Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remember Sibel Edmonds?

Sibel Edmonds Case: More Destruction of Evidence re Nuclear Black Market

It's remarkable, really.

The US government has taken some extreme measures to silence former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. Among other reasons, they are obviously very nervous about information that Sibel has regarding the involvement of US, Israeli, and Turkish officials in supplying the nuclear black market.

Now we have this: The US Government apparently demanded that the Swiss government destroy all evidence - all 30,000 pages of it - related to the pending prosecution of the Tinner family. The Tinners were "very key suppliers" of AQ Khan's nuclear proliferation network, but their court case is now unlikely to proceed, given the destruction of the evidence.

Basic Facts
The Tinners, the father and two sons, were arrested by German authorities and extradited to Switzerland in 2004 for their role in supplying the A.Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network.

Two weeks ago, the Swiss President, responding to media reports, read out a prepared statement announcing that all the evidence relating to the Tinners' case was destroyed late last year. He said that it was important to destroy all the evidence, which included sensitive information about how to make nuclear weapons, in case the information fell into the hands of terrorists. He also stated that Switzerland was merely meeting its obligations under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and that the IAEA supervised the destruction of the documents.

That sounds reasonable.

The Questions
Unilateral Decision Making. The Swiss government is under pressure internally as a result of its unilateral decision to destroy the evidence. Both the parliament and the courts are accusing the Swiss government of violating the principle of Separation of Powers. The Parliament has already announced that it will hold an investigation into the matter.

Why the Secrecy? The announcement that the evidence was destroyed (6 months ago) was forced on the Swiss President by rumours in the media. The Swiss government refuses to answer any questions regarding the matter, as do the IAEA and the US government.

NPT Obligations? I haven't seen any media report which confirms or supports the Swiss claim that this destruction of evidence was an obligation under the NPT. However the Guardian, which has the best reporting on this story, quotes a 'former senior IAEA official' saying: "I am quite astonished. It's very unusual to see people destroying documents like this. They should be put somewhere very safe."

The destruction of evidence took place with the apparent imprimatur of the IAEA, but they refuse to comment too. Has the IAEA been corrupted too?

@ Let Sibel Edmonds Speak


Quite astonishing indeed. The most serious threat to global security is nuclear proliferation on the black market which incidentally is what Valerie Plame was involved with prior to her 'outing' by the chimp and others.

This all ties together making a very uncomfortable read. I don't want to die from radiation poisoning and neither do many others but the way the chimp cabal has handled this debacle to end all debacles is beyond simple deception. To start a war that could involve the annihilation of millions of planetary occupants through deliberate and careless manipulation of the weapons black market would exceed the current heinous crimes they have already committed.

Maybe they figure if they cannot have the World, no one can.

It is imperative that the chimp cabal be removed from power immediately for high crimes and misdemeanors and a task force mounted to get to the bottom of this black market operation and snuff it like a spent cigar.

To do nothing is at our own peril.



David B. Benson said...

Weather Report

About 1 inch of snow with no let-up in sight. Not unprecidented, but I've never seen so much snow in June.

Very hard to distructive to the maple bush. My big maple has (so far) lost a minor branch.

David B. Benson said...

Ah the miracle of the internet!

No sooner had I posted the weather report than the snow stopped.

David B. Benson said...

Oh yes. That was tongue in cheek...

DEN said...

Doc, and others, check out the 'snow cam'.

DEN said...

Windy and 80 here today, fire danger off the charts.

I have never seen so many windy days here, like North Dakota where it never stops. Been going like this since last year.

Global Windiness

Hajji said...

Bank sign read 104 at 4pm yesterday.

Feels hotter today, no wind...

Oh...and WE'VE GOT WATER!!!

Woo Hoo!

Broken Pressure tank, bad pressure pump switch...

...stoopid Yard Boy needed more edumacashun on stuff...

Parts, education, labor...$200 bucks and a bottle of White Horse!

I feel like I got a great deal!


Hajji said...

Karl and Spanky have spent the past 2 days rescuing and evacuating flood victims along the Wabash in SouthWestern IN...

