Thursday, May 22, 2008


Fiery display by Waxman to evasiveness of the EPA dude and the worthless Izza's pouting aloud. I think the gavel would have been utilized better by pounding it on top of both stooges for the reich.

McClueless does it again quite similar to his pal the chimp. Does anyone believe this guy could ever be president of anything except maybe the Rotary Club?

Bill Maher, irreverent as ever, puts forth some New Rules for us to abide by.

Thats all today for the video extravaganza, my apologies to the folks with dial-ups.



Saladin said...

McCain is a stark raving lunatic. How the GOP can choose him over Ron Paul just proves that the Republican party has descended to depths from which they will never return.

Nanny State Alert:

http://www. nraila. org/Legislation/Read. aspx?id=3693

California Assembly to Consider Severe Restrictions on Ammunition Sales!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On Tuesday, April 8, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will consider legislation that would require gun owners to obtain a “permit-to-purchase” before buying handgun ammunition.

Introduced by State Assembly Member Kevin De Leon (D-45), Assembly Bill 2062 puts ammunition sales in the crosshairs. AB2062 would require that law-abiding gun owners obtain a permit to buy handgun ammunition and would impose severe restrictions on the private transfers of handgun ammunition. Applicants for a “permit-to-purchase” would be required to submit to a background check, pay a $35 fee, and wait as long as 30 days to receive the permit.

Under AB2062, it would be unlawful to privately transfer more than 50 rounds of ammunition per month, even between family and friends, unless you are registered as a “handgun ammunition vendor” in the Department of Justice’s database. Ammunition retailers would have to be licensed and store ammunition in such a manner that it would be inaccessible to purchasers. The bill would also require vendors to keep a record of the transaction including the ammunition buyer’s name, driver’s license, the quantity, caliber and type of ammunition purchased, and right thumbprint, which would be submitted to the Department of Justice or the number of his handgun ammunition purchase permit. Vendors would be required to contact the purchase permit database, to verify the validity of a permit before completing a sale. All ammunition sales in the State of California would be subject to a $3 per transaction tax. Lastly, mail order ammunition sales would be prohibited. Any violator of AB2062 would be subject to civil fines.

Please contact the members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee and your State Assembly Member TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose this onerous attack on our Second Amendment freedoms.
They are bound and determined to disarm the people, come hell or high water. I would say "contact your Rep." but I know they couldn't care less what we think. My advice, stock up while you can, the Gestapo cometh.

DEN said...

So much crap happening it is difficult to keep ahead of it all.

Take a look at the video at Bloomberg as David Tice discusses the future of the stock market as he sees it.

(video link is on the right side of the page)

DEN said...


Complet Bill Info here

Heavy handed control freaks at work.

These bozos need to be given less time in session to make shit up to justify their jobs.

Would save millions in taxpayer dollars if they were in a 3 month session only.

DEN said...

My repug State Rep. at work:

Aanestad Joins Effort to Bring Cyber Command to North State
SCR 117 Proclaims Beale Air Force Base as "Best Choice" to Host Cyber Command

Senator Sam Aanestad (R-Grass Valley) has introduced legislation that proclaims the State Legislature’s overwhelming support for Beale Air Force Base in Yuba County to be the best and only choice to host the United States Air Force (USAF) Cyber Command Operations. SCR 117 stresses the advantages of Beale, the size of the base, its location and the ability to expand to take on new responsibilities.

“Beale Air Force Base is located in the heart of California’s high-tech industry and that fact isn’t lost on the Pentagon,” said Senator Aanestad. “This base is strategically located, has room to expand and represents the future of high technology in the Air Force.”

The USAF recently announced its intention to establish Cyber Command as a new operation to conduct cyber warfare, electronic warfare and effectively protect critical United States infrastructure networks that support telecommunications systems, utilities, and transportation. The new command could bring hundreds of Air Force personnel to Yuba and Sutter Counties, creating thousands of private sector jobs and new businesses to support the new mission. One of Senator Aanestad’s primary goals is new job and business creation.

