Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comment KO

In a space reserved for pounding on the chimp, KO lets loose with a rant on Mrs C and her barky racist buddy.

I am rapidly losing interest in the crap being pulled by the hill-bill-y's.

Run a clean campaign or GTFO!



carey said...

Yes sir, that was Keith sticking his everloving neck out last night. He took a stand, I think that is fascinating. It had nothing to do with petty politics. It had everything to do with saving the Democratic Party and American values.

Boy, oh boy Den. Were we ever proud last night or what? Keith really struck some mighty deep chords.

I sat back and thought, my gosh, Olbermann can really write, and by God, look what he's doing with it.

DEN said...

Ridiculous is what BIG O called anklebiters comment, yup it is.

Ain't seen nuttin yet, wait till the repugs start the shit slinging.

carey said...


Major, major congrats to your team, the Houston Rockets.

Wowzers! What a record!!!!!

carey said...

Can't stop thinking about that Keith special commentary last night. That's going to make the internet rounds, don't you think? It was a pretty heavy little statement and the absolute correct one at the right time.

Damn right it was.

Off to the dentist chair where he will extract gold coins from my mouth to pay his bills. This dentist is a very strange man with all kinds of ego problems. He had a statue commissioned of himself to adorn his driveway.

Not kidding. We heard it in the front office, my sis and I did. We all go to the same guy cuz he took over for our family dentist years ago. We just kinda stuck with him because he married a good lady who worked for our old dentist and who we can't disappoint.

Did I word that right grammatically? Where's Micki--need a grammer question answered.

DEN said...

Micki is lurking.

Grammer never stopped me before, HA!

Alan said...

Off to the dentist chair where he will extract gold coins from my mouth to pay his bills.

Ain't that the TRUTH! I had my turn in the dentist's chair yesterday. No pain involved this time though, except for the gold coins part.

Alan said...

blogspot just lost my 'send', so I'ma type it again.

I'm sure you guys have heard it before, but here's my fav dentist joke.

A guy scared of the dentist is sitting in the chair waiting. Right before the dentist starts working on him, he reaches over and grabs the dentist by the balls and says...

"Now, we aren't gonna hurt each other, are we?"

Alan said...

I just got a typical dumbass/juvenile/sexist/racist email from my ex-cop repugnican friend. In the form of an alert from the U.S. Fish and Game Commission, that they need trappers, because a coon and a beaver is trying to get into the White House. ugh
This is the kind of shit they pass around amongst each other. It's pitiful, really, the scope of empty-headedness on the other side of the aisle. This guy that sent it is a global warming denier, believes the economy is just great, our healthcare is wonderful, and would gladly vote for bush for a third term if he could. Completely gullible and clueless about the damage that's been done the last seven years.
And of course, his emails are stupid.

David B. Benson said...

Your tax $$ at work for you:

FBI "Blanket" Demands For Phone Records used to Cover Up Mistakes

David B. Benson said...

Read the last, one sentence, paragraph:

IHT: Salmon collapse threatens fishing along U.S. West Coast

This will just get worse and worse...

Alan said...

Who's Dr. Laura?? or is it Lara? whatever...
She says it's Mrs. Spitzer's fault her man was cheating.

Don't throw things at me, I DIDN'T SAY IT, SHE DID.

*ducking just in case*

DEN said...

Dr Laura Schlessinger higly paid female equivalent of rush limpbaw.

Ms. pinheads website

Your welcome.

David B. Benson said...

Dental erosion is caused by acids found in many common products, including soft drinks, sports drinks, some fruit juices and herbal teas.

Dental Erosion on Rise in U.S.

Which fruit juices and which herbal teas?

DEN said...

Doc, I would suspect Phosphoric acid and citric acid found in soda pop of all types.

One can of soda per day max.
Better to drink beer

º¿carol said...

Grammar. It ends in a ar, not an er.

That's my contribution to the grammar question. º¿c

David B. Benson said...

Global warming everywhere:


David B. Benson said...

In case you had the slightest doubts left:

Bush ‘Intervened At The 11th Hour’ To Kill Climate Protections

Oh well, just smog rules. Peak oil will soon solve that problem...

DEN said...

Sheesh everyones a critic!

My Grammer lived to a hundred.

I don't thik we will maket that far

carey said...

I just heard on Rachel Maddow that Iran has shelled northern Iraq. That's all I know. Turkey is too, of course, or was.

Doesn't that make you suspicious? Doesn't that sound like an act of war or something? I mean if America's occupying and all that.

Or, it could be THE excuse to bomb Iran.

How embarrassing about mispelling grammar.

Alan, my dentist said he thought, get this, from Ms. Spitzer's body language at the two press conferences, that they had had long talks about the issue beforehand.

He suggested they might be swingers. She didn't look too upset with the Feb. 13th meeting, he thought. An interesting take on the current gossip.

Mine is that it appears as if Spitzer almost wanted to get caught.

Dr. Laura is an antifeminist nutcase, a radio talkshow host and false doctor. She's a loonbin, a hellraiser like Limbaugh.

She doesn't matter, in other words.

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- Kurdistan is in three or more countries: Turkey, Iraq and Iran, at least. The Kurds want their own istan and so conduct guerrilla war in Turkey and also Iran. Natually the armies of those countries fight back.

Hardly a pretext for igniteing even more war in the region.

David B. Benson said...

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq

Carey said...


I can't remember what the Iran gov. said was their reason. I've already imbibed a little this afternoon, I went to the dentist earlier and hurt.

Short-term memory loss, you know. I knew about the Kurd issues, it's something that legitimally bothers Iran, that's what I remember as the reason they put forth.

I meant, what would our reaction be? Bushco wants an excuse to go in. It doesn't matter what Iran did or does.

