Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nuke Earth Day

Wild weasel woman wants to unload nukes against Iran and does not even flinch saying so.

If you can stomach any more of the DINO rhetoric watch Part 2 here.


Quite poignantly pointing out the folly of building and exercising the Presidential perogative of bombing an entire country back to the stone age, never mind the mega-pollution factor.(isn't DU bad enough?)

Speaking of DU, a must see video Beyond Treason which will bring you closer to understanding the horrendous scourge the USA has set forth upon the Earth this Earth Day.


Alan said...

LOL @ "wild weasel woman"

I'll be checking back later to see if one person in particular responds by saying something to the effect of... we verbally threaten thousands of countries with nuclear weapons and this happens all the time and was no big deal.
There's nothing she can't spin, including Hillary's version of the mushroom cloud. Add nuclear attacks to lying, racism, and fear mongering. Whatever it takes is both of 'ems MO.

DEN said...

Do I detect a bit of discord going on?

Don't make me get Sister Agneta the evil NUNster from Hell.

Makes WWW look like a schoolgirl, no doubt could hold her own in the WWF. Arms like Popeye and a glass eye, she can make a grown man cry.

one person in particular said...

Keep checkin'


micki said...

Imagine hundreds of thousands of calls flooding Congressional phone lines.

That is what LCV and our coalition partners plan to generate today—Earth Day—to demand action on global warming.

As the global warming crisis continues to worsen, Congress still has not passed any comprehensive legislation to solve it. That is why LCV has partnered with our friends at the Earth Day Network on the Call for Climate campaign to generate an unprecedented number of calls to Congress this Earth Day to issue a wake-up call that they can't ignore.

Will you take a few minutes to add your voice to this extraordinary effort?

Here is the information you need to take action:


Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak to your Senator or Representative

WHEN: TODAY, Tuesday, April 22

WHAT TO SAY: Tell the legislative staffer who answers that:

* As a constituent, I am calling to ask that Congress take action now on the most serious environmental problem we face: global warming.

* The global warming crisis is continuing to worsen, and scientists have warned that if we don't act now, some of the worst effects are less than ten years away.

* In order to make a real difference, we must enact legislation that reduces global warming pollution 80% by 2050.

Thank you once again for all you do for the Earth.


Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

Steve's reader said...

From salon.com

Clinton's surprising appearance on "Countdown"
It's hardly unusual to think Hillary Clinton would appear on a popular, national cable talk show the night before a major primary, but her appearance on MSNBC's "Countdown" was at least somewhat unexpected. For one thing, the Clinton campaign has done little to hide its disgust with the network's coverage of the Democratic race, most notably at the hands of Chris Matthews. For another, "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann has been openly critical of the Clinton strategy for months.

But after some finagling, Clinton did agree to chat with Olbermann Monday night, and it was actually pretty interesting. And given the context, there were probably more viewers than usual, many wondering whether Olbermann would be openly critical of the senator.

That didn't happen. The very first question Olbermann asked was whether a president really has the ability to "do anything about the price of a gallon of gas."

"Well, I think it's going to be very much influenced by the economy. I don't know what else might happen between now and then. But it appears to me that the economy is not going to recover, and, in fact, the price of gas is going to be a big issue ...
"I do think there are things that we can do. In the short run, I would, if I were president, launch an investigation to make sure that there's not market manipulation going on ... I would also release some of the oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ... And I would do what I could to try to alleviate the cost right now. If we could come up with a way to make up the lost revenue with a gas tax holiday, like, for example, a windfall-profits tax on the oil companies, on a basis to try to fill the Highway Trust Fund, while we left people off from paying the gas taxes, I would consider that.

"But you're right. Ultimately, we're going to have to have an energy policy that actually moves us from our dependence on foreign oil and being literally over the oil barrel with the oil-producing countries and companies."

Hey, everybody! Look, it was a substantive question! And a substantive answer! Hell, it was even newsworthy -- Clinton seems to agree with John McCain about the merit of a "gas tax holiday."

It's almost as if we were watching a broadcast journalist who understands how to conduct an interview with a presidential candidate. Be still my heart.

And it got better. Olbermann's second question pressed Clinton to "clarify [whether] ... hypothetical Middle East conflicts would incur massive retaliation by [the U.S.], and what constitutes massive retaliation." Clinton warned Iran of a nuclear response.

