Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Got Gas?

The gas prices of Death (Valley)

05:26 PM PT, May 20 2008

the worst gas prices i've seen yet!  in death valley no less.


Submitter Kristin sends us this crazy photo taken at a Death Valley gas station. Sends an involuntary shudder down your spine, no? "Mark Pozorski shot this pic two weeks ago in Death Valley; his record gas purchase. Most Motorcycles require Premium. It went up to $5.90/gal. last week," Kristin explains.

Over at CNN's iReport, they have a photo from what appears to be the same Shell station with a slightly different price, apparently taken a week ago, but price is still well above $5 per gallon.

Imagine -- just days ago our pal Peter Viles over at L.A. Land (the Times' real estate blog) showed us high prices in Brentwood. And now this?

You can check out other readers' photos of the rising cost of gas here.

These are the worst gas prices we've seen yet -- but you tell us. Have you seen (gulp) worse? Send us a photo (just choose the "Your News" category and the "Pain at the Pump" album).

"Manson Would've Hated This Too" from the album Pain at the Pump, submitted by Kristin

--Lindsay Barnett



It won't be long and this price will seem cheap. A barrel of oil is pounding on the $130 door, and with no one to reign in the egregious use of pricing to reap record profits, is likely to go up even further.

Ratcheting up into complete fascistic control we are entering uncharted territory.
As some have stated we are going to collapse economically just because of this misuse and 'gaming' the system being done while the American people are asleep at the switch.

One thing for sure, no one will be running too far or willing risk bankruptcy spending $10/gal. to drive out of this madness.



DEN said...

Ok so another day of bitching about gas prices.

Personally I have driven 14940 miles back and forth to work(@249 work days /year) at 50 miles per gallon using 298.8(approx)gals of gas(avg. $3.25/gal.)= $971.10 for the year.

Almost a thousand bucks right off the top of my income.

But plug in the same from an SUV getting 18mpg. would change the usage to 830 gallons and a final cost of $2697.50.

(Geez I hope my math is right)

Saladin said...

DEN, the price of gas is simply following the value of the dollar, which is nearing zero now. Remember Wiemar? That is what is happening here. If you watched that "Money as Debt" video I sent you would have a perfect understanding of how the banking system has put a stranglehold on our economy. It really is a brilliant and simple way to destroy a nation and repossess all the wealth. They say $10 dollar gas is likely, $200 a barrel oil.
This photo is our monetary future, it's of a Zimbabwe man going grocery shopping. You can thank our Federal govt.'s complicity with the Federal Reserve, whose tentacles have reached around the globe.

Saladin said...

On another, more positive note, DEN, you may recall the video I sent of the solar cooker? I think I sent it to you anyway, well, I've been doing some research to find a scaled down version that would work, and wow, did I find some cool ideas! And here they are.

Build a solar cooker for under $10

Backwoods Home magazine is a great resource for ways to simplify life with solutions for self sustainment and relying less on the grid.


A plethora of solar cooking ideas

DEN said...

Sal, you mean ,THIS video?

DEN said...

Oil at $133.23, DJIA -200 points

Not a good day for anyone financially.

David B. Benson said...

T. Boon Pickins is predicting $150 oil.

Saladin said...

DEN, yep, that's the one. Whenever I hear someone refer to these weasels as incompetent I laugh. They aren't incompetent, in fact they are the very opposite. This system has been working for 100 years. Imagine ending up with everything when all you had to start with was credit made up out of fantasy? And the best part, the people are too lazy and apathetic to pay attention to what is happening. They are so busy blaming the left, the right, the corporations, China, NAFTA, CAFTA, wars, and God only knows what else when all along every single economic evil we are facing today has it's very foundation in central banking and it's worthless fiat currency. Well, the joke's on us, once again. But this time it's global. Not just Germany or Africa or South America, it's everywhere. Welcome to the New World Order.

David B. Benson said...

Carey, Saladin & Micki might especially want to take note of

Scientists Imagine Big L.A. Quake

David B. Benson said...

Official: Bush vetoes $300 billion farm bill

How is Big Farm any Different than Big Oil? Or King Coal?

Saladin said...

Mr. Benson, scientists like to imagine all kinds of doom and gloom. I am more threatened by the Long Valley Caldera then LA, and it is VERY active. Since I live on the southern tip if it decides to rock and roll there's not a damn thing I can do but enjoy the ride. At least I don't have dozens of skyscrapers to come crashing down around my head! People in LA should be well prepared for an earthquake by now.