The USAF currently houses cyber-warfare operations at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Several communities across the nation are competing for the new command, and the California effort has drawn the support of Governor Schwarzenegger, every member of the California Congressional Delegation and local counties and cities. Senator Aanestad says passage of SCR 117 will show that the State Legislature is also united in the quest to bring Cyber Command to Beale AFB.

“I think we’re in a good position,” said Senator Aanestad. “California is well established as the nerve center for high technology with nearly one million people working in high-tech positions.”

SCR 117 states that California is home to three of the four learning institutions nationwide that are designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education, and all three are within driving distance of Beale Air Force Base. California is also at the forefront of cyber technology, housing five of the top supercomputer sites in the world at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and at NASA Ames Research Center.

“We need to present a united front to the decision makers at the Pentagon that we want this new command in Northern California, and SCR 117 demonstrates that commitment,” said Senator Aanestad. “I’m honored to have been chosen to author this resolution, and will work to gain wide, bi-partisan, support.”

Not funny.

Carey said...

All very interesting.

A bird visited me and whispered that a birthday is coming up. I believe that would be May 31st?

The subject of the current gender debate is handled quite nicely by Jonathan Chait. It's the first treatment of the thorny dilemma I'd like to share.

It's Not Personal

Critics should understand that not supporting Clinton isn't an attack on feminism.

The main grievance against Obama is that political pundits are saying the race is over and Clinton should quit. (I plead guilty.) Clinton's supporters are defining this as a form of sexism. Ellen Malcolm, founder of the liberal feminist group Emily's List, recently noted with bitter sarcasm, "The first woman ever to win a presidential primary is supposed to stop competing, to curtsy and exit stage right." And Clinton's race for the White House is in large part a campaign against sexism, so of course she must resist these calls. ("She's shown us over and over that winners never quit and that quitters never win," Malcolm writes.) Thus, the circular rationale for Clinton's candidacy is: Because people are calling for her to leave the race, she must stay in.

It's highly unusual for a mainstream presidential campaign to persist for so long with no purpose except self-perpetuation. But many people don't think of Clinton in normal political terms. She is viewed not as a politician, or even a person, but as a symbol of the strong woman.

Carey said...

You've heard, of course, about the tornado in Colorado.

A tornado in Colorado. Gulp.

Saladin said...

Whenever you think you have it bad remember, these poor people have it worse. And we are paying for it.

IOF troops destroy agriculture sector in Gaza; kill Palestinian farmers
Palestinian Information Center

May 21, 2008

GAZA, (PIC)-- The agriculture ministry in the PA legitimate government in Gaza Strip asserted on Wednesday that the IOF troops had bulldozed vast agricultural areas in the eastern sector of the Gaza Strip which is considered the food basket of the 1.5 million Palestinians living there.

According to a report issued by the ministry and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the Israeli occupation army uprooted fruitful trees and destroyed greenhouses and artisan wells in Shokeh and Sofa villages, east of Khan Younis city over the past week in addition to ruining poultry farms estimated at 1.5 million dollars.

The report, furthermore, added that Palestinian farmers in Qarara and Al-Buraij areas, east of Deir Al-Balah city, weren’t able to reach and cultivate their farms for fear that the IOF troops stationed opposite to their farms could shoot and kill them "in cold blood" any time.

Palestinian farmer Ali Al-Dahdouh, 32, was killed with IOF bullets while cultivating his farm in Juhr Al-Deik area, east of the tiny Strip, a couple of days ago.

Raising the alarm, the ministry warned that the brutal IOF practices against the Palestinian people and land were badly affecting the food basket of the Gaza Strip in addition to jeopardizing all aspects of life there.