False-flag attack is what I think we all suspect might occur.

David, it's happening so fast, the global disaster. I think I'll take another hit.

roosting chicken said...

Shares of Carlyle Capital plunged on Thursday, losing most of their value, after the company said it expected its lenders to promptly take over all its assets after discussions with banks to refinance the fund failed.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- My mistake. First eyes, now teeth. Pain.

Anyway, I suspect that all the generals and admirals have made it very clear, so that even Shrub & Co. can understand it, that they have taken a oath to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Giving them an illegal order makes Shrub & Co. domestic enemies and therefore...

no name necessary said...

I am writing this not as a supporter of any presidential candidate, but as a concerned citizen.

Charges of “playing the race card” are out-of-control and causing great damage to our social fabric. I would like a clear definition of “racism” and “racist” from the accusers. Self-serving individuals may lodge complaints of “bias” in order to advance their own ends. Some citizens of goodwill make claims of racism that strike others as blatantly wrongheaded. “Playing the race card” and, indeed, charging that one has played the race card typically involves jumping to a conclusion that is not always compelled by the facts.

Do we, or do we not, care about the larger social injustices in our country? As politicians, the candidates’ behavior may not be exemplary, but they are politicians, and they should be able to deal with grievances on the campaign trail without turning them into a *federal* case. These constant slings and arrows, fueled by the ratings-hungry media mongers, are a sideshow, one that should be largely disregarded in a campaign. But, no. The media (KO included) loves to stir up the petty to juice the bottom line.

I realize I’m in the minority here, but I think these charges of racism (and genderism, for that matter) are designed to draw attention to the trivial, so that less attention is focused on the pressing need to talk about substance, and moving forward an agenda of social and racial justice.

Analysts of racial controversies are usually either identifiable as liberal or conservative. And liberals are the bigger knee-jerks on the topic. I thought, before this campaign cycle, that we were further along on race but obviously we still have a great distance to go. Younger people are generally quite comfortable in a diverse society -- some older people, not so much, it seems. When John Edwards was still in the Democratic race, Americans had a good story to tell -- we were finding it difficult to choose between Edwards, Obama and Clinton, with issues mattering more than race or gender.

As we know a sacred cow is often unreasonably immune from criticism. I think we’re headed for a world of upset and possibly explosive events, if we continue to yell “racism” at the slightest...well, slight. We’re 50 years into Martin Luther King, Jr’s civil rights movement -- it would be a shame if we now fail on delivering on our promise of social and racial justice, and continue to lose ground.

David B. Benson said...

no name necessary --- Don't forget women's rights, too.

Just now I'm most concerned about some poll which claims to show McCan't winning against either lawyer: Rodham or HBO, err, that's BHO.

Neither of whom are progressives, no matter how much they may protest otherwise...

David B. Benson said...

Does GDP Really Capture Economy's Health?

Mark Turmbull asks.

Answer, no. UN has some better measures.

David B. Benson said...

A good thing. Because the GDP is going to largely represent buying petroleum products:

The Bad News at the Pump: The $100-plus Barrel of Oil and What It Means

Michael T. Klare, the author of Resource Wars (2001) and Blood and Oil (2004), presents the case well.

David B. Benson said...

By some measures, the 'ecomony' has been going downhill since 1975:

Our Three-Decade Recession

But then, some of us sort of knew it, but only sort of...

DEN said...

Doc, blame the BeeGees and their stinking Disco!

David B. Benson said...

Here is a plug about contributing to

The Nation Associates

which is a good idea.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- BeeGees?


DEN said...

There are sisnister forces at work behind the scenes at the googles, ripper post got ripped out of my hands-WEASELS!!!

Anyhow it was about discrimination in all forms whether you are white, black yellow or whatever, we are all occupants of Earth.

If aliens looked down at us we would be perceived as dirt ball dwellers comparatively primitive, more discrimination.

Trying to take over our planet is racism, right now they are watching and waiting, their people are in place, we are goners.

Now how does it feel?

We are one against the Universe, not black, white, yellow or whatever, one species, one people, one humanity.

DEN said...

The BeeGees

How long can you listen?

Through the use of music they singlehandedly affirmed that 'stupid' music was OK and evolved into a self serving emptyheaded society wallowing in rap, in other words what we have now.

Gimme the sixties!

n.n.n. said...

Even though she should have kept her mouth shut about BHO, Governor Gregoire is moving forward:

Today I signed the Climate Action & Green Jobs bill into law. This law will help create a cleaner, safer and more economically prosperous Washington for ourselves, and for our children and grandchildren.

Many of the goals that helped Washington become the nation’s leader in the fight against global warming will now be put into action. Our progress will be realistic, measurable and comprehensive.

There are skeptics who question the possibility of global warming and want to spend additional time and money on studies. But I agree with the consensus of the scientific community and know that now isn’t the time for studies – now is the time for action.

Beginning in 2010, the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in our state will have to report emissions, so we can hold them accountable.

Our vehicles cause approximately half of the state’s carbon emissions. So this law requires the Department of Transportation to explore strategies that reduce vehicle emissions by looking at how and where we drive – and to consider the consequences of those strategies.

In addition to helping our environment, this law will help our economy. It funds workforce development and training programs for high-wage, high-demand green collar jobs. These programs will help us create 25,000 green collar jobs in Washington.

I was proud to sign this bill – it provides Washington greater environmental and economic independence, opportunity and freedom.

Creating a cleaner Washington and good-paying jobs are real results for Washington families. Join me in 2008 and beyond – let’s keep taking on the challenges that face Washington families.


Governor Chris Gregoire

Alan said...

LMAO @ this line from Steve Colbert about Spitzer.

"...he meets the prostitute in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington for a little game of “hide the integrity.”