It wasn't all substance. Olbermann asked whether Clinton's new ad, which features footage of the Pearl Harbor attacks and Osama bin Laden, constitutes "scare tactics." She insisted the ad "is about leadership." Olbermann asked why she criticized Barack Obama when he said McCain would be preferable to President Bush, given her own praise for McCain. She responded by comparing McCain to someone with a law license, "but that doesn't necessarily mean that somebody should hire you to perform certain services and take on certain cases." Olbermann pressed Clinton on her newfound comfort with Richard Mellon Scaife, and after she stopped laughing, she cited the recent Pittsburgh Tribune-Review endorsement as evidence of her ability to win over conservatives in the fall.

It was, dare I say it, a good interview. And Clinton gave substantive responses.

As Jonathan Cohn put it, "Perhaps Olbermann, reacting to last week's debate debacle, was trying to make a point about how journalists should interview candidates. If so, I think he succeeded."

― Steve Benen

DEN said...

Iffin you like fuzzy little baby bears you might want to peruse THESE pics of an orphan in the Auburn paper.

Real Earth day stuff, critters.

Hajji said...


After 12 hours of canvassing, walking and talking yesterday, I drove the next 12 hours to get home. I HAVE to be at work in the a.m., so I couldn't stay for the fireworks.

The 400 teams of Obama '08 GOTV volunteers knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors, just since Saturday, AM to listen to what the PA voters had to say.

They tell me that almost a quarter million new voters, Dems, Indies, Repugs and all others, either registered for the first time or switched their party affiliations to be eligible to vote today.

I can't speak for the whole state, but the parts of Bucks County (Warminster)to which my team was assigned were mostly middle-class neighborhoods full of mostly nice folks who seemed to be truly thoughful about the choices facing them at the polls.

Kids on bikes, 'blades and skateboards, bouncing basketballs or playing street hockey while dogs romped untethered on well-trimmed lawns. Hundreds of varieties of blooming bulbs, bushes and trees heralded a world-class spring.

Temporary chalk masterpieces between rainshowers and hopscotch runs on sidewalks and in driveways between side-to-side-split-levels...

People outside in beautiful weather, walking, talking, helping one another with the wind-blown trash barrels corraling toddlers and entertaining infants and NOT worrying too much about the home-made bike ramps and no elbow pads or helmets.

Neighborhoods full of folks who didn't seem to mind (usually) being interrupted by a couple of strangers who wanted to know their politics.

It was a great pleasure to spend a few days with these folks, as it has been to spend days in other neighborhoods in Easley, Augusta and Cincinnati this year.

Talking politics with people without raising emotions or voices, (for the most part) without anger or ridicule. (ok, sometimes in jest) It didn't take long to no longer react in surprise when someone told us they hadn't decided yet. People were (are) thinking about it right down to the wire.

I know that we made a difference. In fact, I know fact that we helped some make a decision they could live with. We may have raised doubts in some who thought they had decided.

I DO know that returning the next day to the same hilltop street where a Hillary-leaner ran jogged out with a couple bottles of ice-cold water for the sweaty fat guy and the brassy "Republican for Obama" New Yorker that 4 or 5 sets of neighbors were standing in the street when we pulled up to surprise deliver buttons and yard signs to one of the more vocal Obamaniacs.

"We were just talking about you!" they said. And while not all of 'em will be voting the way I would be, I think we changed the tally in that one group, anyway.

What a feeling...

Folks everywhere, even those who seem to have cut out a rather nice slice of Americana for themselves are almost all apprehensive... they're really unsure if it will be possible to maintain their lives in this manner.

They're not just worried about themselves, either. They all seem to want social justice, international accord and personal and financial security.

Nice folks...

And WE had a blast!


Please volunteer or at least offer to host a volunteer for the candidate of your choice, during the rest of the primary season and the general election.

What a feeling!

micki said...

Just thought I'd pop back in here and say that I'm very, very glad that the Democratic primary contest has continued this long .

Just think...if Hillary had quit at the first cries from her detractors to "get out now", there wouldn't be as many new, registered Democrats on the rolls; citizens wouldn't be as energized now, feeling like they have a say in picking a nominee for the first time in decades. (There is NO constitutional guarantee that the people select presidential candidates. So count your blessings, if you think it's important for the PEOPLE to do the picking.)

The fact that Hillary is slogging on, has meant that the 50-state strategy has, in effect, been road-tested and has resulted in more, not less participation from new voters, grassroots, and historically disinterested citizens. Usually, long before this date, the nominee has been nailed down. You see what that got us!

For those of you who think it's fun to denigrate people who haven't jumped on the Obama bandwagon, you're only hurting yourselves.

DEN said...

Earth Day demands a good look at this proposed bastardization of the West.

Go to the Wilderness Societies site to read all about it.

Total disregard for Global Warming issues(coal), land issues(park lands), and private land.

Nasty chimp flavor to it.

David B. Benson said...

