Monday, March 10, 2008

Polka Nutz

The Pennsylvania Polka

At the Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church, on Polish Hill in Pittsburgh, they can't afford a janitor anymore. The ladies of the parish volunteer, swabbing the tile floors and polishing the mahogany pews. They are a familiar Pittsburgh type: the wry, forthright, steel-willed wives of hardworking, shot-and-beer men. Long after morning mass, in the dim sanctuary, I asked the "Stara Baba" crew (Polish for "old grandma") whom they support in the suddenly pivotal Pennsylvania Democratic primary next month. The uniform answer: Hillary Clinton. "She's learned a lot, and everyone knows women are stronger and smarter than the men," said Gerry Kopczynski. Barack Obama, she said, didn't know much and was "a little cocky." Gerry couldn't stomach the way young people were gushing about him: "All these college kids yell 'change, change, change,' and they don't know a damn thing!" Better to focus, said Sandy Buczkowski, on bolstering Medicare and Medicaid. "Hillary can help us seniors," she said. "She's a strong-willed person."

The Stara Baba crew is one reason that Hillary begins the Pennsylvania political polka with a lead—and why Obama has to contest the primary with all his might, even at the risk of a fight with Clinton that leaves them both damaged for the fall. The Democratic nominee will need the Polish Hills of America, and Obama may as well begin the sales effort now. John McCain's military heritage and antitotalitarianism could resonate in places such as Polish Hill, where Stars and Stripes hang from windows year-round.

@ Newsweek


Nutz is right! Obama will scoop them up and keep on going. The neo-fascists were counting on one of their own to get the job but that ain't happening, this 'outsider' they have tried their best to discredit just keeps on rolling along, gathering delegates, like pickin paw paws.

Barack better get some damn good security tho, gotta keep that guy around and see what happens next. Get the squeezebox warmed up, the tuba tuned and get ready for a new song and dance.

Polka: "Happy music for happy people!" Big Joe

Damn 'bout time some happy stuff started happening, even if it is March Madness.


carey said...

My goodness I've been busy. Things just flying onto my plate faster than a fly on flypaper.

Brandon had a fantastic weekend, we all did. Our weather has been phenomenal, just incredible. The old San Diego for a few early Spring days.

I've been rather silent, almost deflated about the political scene. It's not healthy, just not healty--what's going on. It has to stop. I let fly all the swear words in the world and it doesn't resolve the damn anger.

Then there's Bush and his veto. "We love torture, torture is good."

Yep, except for the weather here particularly, crappy news all around. I guess you could say I'm disappointed in people, generally disappointed at the whole scene. One thing being lost in all of this--the severity of the situation. Enough with your damn stupid egos people. Get over yourselves and think Party, not you and what's best for you.

Carey said...

Obama to Clinton:

If you think I'm not ready to be president, why are you talking about the vice-presidency? Besides, I'm ahead in the delegate count. I'm running for President.

Obama looks and sounds refreshed, confident and ready for the stupid Pennsylvania battle we have to endure.

That's heartening.

Carey said...

Spitzer, Elliot, that guy, the New York guy, he's linked to a hooker ring!!

OOOOOh, that's juicy. He's sort of a good guy, isn't he?

DEN said...

Stolen from Reuters with credit given to writers:
Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:00pm EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, the New York Times reported on its Web site on Monday, citing an administration official.

A person with knowledge of the governor's role told the Times the governor was believed to be a client of a prostitution ring.

Spitzer had been due to make an announcement at 2:15 p.m. EDT, but half an hour later had yet to address a room crowded with journalists awaiting his statement.

As state attorney general before being elected governor in November 2006, Spitzer was sometimes called the Sheriff of Wall Street for his prominent role in investigating financial cases.

A Democrat, he entered the governor's office promising ethical reform but soon entered into a conflict with Republican leaders in the state Senate, slowing his agenda.

He has been married to Silda Wall Spitzer since 1987 and they have three daughters.

Spitzer prosecuted at least two prostitution rings when he ran the state's organized crime task force, the New York Times said in its article.

The paper said Spitzer "spoke with revulsion and anger" after announcing the arrest of 16 people for running what the paper termed a high-end prostitution ring in Staten Island.

The Times quoted Spitzer as saying: "This was a sophisticated and lucrative operation with a multitiered management structure," Spitzer said at the time. "It was, however, nothing more than a prostitution ring."

(Reporting by Daniel Trotta and Joan Gralla; Editing by Eric Walsh)

Bill Clinton wannabe, married with children, tsk, tsk.

Madam than a Hatter... said...

Eliot Spitzer was caught on an FBI wiretap arranging for a liaison at a Wash DC hotel. A "crime" is a "crime" but all this hustle, bustle to possibly prosecute him under the Mann Act is ridiculous.

Legalize prostitution.

Madam than a Hatter said...

Perfect timing for the Refucklicans:

The New York Democratic party was poised to gain control of the state Senate for the first time in four decades.

madam as a hatter... said...

NY's New Governor?

David A. Paterson was elected New York’s lieutenant governor on November 7, 2006.

Elected to represent Harlem in the New York State Senate in 1985, David Paterson has demanded and achieved change at every level, not simply by what he stands for but by who he is.