For its part, the Authority of Environment Quality (AEQ) in the Gaza Strip seconded the warning of the PA agriculture ministry, warning further that cutting of trees and using them for cocking due to the severe shortage in the cocking gas as a result of the Israeli embargo would badly affect the Gaza Strip's ecology, and would contribute to increasing the temperature there.

The Israeli occupation government had been imposing a wing-clipping comprehensive economic blockade on the populated Strip that had, so far, reaped the lives of more than 160 Palestinian patients suffering of chronic diseases but were banned by the IOA from receiving medical treatment outside the beleaguered Gaza hospitals.

In this concern, the AEQ urged the international community and all concerned organizations to immediately intervene and pressure the occupation to stop its aggression against the Gaza Strip and its people.
I would dearly love to know what Israel is holding over the entire planet's head that allows them to get away with these brutal crimes against humanity, with nary a peep from the leaders of the free world WTF???

DEN said...

They suffered the Holocaust you know, we should pity them.

Saladin said...

The ones in charge of this were nowhere near the holocaust, most weren't even alive at the time. I guess that excuse would justify what we Americans do around the world. We've lost an awful lot of troops over the past hundred years so that must entitle us to inflict the same misery and suffering wherever we want! Overlooked is the fact that the Zionist leadership during WW2 was complicit in all that horror, it was necessary to get the backing they needed to create the Israel Homeland, never mind that they had to rout some 750,000 people from their homes to do so. But hey, one good holocaust deserves another. Celebrating 60 years of genocide, they have Hitler beat 100 times over.
PS DEN, I know your comment was tongue in cheek but this topic really makes my blood boil!

David B. Benson said...

Saladin --- It was just a reminder of what happens in big quakes.

But I suppose you already knew and are prepared for one.

DEN said...

Sal, mine too and I was being sarcastic.

DEN said...

You would think if you were invading a country you would not kill the locals but nooooooo not those goomers.

March right in, declare it YOUR promised land by God and start executing locals and starve the rest.

More evil than even Satan or Hitler could contrive.

All with the blessing of the chimp cabal, and the rest of the prozac addled populous here.

Where is the outrage? Outsourced to China?

DEN said...

Constant 20-30mph winds here for tyhe past 2 days has my nerves jangled.

Listening to KO and the yack pundit milbank makes me think for a reason I am even watching this drivel-rehash-analysis-crap.

Dissect every stinking word spoken by any of the candidates on any given day, speculating stuff to death.


We are in really deep doodoo here.


Carey said...

Too bad you don't watch spectator sports. There's a great basketball game on.

DEN said...

Sweaty sneakers? Gymnasium smell? EWWWW!

Laura is a 'basketball head'

Pistons and Kings

I would rather watch loud racers burning more of Earths precious resources. Nothing like the sound of a F-1 spinning 17,000 RPM or a MotoGp bike at full throttle. Yea baby!

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Would a synthesizer do as well for you?


DEN said...

Speed channel used to be good for all varieties of racing but now since Mudock took over it is NASCAR 75% of the time, boring.

TV has ceased function as an escapist tool, with certain exceptions (VH1 Classic, HBO, Comedy Central)otherwise is mostly a fascist tool to keep consumerism constantly on peoples minds and keep them distracted through whatever means possible(a few things are OK tho, but not much).

Mostly crud.

Music is an OK distraction from the reality of today, art is another.

Screw Starbucks.

Nature provides the best comfort in it's quiet, serene state, bad weather and earthquakes change all that.

JetSki's suck.

The only true place to find serenity is inside your own mind, wherever you are, TV used to help with comedy and variety shows and great entertainers.

Not any more.


DEN said...

thats it, lids drooping severely,

over and oot. (thats Canadian, eh)

Saladin said...

DEN been windy here for 3 days, cold today, snow on the ridge, but then, that's why I don't put the babies out before June! This happens every year. People always jump the gun and then whine when the inevitable cold snap kills the tomatoes and squash! You'd think they'd know by now.