Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Build a Better Bomb

Analysis of U.S. military documents and defense contractor presentations suggests that a wave of munitions using reactive materials may be headed for a battlefield soon.
Photo: U.S. Navy

The Pentagon has quietly been working on a new arsenal of advanced weaponry that replaces metal casings with "reactive materials," normally harmless matter that combines to release explosive amounts of energy on impact, tearing targets apart with violent fury.

In development for more than 30 years, the research is beginning to bear fruit, and may soon spawn more powerful bombs, warheads that tear apart stone and concrete, mines that can be set to stun or kill, and grenades that can swat rockets or mortar rounds out of the sky like flies.

"You can get effects that are more precisely tailored to a particular target," says John Pike, director of Washington military research group "And you're able to get a greater effect out of a smaller munition."

Reactive materials are combinations of materials that are normally stable, but, when subjected to sudden shock -- such as striking a target -- release a large amount of energy. Depending on the composition and warhead design, the energy can be released as heat, a blast or a combination of the two. Unlike conventional explosives, RMs cannot be set off by fuses. Technically, they are classified as flammable solids, and they are less hazardous to transport and store than explosives.

While they're more energetic than explosives, RMs are not intended to be a substitute. Instead, they will replace warhead components normally made of metal.

An analysis of U.S. military procurement papers and defense contractor presentations, as well as interviews with companies working on the technology, suggests that a wave of munitions using reactive materials may be headed for a battlefield near you.

@ Wired


Making really big booms and blowing stuff up real good, our defense contractors at work.

Never mind putting an end to war, just make war 'easier' for those doing battle, less messy too while your at it. Blood and guts is old school, instant incineration leaves burnt toast where humans used to be.

I am ashamed of my fellow (so-called) humans and their WWF mentality taking pleasure in killing those perceived as enemies through the careful use of mis-information and propaganda, disgusting air sucking slime.

I decided not to talk about the Primaries today cause the story is currently getting dragged throughout the entire blogosphere and frankly I am tired of hearing 16 different interpretations of one obvious thing, Clinton needs to quit before her ego shreds the entire Democratic party.



Carey said...

Things will settle in due time.

Frankly, I think we should dial in the contrived situation with Iran. Pressure for some kind of attack is coming from all angles and has reached new levels.

Things are hot and heavy and could change at the drop of a hat.

DEN said...

Gotta see this pic:

Two of nature’s most spectacular forces produced an incredible brew in the skies of Chile as a volcanic eruption met a lightning storm.

Tonnes of dust and ash from the eruption of the Chaitén volcano poured into the night sky just as an electric storm passed overhead.

The resulting collision created a spectacular sight as lightning flickered around the dust cloud amid the orange glow of the volcano.

The eruption was all the more spectacular because the Chaitén volcano, 800 miles (1,290km) south of Santiago, has been dormant for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. The Patagonian volcano began erupting on Friday and the 12-mile-high plume has left vast tracts of land coated with a layer of ash.
@ UK Times

Looks like something directly from the bowels of Hell.

Carey said...

Now this is some juicy commentary:

The Brazile-Begala Smackdown

The transcript below doesn't capture what Brazile said to tick off Begala: She suggested Barack Obama might not need to worry so much about the white working-class and Latino voters that are going with Hillary Clinton, because behind Obama, the party is being remade by young voters, urban voters and suburban voters. About 15 minutes later, host Campbell Brown brought in Begala, and he went off on Brazile -- and she responded in kind. Republicans Alex Castellanos and Bill Bennett make cameos, but the action is all Brazile/Begala.

David B. Benson said...

Now that is a picture, Den!

David B. Benson said...

More pics like Den's

Click on pics to enlarge.

Carey said...

The pictures are stunning.

I keep finding the Iran connection in all its myriad forms: R. Scheer buttresses an earlier point about Iran and the heat emanating from all angles, notably Israeli and American neocons (Brits too). They've had a strong alliance with Cheney et. (international) al. for some time. We've had previous discussions about those disturbing developments.