They say it is worse than they've ever seen it, but at lest it isn't cold.


"I've heard it called "JUNE-uary"!


MICKI said...


State Highs:
Ellensburg 55°F / 13°C
Shelton 55°F / 13°C
Yakima 54°F / 12°C
Olympia 53°F / 12°C
Bremerton 53°F / 12°C

State Lows:
Stampede Pass 30°F / -1°C
Pullman 33°F / 1°C
Spokane Fairchild 33°F / 1°C
Spokane 35°F / 2°C
Omak 37°F / 3°C

micki said...

I can just hear the denialists!

Look at those temperatures! I told you there's no such thing as global warming! Yak yak Blah blah

David B. Benson said...

Hajji --- Pleased to read you have (or shortly will) water.

Hajji said...

We got water...


The guy I work with who used to be a plumber recommended a guy who had hand surgery Friday and couldn't come but recommended another guy he went to school with who now owns a big plumbing company who sent out one of HIS guys who just happened to be... THE GUY WHO INSTALLED THE SYSTEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Along the way, we discovered that the "Static Water Level" is only about 2 feet lower than it was in the fall of 1999...good news, after all that drought between then and now...we think there's a system of springs up here that help keep our well filled...

The pump, itself, is only 200ft from the surface, although the well was drilled much, much deeper than it had to be...AND should last another 10 years, unless some dumbass like me screws with it too much...

Bottom line...if and when the pump DOES really go...

$500 for a comparable pump, new wiring and piping...

$500 (at least) labor...

The Plumbing guys were TOO kind...they could've sold me new equipment and service I didn't need. They didn't even seem to mind the curious little donkey who kept picking up their tools for 'em!

We are very happy.


David B. Benson said...

weather update

Sun came out for a few minutes. More clouds now.

Hajji --- Lucky you!

David B. Benson said...

Deep-Sea Creatures Contaminated


Alan said...

It's 71 and hazy here. Just like John McSame. haha
*propz to David Letterman for that weather/senility report

It's actually been in the mid 90's all week here. We finally got a little rain today though, which cooled it off some. We REALLY needed the rain, and could use alot more.

DEN said...

Hajji, good news you got your well figgerd out and rather inexpensive too.

When I hear well problems I think big bucks, especially in CA, a friend just spent over $2K on a new pump-n-stuff.

Better have a brew and celebrate!

micki said...

KOMO Radio "reported" the rumor that Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Governor Chris Gregoire (D-WA) are on the veepster possibility list.

Sure. Obama must think he can mollify certain citizens by floating female names.

micki said...

Besides we need Governor Gregoire right here to beat back that icky Dino Rossi.

David B. Benson said...

Well, his VP vetting team is also considering former military officers.

Make you feel better?

micki said...

Make you feel better?

Not especially.

micki said...

On a minute's reflection, not at all.

micki said...

3 minutes

º¿carol said...

We're just coming out of a weekend of storms. LOTS of rain, and thank goodness. It was REALLY humid from Friday on, each day of it signaling a storm.

Really cooled off today, and now tonight. I'll be closing the windows when I go to bed.

My daughter and I STILL haven't planted our veggie gardens! First, the end of May was too cold, now it won't quit raining so we can plow and plant. If it doesn't rain tonight, and I don't think it will, I'll get my little Mantis out, do the tomato garden and get the little bastards settled in.

MICKI said...


micki said...

CAROL --We had a storm yesterday that was the mother of spring storms. High winds, heavy rain, darkest of skies, low temps, thunder and lightning. Almost spooky feeling.

But, man! Stuff is growing so fast it's making noises. I swear.

º¿carol said...

Micki, I tilled my tomato garden over a month ago if not longer. Since the rains hit this past weekend it's become a carpet of volunteer tomatoes and other stuff. Think if my very own planned tomatoes had been in the ground!

We're both having storms. Oh, and Den mentioned constant winds at his place. We've had constant winds for over a week, too. That's not all that unusual though. That's why we've been able to live w/o air conditioning. Always windy, just open the windows.