TNYT had a front page (left column) article about the problems farmers in the US are having with the CBOT futures market. Too volatile.

Not good.

carol said...

Testing, testing. This site won't let me post anything the past couple days.

carol said...

It won't let me post when I put anything html in it! I'll paste what it wouldn't post below:

Hajji, thanks for keeping us posted on what you've been doing. Up close and personal news from the campaign that I wouldn't hear about if not for you.

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

carol said...

Humph. Wonder why it gave in and posted. Because I didn't preview first, just hit publish? Who knows. Ugh.

That's it. It won't let me post if I use preview first. This time I'll just hit publish.

DEN said...

The googles are angry, they would not let me post todays blog until I signed in even tho I was already signed in and making the post.


So hang in there Carol, the whole joint is FUBAR!

micki said...

Hajji...my response to your post is in email, in reaction to yours.

micki said...

More than 120+ countries recognize the right to food as a human right. Setting aside for the moment that lacking access to food can be caused by calamities (droughts, crop failures, lack of resources, etc.) apart from human greed, I'm beginning to wonder if the "plan" is to eventually provide food only to those who can afford the high cost.

Will we see the day when our burgeoning fascist government will violate or breach the right to food for bigger profits?

Who "owns" the Chicago Board of Trade anyway?

micki said...

Oh....that post was in reaction to TNYT article Dr. B mentioned...

DEN said...

Ok folks, THIS lady is cool.

carey said...

We have a major schism in the Democratic party. It will not be healed overnight, but it will be healed.

Today's event in Pennslyvania will not make anything more clear. We will still have a race tomorrow. The numbers don't matter right now. Hillary's going all out.

Issues raised now will be reworked and flashed in neon on the general election's global stage.

Peace brothers and sisters.


Once again I admire Hajji's fortitude in his campaign work. Your reportage is well done and with gusto! Thank you.


I'm so stupid, you will not believe this. Apparently I registered to vote during some 'Love-in' or something back in the day, and neglected to designate my party affiliation. It only became noticeable when California decided party affiliation must be declared to vote in a primary. Since I originally didn't indicate a party, obviously out of negligence, I automatically became a nonpartisan in the State's eyes. That's why I received a nonpartisan ballot Feb. 5th. I have to registar again as a Democrat.

Unreal, huh?

carey said...

Yeah Micki. I like the guy doing War Room right now. He's good.

Steve Brenen (sp?)

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- I don't know who owns CBOT, but commodities trading, with future markets, has been around for centuries. Up until recently, commodities trading has served well.

There is some thought that the activities of computer-based hudege fund activities is upsetting the commodities markets.

Guys like George Soros.

Who earn billions per year...

Alan said...

More of 'anything it takes'. NOW, Obermann is cool huh? haha I distinctly remember that certain someone cutting him down not very long ago. If it benefits her candidate, a flip-flop is just SOP.
Hillary's using every dirty trick in the book turns into doing us all a favor by prolonging the campaign?? That's just another piece of stinking b/s from someone that used to have everybody's respect. At least it wasn't another outright lie this time.

Carry on, and we'll keep laughing atcha.

carey said...

A bit much Alan. That's Texan- thick.

Alan said...

"Hot Politics" (global warming) is the Frontline episode coming on right now. It's a repeat from a year ago, but well worth another look.

Alan said...

"A bit much..."
Maybe so Carey, but if it's all the TRUTH, then what can you say? I'll continue calling 'em as I see 'em.

*and I'm not the only one here with the same opinion

DEN said...

Torn from the pages at HUFFPO:

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton survived yet another day.

There will be little time for celebration, though. Time and money are running out.

Her win Tuesday in the important swing state of Pennsylvania was hard-fought. Barack Obama's well-funded effort to shut her down did not reach its goal of an upset.

The dynamics of the race are the same as they've been for more than two months. Obama is the front-runner, and California-based Democratic consultant Dan Newman points out that is more important the closer the campaign comes to the end of the primary season.

In other words it's deficit spending.

Sound familiar?

carey said...

Spit, spit, spit. You'd think we were on a baseball team.

My, this blog is a reflection of the Democratic party writ large.

The Pennsylvania vote is going as expected, no? Why the sniping sideways at each other? You're on opposite sides, darlings, and it's terribly hard to keep civil. God knows, no one seems able to manage it. Hillary's speaking right now, and whoops, she is really angering me.

I'm sorry but it is all about racism. That's how I call it. Not you, Micki and Alan, it's racism generale. It just manifests differently and is interpreted as Obama not being able to land a solid victory or that people don't know him well enough. The numbers don't lie.

We knew the demographics--it's Hillary country--blue-collar white.