Battle of the Hawks

...the Washington Post story provided evidence that Hillary’s hawkishness is not merely a campaign posture, as evidenced by her two key foreign policy advisers, who the Post reports helped come up with the “obliterate Iran” idea. One of them is Martin S. Indyk, the former Clinton administration ambassador to Israel, who was as strong as any of the neoconservatives in advocating the invasion of Iraq. In an article he co-wrote with Kenneth M. Pollack for the Los Angeles Times three months before the Iraq invasion, which cited their insider status as former government officials who “had access to the most sensitive U.S. intelligence on Iraq,” the two claimed that Iraq had “thousands of tons of precursor chemicals for chemical warfare agents, thousands of liters of biological warfare agents. ...” That “insider” information was false.

The Clinton campaign’s national security director, Lee Feinstein, is another leading Democratic hawk and Clinton administration alum who promoted the threat to obliterate Iran. Feinstein, like Indyk, had strongly disparaged the work of the U.N. inspectors before the invasion. And even a month after the U.S. occupation began, as U.S. troops scoured all of the suggested weapons locations, Feinstein argued, “I believe they will find weapons of mass destruction.”


My point is not to show who and what influences which candidates. It's to illustrate the omnipresence of this heavy pressure over everyone.

Tersely put, a very sticky situation that isn't going away.

Saladin said...

Carey, why is everyone afraid to state the most obvious truth? All roads lead to ISRAEL!! And until these spineless political whores have the guts to face up to that murderous, traitorous bully nothing at all will ever change, except for the worst.

DEN said...

Doc, thanks for the pic link!
cool watching the real ruler work.

I heard somewhere that a potential difference in electrical charge between the air and Earth cause lightning.

I think one could harvest the power created by this 'potential difference'. 200 foot tall carbon fiber poles in the wind at positive(+)(insulated from Earth) and Earth as negative(-), the wind blowing around the pole would create that difference using the carbon as a conductor, a small field current might be needed to start it.

Massive capacitors would be needed for storage and have a distribution system for it, it would be DC voltage vs. the current (no pun intended)AC, consequently nothing AC would work, but it could go longer term overall.

I just need time and money to see if it would work, with the latter being zero, time I got.

Beer 55!

DEN said...

Sal, don't expect instant solutions, this intertwining of us and them is grotesquely complex, the US might as well make Israel the 51st State and get it over with.

The act the same as we do, bombs, tanks, war.

GTFO Hawaii! Theres a new State on the block and they build good bombs too!

Such utter stupidity to prolong violence like we do, the worlds assholes, picking fights, being bullies.

Tough looking in the mirror cause the older we get the uglier we look.

David B. Benson said...

AC --> DC : rectifier

DC --> AC : inverter

The latter is a substantial part of the cost of installing your very own PV solar panels on your roof. I suggest starting with solar thermal to pre-heat your hot water. Pays for itself rapidly.

DEN said...

DUH! inverters!

I and a lot of people are not able to pay for the stuff that could save on our energy usage, no easy answers there, I just think of ways to do it.

Hajji said...


Thanx for the words of support!

Asheville/Buncome County was fun..

...but now, sore feet...need sleep...

hops levels back up where they belong!

If you've never been in that part of NC, you're cheating yourself out of some of the most beautiful...oh well...y'know!

goodnight and stuff...

Oh, I'm working the campaign in Kentucky. Was gonna do Lexington, Louisville or somewhere else, but it turns out my hometown, Ashland, is my most likely office!

Go figgur! Maybe Cuzin Tim would like to do some canvassing with me?

How freaky would THAT be?


Saladin said...

DEN, the last thing I expect are instant solutions. The American populace is so dumbed down, drugged and apathetic that even if you COULD get through to those hazy brains of theirs they would forget what you said as soon as American Idol came on. I have accepted the fact that this country is going down, aided and abetted by the very politicians that the people insist on voting for. Let's see what happens between Pelosi and Sheehan. The two party stranglehold will kill us, in fact we are already dead, we are simply refusing to go to the light. I said the dem majority in congress would not make a speck of difference, and it hasn't, and unless you are prepared to submit your personal sovereignty and liberty you had better pay close attention to those CFR dems who have one goal in mind, to relieve you of both. Obliterate Iran? That's just the beginning.

Carey said...

Israel is one source of pressure among many.

I don't like to focus excessively on Israel since that's only part of the problem in Iran's case.

The point is that there are many forces at work--the most troubling being a probable 'scorched earth' administration policy to win '08 at all costs.

All hail to the Hajji-sters! (Brandonese.) Out there working the ropes so hard.

DEN said...

McPain is on the Daily Show, I have it muted, why John, why?

Sleepy time.