Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Again

This is Scubie, and what does Scubie do? he is a dog, and a vaawwy vaawwy good boy, yes you such a good boy!

Anyway I was thinking for producing this out fit for all those little 'Scubies' out there suffering from media abuse.

Their owners leave FAUX news blaring all day while sucking cigarettes and and who knows what else, poor puppies need protection.

Come to think of it, people could use stuff like that too, hmm.

Aw hell just shoot the TV!



DEN said...

Looks like it was an action packed evening yesterday, discussion is good, folks need to vent and by golly you folks are good at it.

A special de-caf coffee today(Prozac added) and pretzles, just to make things real interesting(they are good for throwing at each other)

Any way have fun, I'm off to do yardwork.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Thanks for posting the quotations.

Seems the thought was first expressed (in surviving writings) by Cicero.

Alan said...

Looks like it was an action packed evening yesterday...

Yeah, I seen that last night. Who wooda thunk it?

Well, actually we've seen similiar before.

Alan said...

How 'bout a blast from the past?

Ehh, I'm going to see REO Speedwagon tonight.
Those guys look old at their web site... but if I looked in the mirror I'd see someone else getting just as old.

David B. Benson said...

Honeybee Deaths Increase

Does BHO have a plan for this?

David B. Benson said...

Gasoline (regular): $3.69&9/10

Diesel: $4.50&9/10

What is going on? Diesel used to be less expensive than gasoline...

micki said...

I don't know if BHO has a plan for it or not, but as of 5/4/08 he isn't a co-sponsor of S.1694. Guess he's been too busy running for the presidency -- who knows:

S. 1694: Pollinator Protection Act

A bill to authorize resources for sustained research and analysis to address colony collapse disorder and the decline of North American pollinators.

Sen. Barbara Boxer [D-CA] introduced the bill in followup to H.R. 1709

Cosponsors [as of 2008-05-04]

Sen. Sherrod Brown [D-OH]

Sen. Robert Casey [D-PA]

Sen. Hillary Clinton [D-NY]

Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]

Sen. Tim Johnson [D-SD]

Sen. John Kerry [D-MA]

Sen. Robert Menéndez [D-NJ]

Sen. Bill Nelson [D-FL]

Sen. Arlen Specter [R-PA]

Sen. John Thune [R-SD]

micki said...

Background on Pollinator Protection Act -- at the time this was written there were 8 co-sponsors; now 10 -- two Repubs

Hajji said...


Strange...the 8 Dem Senators who co-sponsored the Bee Bill are already Superdelegates for BHO...

'Course Hillary (and her Ohio campaign chair, Sherrod) isn't aboard the "bandwagon". (word is she's holding out for some successful campaign to help her pay off her snowshovels and high-roller suite charges)

But I must say that these folks have also backed a fine piece of legislation...obviously legislators of keen intellect.

Without pollinators, our agriculture, whether genetically modified or heirloom, cannot feed the people of the country or planet. I'll write my own senators, even knowing how little good it might do, to encourage them to sign on.

Lindsey and DeMinted aren't likely to go along, even though our peaches are the top crop that keeps our family and corporate farmers going.


Funny how 14 hrs in the ER makes so many other things seem so...PITHY!

Hajji said...

sorry, SIX of the 8...

Robert P. Casey, Jr.
Kent Conrad
Christopher J. Dodd
Byron L. Dorgan
Richard J. Durbin
Tim Johnson
Edward M. Kennedy
John Kerry
Patrick J. Leahy
Ben Nelson

still can't post from preview... I guess I rely on that too much!


Hajji said...

OBAMA (14)
Robert P. Casey, Jr.
Kent Conrad
Christopher J. Dodd
Byron L. Dorgan
Richard J. Durbin
Tim Johnson
Edward M. Kennedy
John Kerry
Amy Klobuchar
Patrick J. Leahy
Claire McCaskill
Ben Nelson
Barack Obama
John D. Rockefeller

Evan Bayh
Maria Cantwell
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Dianne Feinstein
Daniel Inouye
Blanche Lambert Lincoln
Robert Menendez
Barbara Mikulski
Patty Murray
Mark Pryor
Charles E. Schumer
Sheldon Whitehouse

...ah, and bed...


º¿carol said...

Gas $3.86 here today. Bob put $20 in my car and $20 in my two cans for my tractor.

We're doomed.

Hajji said...

Gas here is still below $3.50 (at least it was at 8:30 tonight.

There's a 12-year old Toyota (Tercel, I think) for sale just up the road for $4500!

Go figgure!

Time to start lookin' at them thar motorscooters!


p.s. Sharrod Brown still shows uncomitted...appologies to him and his family. I'm not thinkin' well.

Best dream it the rest of the way!

DEN said...

Geez Hajji go to bed already, sheesh!

Campaign worker syndrome and trauma overload, never a good combination.

Take a chill break if you can and relax, if you can, Dr. Dens orders.

micki said...

Looks like politics as usual to me. The one touting change is backed by the machine even though he's not about to stick his neck out and take a stand on important issues to avoid the impression of being on the wrong side of the right issue trying to be all things to enough people. Sounds like more of the same ole shit to me.

micki said...

Walked past an ExxonMobil station today...$3.99 regular and $4.66 diesel. Bellingham often has the highest gas prices in Washington State.

DEN said...

REO Speedwagon is actually a Name of a truck built in the 20's.

Buffalo Springfield is the name of a road roller tractor for smoothing blacktop.

The Beatles? actually the name of a small insect.

The Doors? actually from a hotel hallway.

I could go on but probably will not as I am getting 'tipsy', the brandy is so good.

Say goodnight Ed.

Hajji said...

Nawww...I'll wake up early and do it all over again. Appreciate the diagnosis, but no time for a cure, jut yet!

Talk about doublespeak! To laud those backing a bill one likes while chiding someone THEY support for not...and then denouncing those same supporters as "the machine"...Which is more valuable, the cog in the machine or the product of it?

...Pretzel panty logic. PUH-Thetic!

...and simply, once again, a lame- assed attempt to incite anger.

Try again.

Sorry Den...what was that order? We're out of rye, but I can give you that on whole wheat, kaiser roll or 5-grain. Fries or chips?

I've never been very good at taking orders.


Last time I saw REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith and Foghat were on the bill and REO was still called a "ROCK" band!

Wild weather morning here...the dog're the ones needing the prozac.

Ridin’ the storm out, waitin’ for the thaw out
On a full moon night in the rocky mountain winter.
My wine bottle’s low, watching for the snow
I’ve been thinking lately of what I’m missing in the city.

And I’m not missing a thing
Watchin’ the full moon crossing the range
Ridin’ the storm out
Ridin’ the storm out.

My lady’s beside me, she’s there to guide me.
She says that alone we’ve finally found home.
The wind outside is frightening,
But it’s kinder than the lightning life in the city.
It’s a hard life to live but it gives back what you give.


Once again, into the Breaches!