In 2002, David Paterson was elected minority leader of the New York State Senate, the first non-white legislative leader in New York’s history. In 2004 in Boston, he became the first visually impaired person to address a Democratic National Convention. And 2006 saw Mr. Paterson make history again by being elected New York’s first African-American lieutenant governor.

As New York State Senate minority leader, David Paterson led the charge on several crucial issues for New York’s future, proposing legislation for a $1 billion voter-approved stem cell research initiative, demanding a statewide alternative energy strategy, insisting on strong action to fight against domestic violence, and serving as the primary champion for minority- and women-owned businesses in New York. As a result, Governor Spitzer asked Mr. Paterson to continue to lead New York State on these issues as lieutenant governor.

Lt. Governor Paterson, who is legally blind, is also nationally recognized as a leading advocate for the visually and physically impaired. A graduate of Columbia University and Hofstra Law School, Mr. Paterson also currently serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia’s School for International and Public Affairs. David Paterson lives in Harlem with his wife, Michelle, and their two children, Ashley and Alex, and he is the son of Basil Paterson, the first non-white secretary of state of New York and the first African-American vice-chair of the national Democratic Party.

It has been reported than he supports Hillary Clinton.

Carey said...

I think I caught a bug from Brandon's friends or somebody this weekend.

So, wow, anyway. What a big scandal this is politically. Wow.

An odor arises, but from where? Don't know anything about the New York scene except what's posted here today. Hmmm, boy, it's a rather big deal, being covered lots of places.

Den, betcha Keith will be all over this, being a New Yorker.

have to sign up again on new machine said...

Ok, Den. This is my 2.4 GHz AMD (newer) machine back from having a software fix.

It has the latest version of Firefox.

Do you worse (or rather best) with fancy, time-varying graphics. We'll see if I can keep up...

David B. Benson said...

Logged in.

DEN said...

Doc, I was logged out Friday and was logged out again this morning, PITA!

Castro dancing got your machine boggled, right?

I will re-post him for giggles

DEN said...

Doc, Fidel is not fiddling today, must be tired, oops!

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Castro dancing was fine. It was the constantly changing displays of JFK and family which the old Firefox did not care for.

No hurry...

madam than a hatter... said...

The odor emanates from Karl Rove. First, Don Siegelman taken out; now, Eliot Spitzer. What Dem governor is next on Rove's list?

madam than a hatter.... said...

The Patriot Act in action: Federal wiretaps -- which we are constantly assured are used to catch terrorists-- are used to nab somebody for a victimless crime that is based on a law passed in 1910 (the Mann Act) to protect citizens against "white slavery."

David B. Benson said...

madam than a hatter --- Richardson, if he can git'em.

DEN said...

m, That very idea was brought up long ago and is still valid today.

Little froggies are we, frypans heating up.

Good for that insider trading too.
Ah the marvelous bounty of surveillance.

DEN said...

I have installed an elaborate wirelessly controlled electronic superfortress system to keep the bad guys out, if that doesn't do it, they better watch their step.

1000 square feet of privacy zone!

Scrambled phone and data communications.

Fascists keep out!!

Person ought to have 1000sq ft minumum of personal space in this world.

Doc, if you feel the math urge strike, try computing the square footage of Earth and the population thereof.

Oh wait, scratch that! (who wants to live in the Himalayas?)

That would be a tough one to figure as habitable space with water sources and food readily available nearby.

Beer:00 on my watch, even if it is Monday.

ÂșCÂșarol said...

Den, did you put that link there? By akinol? I opted out because I didn't trust it grabbing my computer! If you put it there and can testify to it, I'll do it.

DEN said...

Carol, itsa gonner! Malicious most likely, I did not even try it.


Be wary o ye fellow bloggers, there are evil sites that will suck you in and plant bad stuff.

Never click a link with a short phrase like 'look here' or something along that line from a poster with a screwy name.

Carey said...

Rove, huh, interesting. Naturally.

The story is one for the books, I'm sure. Just how in the hell did they bag Eliot Spitzer? Jeeesus Christ.

I'm not in the know at all here. But, yeah, you can sure smell this baby a mile off--somebody really screwed this guy. And, I'm sure, alot of other good Dems.

DEN said...

Second one so far in a week or two.

was a supposed anti-spyware place last time that had to be 'ctrl/alt/del'td to make it quit.

Carey said...

When will someone force the Clintons to be real? Stop making us spend all this money we need to fight the Repugs!

It doesn't grow on trees, you know.

Carey said...


Election time? Is there a free-floating malice around messing up supposedly semi-private blogs?

DEN said...

Insidious infiltrators!

DEN said...

Carol, you didn't click that link did you?

Been silent.

Alan said...

Wow! Our Rockets just won their 19th in a row. Even without our injured center (lost for the rest of the season), they are really playing good right now.

DEN said...

System on! Laser detection on! Infrared illumination on!
Lock down secure!

Carey said...


I'm so happy about the Rockets. Did you know they once were the San Diego Rockets?

Wait a minute. Am I right about that? Yes, I believe I am. They were here first for a year and then moved to Houston.

At any rate, I'll look for team Houston to check them out.

Alan said...

Did you know they once were the San Diego Rockets?

uh huh, I did