Saturday, March 08, 2008

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They knew, but did nothing

Illustration: Harry Afentoglou

March 8, 2008

In this exclusive extract from his new book, Philip Shenon uncovers how the White House tried to hide the truth of its ineptitude leading up to the September 11 terrorist attacks. .

In the American summer of 2001, the nation's news organisations, especially the television networks, were riveted by the story of one man. It wasn't George Bush. And it certainly wasn't Osama bin Laden.

It was the sordid tale of an otherwise obscure Democratic congressman from California, Gary Condit, who was implicated - falsely, it later appeared - in the disappearance of a 24-year-old government intern later found murdered. That summer, the names of the blow-dried congressman and the doe-eyed intern, Chandra Levy, were much better known to the American public than bin Laden's.

Even reporters in Washington who covered intelligence issues acknowledged they were largely ignorant that summer that the CIA and other parts of the Government were warning of an almost certain terrorist attack. Probably, but not necessarily, overseas.

The warnings were going straight to President Bush each morning in his briefings by the CIA director, George Tenet, and in the presidential daily briefings. It would later be revealed by the 9/11 commission into the September 11 attacks that more than 40 presidential briefings presented to Bush from January 2001 through to September 10, 2001, included references to bin Laden.

@ The Sydney Morning Herald


A reminder showing the gross ineptitude of Condi-weasel and her/his lousy job skills.

Treason is too good for people like that who deliberately put their own agenda ahead of national security, firing squad would be preferred.

We and everyone else in the USA are still suffering from the failings these morons in charge. Interesting reading.



DEN said...

Pretty quiet around the ranch today.

Coffee is brewing in the corner, stale cookies on the side today, damn googles.

Bill Moyers was interesting discussing irreverand haggis and his merry band of armageddonites, his relationship with mcpain was discussed.

DEN said...

Thats dicussedting!

DEN said...

Bohannan (coming back from break): "We got interrupted by the break, but before that you were saying something interesting Steve, that there were, uh, war games being held at the time of 9/11, under uh, questionable timing. And here you'll have to go into some of the things you were telling me during the break, because the audience didn't get to hear those, but just tell me what it is that you say you've unearthed here."

Alten, "Well if I can read a quick paragraph from the book [The Shell Game], which will explain it, um . . ."

Bohannan, "Sure"

Alten (quoting from "The Shell Game"), "Did they, the US government intelligence community, know of a coming Al Qaeda attack before 9/11? YES, in fact, there were at least 5 intelligence services across that country that warned us. Did they try to stop them? YES, but they were prevented from doing so."

Bohannan cuts in, exasperated, "On that particular date, we knew there was an attack coming!?"

Alten, "Yes."


Something stinks in the whole thing, why would the warnings go unheeded?

HMMMMM let me think.....

Alan said...

"shell game" lol It's a FICTION book alright.

I only got as far as part way through page two before I gave up on this piece of doo doo. The "ACCIDENTALLY" destroyed the tapes of the day was the final straw. That is total bullshit. It wasn't by accident, and it wasn't the 'tragic events of the day' either. It was a recording the traffic controllers made at a non-official meeting they had AFTERWARDS, discussing what they remembered. Their supervisor destroyed it because it WASN'T official.
Nevermind the truth about NORAD and our military defense set up to intercept planes COMING INTO our country, not find a needle in a haystack of thousands ALREADY in our airspace. I'll repeat again, the ONLY time the military had intercepted a civilian plane was Payne Stewart's and it took them OVER AN HOUR. *and his plane was on auto-pilot flying a straight line clear across the country

Den, I liked the article you posted for this thread. That was a good find. The fiction account from a fictional book... not so much.

tytandanmar said...

9-11 was going to happen no matter who was President. You don't learn to fly jumbo jets in 9 months. The boots were on the ground long before the election in 2000. The issue should be why these people and others are able to get here and stay here to cause more damage.

David B. Benson said...

Incompetent FBI?

Jeanne said...

The point is Bush and his group did nothing. What a tragedy.

David B. Benson said...

But here is Bush doing something:

Bush to veto bill banning waterboarding


David B. Benson said...

Jeanne --- Bush freezes under pressure?

Did nothing about Katrina either.

David B. Benson said...

Blackwater slinks out of California

A small bit of pleasant news...

DEN said...

Saturday night attitude adjustment time, anyone willing to participate is welcome. Pull up a chair, play cards, pool, and enjoy the benefits of the hops.

Try not to get sick and mess the place up tho.

CAROL said...

Hand Shadows by Raymond Crowe

Thank goodness for the people with "too much time on their hands". They make life so much more enjoyable for the rest of us.

And thank goodness for the internet that brings them to us.

Saladin said...

Ineptitude? LMAO! And bushco is laughing all the way to the fascist state bank. I guess the PNAC plans and the OSP and "The Clean Break: Strategy for Securing the Israeli Realm" which just happens to be progressing as planned, is mere coincidence. Considering the fact that Israel has attacked it's "best friends in the west" numerous times, while blaming it on their enemies, and has not been shy about it's desire for complete hegemony in the entire region, I think it's safe to say they are less than trustworthy. Thank Yahweh for 9/11, without which all the progress you see today would have been impossible. God bless conspiracy theorists, though conspiracy ignorance is far superior. And damn the "Unchosen Ones."

BTW Alan, your "facts" are sorely lacking. Try again. And a critique based on two pages is less than impressive. I found much of it hard to swallow, particularly the Israel ass kissing, but I DID read the whole thing, and Mr. Alten did not mind naming names. The 9/11 narrative was based on facts collected from numerous sources, but then, you couldn't know that, could you?