Saturday, May 31, 2008


Somewhere in the Sierra Foothills

Chalk up another year on the old blackboard. Time rolls along steadily and sure as today is, tomorrow will be, and we will all be a bit older as a result.

I do not intend to lament over the lost years but look ahead to the next ones instead.

Alas, I am not alone in this struggle, all you jokers are here too!

Some think you can lie, you can cheat, you can rob, make a zillion dollars, but you cannot stop time and the finality it brings.

Do what you want to do as long as you can(or as much as you can get away with) because someday tomorrow will not be there .



DEN said...

Hajji, Malcolm's MySpace so the broad-banders can savor his music.

micki said...


May it be a tranquil, but memorable, day for you!

micki said...

Former Bu$h supporters now give $$ to Obama

Thousands of people will read this, culling different messages as to what it means....

Carey said...


Did you hear that McCllelan is entertaining thoughts of voting for Obama?


Enjoy your weekend, no chores. All fun.

So, at the meeting, Hillary's club is all about the Michigan vote. I believe this will be taken to the convention no matter what.

The presumptive nominee, however, will become the de facto nominee.

"Fair reflection" is the phrase Harold Ickes has bandied about--an accurate depiction of what the voters want, that's how the delegates should be rewarded.

This won't be resolved today. I don't think so.

DEN said...

McClellan opens the door allowing us to see the pit of vipers that we knew all along were there.

Clinton came close but still running 'just in case'.

McCain has never been a serious candidate even though the RNC said so.

Just a last hurrah for the old boy, one last swing at bat.

Put your money on BIG O doncha know!


DEN said...

Must go play.

micki said...


Well, if Snotty "takes his time and thinks it through" (his words) and decides to vote for Obama, to me it illuminates one of the McClellan family's character flaws -- selfish, self-promoting expediency.

Take his mother (please!), Carole Keeton McClellan Rylander Strayhorn who served as Walter Mondale's campaign chair in Travis County (Austin TX) for his 1984 presidential campaign. Two years later she "became" a Republican when she challenged the popular Jake Pickle's Democratic House seat. (She lost!)

Then in 2006, Snotty's mommy challenged TX GOP Governor Perry as an Independent.

Now, the rumours are she plans to challenge the next GOP gubernatorial candidate as a Democrat because she thinks the GOP is toast for the time being.

The McClellans are all about expediency.

Perhaps my theory about why Snotty "authored" that book is wrong -- perhaps, he authored the book because he's trying to rehabilitate Mom's total lack of credibility in her ever-changing party affiliations -- she changes husbands as often as she changes political parties.

Another possibility is that Snotty is saying he might vote for Obama to rile up the GOP base, to get them energized. Stranger things have happened.

(BTW, it was Snotty's dad, Barr McClellan who wrote that book claiming LBJ was a conspirator in JFK's death.)

If Snotty votes for Obama, that's one more reason to be skeptical about Obama, IMO.

David B. Benson said...

Descendant of the Union Civil War General McClellan?

David B. Benson said...

Just the beginning:

Shocked! How the oil crisis has hit the world

This The Independent article is well done, IMO...

ยบ¿carol said...

Obama Quits His Church

Obama Quits His Church is the top Google headline tonight.

New York Times - 3 hours ago
By Jeff Zeleny WASHINGTON - Senator Barack Obama is ending his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, a congregation he has belonged to for about two decades and one that had become a lightening rod in his Democratic presidential bid ...

This is why I haven't fallen for Mr. Obama whole-heartedly even though he IS my pick over Hillary.

Look what he just did! Shaking off his bad publicity (he thinks)....with his preacher. COWARD!!!! Dammit!!!! I'm SOOO disappointed in this story. *sniff* There are NO heroes!

This about does it for me EVER having faith in anyone running for office, especially THAT office! Everyone of them is a panderer and a liar. Fuck 'em. We're doomed..

micki said...

Dr. B -- I agree. One of the best, succinct articles on the subject I've seen.

Carol -- Of course! He's a consummate politician. Duh. And, what timing! Now, that he has the nomination wrapped up, he's throwing his African-American supporters under the bus, so that he can kiss up to the evil, under-educated, low income white voters who had the audacity to support Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

I suppose he'll be trotting out his "typical white" Grandma any day now to show that he's just like those voters who ignored him in the primaries.

Obama is a fraud extraordinaire. He figures that blacks are only 12% of the US population and he sure as hell needed them to win the primaries -- but, now he's gonna concentrate on the white folks because he needs them for the general election.

If I was an African-American, I'd be thinking I'd been sold a bill of goods.

micki said...

Did you ever think he was a HERO?

micki said...

I wonder who he'll betray next.

I understand that he and Michelle are seeking a new church, but will not announce until NEXT YEAR what they've decided.

And this guy is all about change and hope?!

If Gerald knows about this, I bet he has his bucket handy.

Carey said...

What the fuck.

I don't care for this any longer.

Carey said...

Cut Obama some slack. I'd appreciate it..

Hajji said...

Well, well, well.

They bitch about him sticking with his church, they bitch about him leaving, (although he said he hoped that by resigning, the church will be left alone to worship without such nit-picking scrutinyby the media)they bitch about the fast-pitched hardballs they get, then they bitch when you start pitching underhand, because they STILL can't hit the ball.

When they find themselves, once again soundly beaten, they bitch that following the rules is UNFAIR to them! When the rules are changed at the very end of the game, to their favor, they bitch because the rules aren't changed enough to hand them a win!

So...Let's just play darts instead...

...and while one person has to follow the rules, we'll just let 'lil Shrillary et al. stand right next to the board and push the points in wherever they need to...but then she'll just bitch when she can't do the math, right!

(Oh, dear, we FORGOT California wasn't "winner take all")

So why don't we just create a new party for 'em...


Which will quickly be outlawed because the ReThugnicons will retain and enhance their executive and judicial powers for eternity.

Oh, well...


micki said...

I'd cut Obama some slack, if he earned it.

If walking away from his church is an indiction of how he handles tough situations, I am not impressed.

Before he announced his presidential bid, he called for a public conversation about the power of faith and the role it plays in people’s lives.

Now that he has called for the discussion, and the "discussion" went off the rails, he walks away from the problem. How will he handle the discussions with Iran, North Korea, and Syria?

It would have been an impressive sign of strength and leadership, if he had stayed with his church and worked towards reconciliation.