Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Liars Club Meeting




There will be a meeting of the Committee on


Tuesday, April 8, 2008
9:30 AM
Room SD-106, Dirksen Senate Office Building

To receive testimony on the situation in Iraq and progress made by the Government of Iraq in
meeting benchmarks and achieving reconciliation.

Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker

United States Ambassador to Iraq

General David H. Petraeus, USA

Commanding General
Multi-National Force-Iraq

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DEN said...

Some have called it a prelude to bombing Iran. They are the blamebots of choice.

Truth is those people did not give a rip about us until we started messing around in their 'hood', bombing (shock&awe)civilians at random and still expecting to be greeted as saviors.

Git them terrists! before they git us! actually means, git the oil while the gittin is good.

$3.799 per gallon here yesterday, yup it's working alright.

Saladin said...

Go Cindy! Speaking Truth To The Lying War Mongers!


BTW DEN, diesel is $4.28 a gallon here in Bishop. Lot's of big ass trucks for sale, bargain prices!

micki said...

Someone should ask Petraeus regarding Iraq, "How many generals have there been General?"

Then follow up with, "Why?" "Is that normal?"

Alan said...

lol McSame guest-blogged at Jesus' General again.

Sen. McCain responds to "The Real McCain"

DEN said...

Uh, what I uh, think uh, is uh, I uh, need uh, to uh,uh, get,uh, some uh,uh, public uh, uh, spea-uh,king, uh, lessons.

How does one get that far when they cannot complete a sentence without tossing in a dozen UH's?

David B. Benson said...

Den --- What is going to happen in 2012 CE?

DEN said...

Doc, it is related to the end of the Mayan Calendar. This site has numerous articles to peruse.

I don't know if it is a bunch of hooie or not, it brings interesting stuff up tho.

Hard to believe in anything anymore due to someone always trying to make a buck.

DEN said...

Test your powers of observation here.

21 out of 25 here.

David B. Benson said...

Today we had about one centimeter of corn snow fall.

Its not hail, its not snowflakes, its irregularly shaped, soft, white blobs of snow.

Never seen so much of it at once before, and never at all this time of year...

DEN said...

The crickets are chirping but this a NON-moneymaking blog anyway, even I fall asleep.

Do we need game activities?

Where is my Entertainment Director?

OOPS! forgot to hire one.

Wanted: Entertainment Director that will work free of charge, must have own games, inquire within.

Hajji said...


In New England, these "Corn Snowflakes" would clump up with its fellow kernals and freeze on the ski-trails overnight.

Because of its inconsistency, and its inherent danger, these clumps came to be called "Death Cookies".


Tonight's "NOVA" is called "Cracking the Myan Code".

From the heiroglyphs, the decendents of the Myans are finally learing their history...which has been denied to them by religion and politics fora couple centuries.


micki said...

Powder is awesome, untracked powder reigns supreme, but for skiers in the West, corn snow is high on the list of faves. Corn snow turns intermediates into experts. (Well...almost...maybe advanced.)

Sunshine and corn snow. Perfect combination on the slopes. Mt. Rainier....Paradise...

Corn snow is bad for skiers only when it's past its prime....just like powder.

DEN said...

Hajji, thanks for the HU, I missed it but they might play it again.

I'll post a lookout.

*nods off*

Fenridal said...
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