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This week, the 36th International Exhibition of Inventions has flooded Geneva with tinkerers, hackers, and other weirdos who like to make stuff. One of the largest gatherings of its kind, the organizers explain (pdf) in delightfully weird English that "1,000 completely new inventions in all areas of human activity are presented by companies, researchers and inventors, universities and private and State organisms."

Being the merry band of builders that you are, I'm sure you're all already there among the 65,000 attendees snapping pictures, but in case you couldn't make it, we present a mini-gallery of minor genius on parade.

Pictured above is Heina Gruber of South Dakota Germany and his hot-air grill, which puts a vertical spin on the conventional barbecue, supposedly allowing for healthier cooking. You'll find four more inventors and their nerdy, charming brainchildren after the jump.

@ Wired


OK that was weird, but go to the link to see more gadgets of non-American origin.

And they think we are weird.



DEN said...

Ok earlybirds, I'm up early, too early for a Saturday dammit!

Made coffee, can't find any donuts, do have some Fritos tho.

I will have my personal chef make some pastries,

Oh Martha, will you make some pastries?

Great, thanks.

Bout an hour or so she sez.

Carry on!

Hajji said...

Hops level on way back to "Theraputic".

"Hops & Hoops" day! Final Four games this evening...rain and more rain and more rain in the forcast.

Good day for coffee, books and communing with laundry.

mmmmmmm! Do I smell Pastries?!!


Saladin said...

Greetings DEN, it is a lovely but breezy day here in the valley, hope your weather is fine.
The news for today:

Obama, Clinton, McCain to co-chair Israel 60th anniversary panel

By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent
Tags: Hillary Clinton, John McCain

U.S. Democratic senators and presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are scheduled to join Arizona senator and Republican presidential hopeful John McCain as vice-chairmen of the National Committee for Israel 60th, according to a statement released by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Friday.

The National Committee for Israel's 60th, the planning committee overseeing Israel's 60th anniversary festivities, was organized by the Conference of Presidents in order to give official sponsorship to the dozens of events and ceremonies planned to take place throughout the United States in honor of the anniversary.

Serving on the planning committee is often seen within the U.S. Jewish community as a public sign of support for Israel.

The committee will also be co-chaired by former American presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and every living former U.S. secretary of state, including Henry Kissinger, have signed on to serve on the committee as well.
Celebrating 60 years of occupation and mass extermination of the indigenous population along side the war criminals of old is all I need to know about these so-called candidates for change. Ass kissing, Israel boot lickers have brought our country to the brink of destruction. They should be celebrating a job well done, the scumbags. Now, please excuse me while I gag on my coffee.

DEN said...

Morning Sal!

Hajji, indeed you do, help yourself and leave a tip for Martha S. too, she is soooo efficient.

Lets give her a big hand!

*clap clap clap*

David B. Benson said...

Resource wars?

Food riots turn deadly in Haiti

David B. Benson said...

Resource wars?

India introduces rice export ban

David B. Benson said...

Resource wars?

Rice at record as exports curbed

carey said...

House shopping for a short while and hoops day. That's right, Hajji! Big college basketball day, lots of fun.

Sorry about your early rising, Den. I have that problem. I wake up and start thinking about the day and the mind gets nervous and wants a jump on things. The body doesn't. The mind wins everytime.


What a surprise, all these food battles.

Yes, resource wars have arrived.


Just don't choke. That's hard to do when you contemplate Israel's actions.

DEN said...

Nice of y'all to stop by today, hope everyone enjoyed the visit.

Gonna pour in some remedy here, feel a tinge, yup, right there, oh yea, tinge remover, oh yea.