Jeanne said...

It's funny and kinda weird how it all gets sorted out in the end. And when we look back we see that it went just the way it should have. Bush is a hideous president. He's evil and stupid and selfish and he's done horrible things to this country but he's given us something he NEVER imagined that he would. We are going to have the opportunity to vote for a woman or a black. Amazing.

Alan said...

"He's evil and stupid and selfish and he's done horrible things to this country..."

Nice to 'see' ya coming around Jeanne.
Speaking of bush, he hit a new record.

Bush's disapproval rating worst of any president in 70 years

WASHINGTON — President Bush has set a record he'd presumably prefer to avoid: the highest disapproval rating of any president in the 70-year history of the Gallup Poll.

micki said...

Carey, some people love to hate someone, especially if the "someone" is a woman. Unrequited love? Pissed off at their former wife? Girlfriend? Mom? Sister who got more attention?

I dunno. But, it's just a fact of life. Not just a Texas thing.

Lots of men in Texas are pretty damned squared away.

micki said...

Alan, the point of the post that mentioned KO is that Steve Benen thought that he did a good job in his role as a responsibile journalist, asking the right questions (in Benen's POV).

I happen to think that KO is over-rated, and quite full of himself. I still do. I wouldn't cross the street to watch his show if someone paid me a thousand dollars to do so.

However, I did think it was quite fair of KO to point out that the question to Hillary about nukes was phrased in the hypothetical. And she answered in the hypothetical.

Frankly, I wish she has said, that's ridiculous -- I won't answer a hypothetical. But she did answer. IMO, she made a blunder.

You think you know so g-damn much, I find myself agreeing with Saladin again.

micki said...

Britain: World Food Crisis a ‘silent Tsunami’


Soaring global food prices could unleash a “silent tsunami” that would plunge 100 million people who previously did not require help to buy food into hunger and poverty, the top United Nations food official said at a conference on the growing crisis in London. “This is the new face of hunger,” the official, Josette Sheeran, left, the executive director of the World Food Program, added. “The response calls for large-scale, high-level action by the global community.” She was one of 25 experts in the field who attended the conference hosted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown at his Downing Street office. Prices for basic foods like rice and wheat have risen rapidly since the last quarter of 2007, leading to riots and protests in a number of countries. In the latest unrest, demonstrators took to the streets in the Afghan city of Jalalabad and the Gabonese capital, Libreville. A statement from Mr. Brown’s office released after the meeting said that delegates pledged to work with the G-8 and European Union toward a global strategy to tackle price rises and increase support for the world’s poorest nations. There was also agreement for a “more selective approach” to biofuels, cited by some for fueling the food price surge.

Media buyer said...

Barack Obama spent a total of $11,246,573 on media in Pennsylvania, more than he spent on 20 states on Super Tuesday, and, more than any Democrat spent in all their TV buys to win the nomination in 2004.

carey said...

The night of the Pennsylvania primary--OF COURSE--Jeanne, Hello!!!

It is one of history's little ironies. Yes, Bush/Cheney is directly responsible for the incredible event occuring before our eyes.

It took Bush/Cheney pushng the country and its constitution over the cliff for Americans to turn to a black man or a woman to lead them out of the abyss.

That is one, huge revolution. We had to be destroyed first. How does one ultimately analyze that? Especially in light of the global climate crisis staring us in the face?

Existential pessimism seeps in.

carey said...

The food riots, God, it just looks more rotten every day.

carey said...

Forgot to mention--Den, that professor lecturing on the brain, fascinating.

Alan said...

You think you know so g-damn much, I find myself agreeing with Saladin again.

Like I said, keep posting and I'll keep laughing atcha. LOL

I'm not claiming to be so g-damn smart. I'm just pointing out the b/s in YOUR WORDS. That's not hard at all. In fact, it's YOU that think you know so g-damn much, and that's why it hurts so much when you are continously proven wrong... by a TEXAN no less...and even proven a liar as well. The 'hate women' was a nice touch. Another 'spin' typical of you lately. I bet your 'girls' are sagging down to your waist by now.

So, blah blah blah. You 'n Saladin can be a team. One is a complete wack job, and the other is dishonest and full of herself. Y'all make a nice couple. hahaha

Alan said...

speaking of wack...

Leave Barack Obama Alone!!! (Video)

Hajji said...

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders how she keeps coming up with just exactly what she needs, from pundits and the media*, at exactly the right time?

"I don't have to take this SHIT from ANYBODY on this (claims that Obama is playing the "race card" on him), do I?"

-Bubba on 'lection morning.

*-Media making tens of millions with each "close" primary contest.......