (which is only 1/2 over).

DEN said...

Doc, relax, it will pass.

DEN said...

Musta ran everyone off.

Speculation topic of the day(drum roll please):)

Who will either candidate choose for VP?
Baracks choice-

Hillarys choice-

Speculators, start your engines!

Ready, set, GO!

Hajji said...

Back home again!

My ASS is glad to see my ass get home!

The goats 'n dogs'r pretty happy, too!

We worked as hard as we could. I was in the "Cheviot" section of the western Hills of Cincinnati, if that means anything to anybody.

Two GREAT Weather dayz and then 35-frrrreeeeeekkking degree drizzle on primary day.

I haven't seen the county and precinct numbers yet, but I got a text from the campaign today that our "Turf" numbers were quite impressivley Obama-leaning.

I recently heard that the 'Nati" was the #1 city in the nation for per-capita foreclosures.

I can vouch for the Western Hills...lots of vacant homes in nice places with realtor's key-boxes on the doorknobs. Lots of bombed-out burned-out and boarded up buildings, especially along both sides of "Queen City" and "Westwood". Whole streets just up the hill from downtown boarded up...a few with 1 out of 5 houses lived in. Streets and other infrastructure crumbling.

Once again...I met some of the nicest people...had many good, civil and informative conversations with both Obama supporters and others. I watched a local precinct to make sure that everybody in line at 7:30pm were allowed to vote.

They had plenty enough ballots, there, no flooding except in my boots and pockets, and poll workers were exceptionally helpful with provisional ballots for those whose names had been purged from rolls.

Got cussed out a few times, too, but it isn't like THAT hasn't happened to me before.

Not much to say...walked the streets, talked to 'em the info on where to 'em rides, if a bunch to volunteer...even more to register so they can vote in the generals.

Got sore feet, shin-splints and stair-master quality quad strains.

I loved every minute of it.

The "victory party" wasn't quite what I'd hoped for, baby-sitting a besotted Rugby-Playing Marketing Rep from Chicago until his bus left at 2am, but so it goes...

I can't BELIEVE they're trying to make me go to Philly!

and so it goes, and goes...and goes.

"Life is too short to drink cheap beer!"

goodnight, and good beer! (or wine, or crack or yoga or whatever gets you in a nice place inside)


Hajji said...

Oh, yeah, Den...

I'm still holding out for an Obama/Edwards ticket...

Nobody else thinks so, though...

If Hillary gets to name a VP, it will definately be someone with a penis, though.

Maybe she'll let Bubba have HIS back, then!

Tee Hee!


DEN said...

Hajji, someone mentioned Wesley Clark, he would bring the military experience to go up against McPain effectively.

He would work with either one.

DEN said...

Wish I had your stamina Hajji, sounds like the work of a true American Patriot, getting out the vote, I am humbled in your midst.

Kudos from me Pal, great job!!
Big O OWNS the show!!

carey said...

Hajji, I think I love you. Tytandanmar is astute. So is Alan. Heck, y'all are. We sure do have ourselves a bit of a mess, though.

Terry MacCauliffe, or however you spell it, you are bad news. Very bad news. He reeks of cutthroat methadology and tactics. I've always thought that.

Then Chris Matthews falls all over Terry during an interview. What is this man-crush obsession Matthews has with certain men anyway? And why do we always have to hear about it?

Alan said...

If Hillary gets to name a VP, it will definately be someone with a penis, though.

Good job Hajji! It sounds like beside the rewarding experience, you had a little fun while doing it. *major propz
The reason I highlighted that quote is something entirely diff tho. hehe I have a friend from Georgia, with roots and relatives in Tenn... and she ALWAYS spells definitely wrong like you did. She's smart too. Scholarship for her grades 'n stuff, and now a school teacher in Athens.

Alan said...

Hajji, someone mentioned Wesley Clark, he would bring the military experience to go up against McPain effectively.

Yeah he would. Wasn't he NATO commander at one time? And, he's been stumping for Hillary for quite awhile... emails at least.
That would be good for SecDef at least, if not VP.

Alan said...

Dr.B, don't spit out your coffee when you see this one.

Bush: ‘America Is In The Lead’ On Climate Change

Now, look, I understand stereotypes are hard to defeat. People get an image planted in their head, and sometimes it causes them not to listen to the facts. But America is in the lead when it comes to energy independence; we’re in the lead when it comes to new technologies; we’re in the lead when it comes to global climate change — and we’ll stay that way.

{ò,ó}arol said...

I SAW HIM SAY THAT AND ALMOST SPIT MY COFFEE OUT! The gall, the nerve. That's what Bush always does. Spouts off a lie and everyone accepts the lie as truth.