Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sky High Pie

Bush wants 50 military bases, control of Iraqi airspace and legal immunity for all American soldiers and contractors

By Patrick Cockburn
Thursday, 5 June 2008


George Bush with General David Petraeus at Al-Asad Air Base in Anbar Province, Iraq, last year

A secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election in November.

The terms of the impending deal, details of which have been leaked to The Independent, are likely to have an explosive political effect in Iraq. Iraqi officials fear that the accord, under which US troops would occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis and enjoy immunity from Iraqi law, will destabilise Iraq's position in the Middle East and lay the basis for unending conflict in their country.

But the accord also threatens to provoke a political crisis in the US. President Bush wants to push it through by the end of next month so he can declare a military victory and claim his 2003 invasion has been vindicated. But by perpetuating the US presence in Iraq, the long-term settlement would undercut pledges by the Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, to withdraw US troops if he is elected president in November.

@ The Independent


Sleaze bag politics are the mark of a failing dictator which the chimp is, a failure here a failure in Iraq and just about everywhere else he has infected with his 'gut'.

That problem might not exist if he pulled his firmly entrenched head out of his ass and quit trying to be so damn self important. The guy has an ego the size of Manhattan with absolutely nothing to show for the crap he produces except thousands of dead and injured troops and numerous 'enemy combatants' in jail with the key thrown away.

Time to toss this ass clown on the heap of former dictators that tried to rule the world and move on.



Saladin said...

Obama's "hopenosis" is starting to make me whoozy! Change is in the air, a change of skin tone in the WH anyway.

Israelophil Obama angers Palestinians
Thu, 05 Jun 2008 08:49:03§ionid=351020202

Democratic presidential candidate
Barack Obama has angered Palestinians after promising 'unshakable commitment' to Israel's security in his first foreign policy speech.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday provoked a foreign policy row with Palestinian leaders for his pro-Israeli remarks.

In his first foreign policy speech of the general election, he said "I will bring to the White House an unshakeable commitment to Israel's security."

"The bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable today, unbreakable tomorrow, and unbreakable for ever."

"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided," Obama said.

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert said on Wednesday that Obama's show of support for Israel was "very moving," AFP reported.

Israel captured east al-Quds on June 7, 1967, during the Six-Day War. Following the war the Israeli regime occupied the entire city, in which it is now building settlements.

Obama's comments on Al-Quds triggered wide-scale condemnation from across the Palestinian political wings.
Yes, vowing undying support and loyalty to Israel is a sure sign of change. I wonder if he knows he is giving his blessing to THIS
Or, would he even care?

DEN said...

I think it is a ploy to get elected because without kissing the 'I' peoples' ass he will not win.

Alan said...

The Phase 2 report was released today in two sections. First link is like a summary, the other two are the repoprts in .pdf's.

Senate Intelligence Committee Unveils Final Phase II Reports on Prewar Iraq Intelligence

first section

second section

Alan said...
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Alan said...

I deleted the above post because the link didn't work. I'ma try again.

I had seen this mentioned the other day, but this article here is too funny to pass up.

Middie McCain More Moron than Maverick

There's an old joke. What do you call the person who graduates last from medical school? Doctor. Well, I got a new one. What do you call the person who graduates fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis? The Republican Party nominee for President. That's right. Senator John McCain actually graduated 894th out of 899 middies at the Naval Academy. Only five other crew cuts achieved less than John McCain did in his class at Annapolis. And he was the son and grandson of U.S. Navy Admirals! He was a legacy, which means they probably had to keep his sorry dumb ass in the Navy!
Read the rest and don't miss the list of things anybody with his ranking probably thinks. Here's one of 'em...
Shiite is something you take in the morning.

David B. Benson said...

Just to get in to Annapolis is, I assume, rather competitive. So at least in his time in the Academy he was around fairly bright people.

Lately it seems more dim blubs.

Oh well, he'll be out-to-pasture soon.

I hope and pray...

David B. Benson said...


Post-from-preview is back.

For now, anyway...

DEN said...

Alan, Phase II bombshell rips the Admin real good, now what will they do about it?

Confirms 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors' for all to see, I would call it gross negligence resulting in the death of thousands of Troops and Iraqis.

Graybar hotel time yet?

David B. Benson said...

They? The House of Representatives?

Empeachment is off the table, remember?

[In bitter tone...]

David B. Benson said...

Why the Antiwar Movement Can't Budge the Dems to Leave Iraq

Can't even do that, much less impeach.

David B. Benson said...

Following this link

Hansen's Latest Power Point Presentation

gets you to the slides. I recommend viewing these regarding climate change and climate goals.

DEN said...

I would not think impeachment can be removed from the table now.

This thing gets rolling? look out!

Deliberately tampering with evidence to suggest there was more in Iraq than there really was, is up there in the 'high crime' area, not to mention the loss of lives because of it.

This is big stuff.

Bumper sticker on the chimpmobile: Paraguay or Bust!

Saladin said...

A ploy DEN? If that's true he will find himself the target of an extremely motivated enemy. You do NOT fuck with that mafia, not if you want to live anyway.

I am sick to death of our reps, supposedly anyway, bowing down to that little terrorist state of Israel. WTF is it with these people anyway? Will we ever escape the grip of traitorous neocons that will destroy anyone and anything to get their way? How many more millions have to die? When is it officially a "Holocaust?" I know Israel has a copyright on that term but I will use it anyway. Obama is going to bring change? Sure, and so were the dems when they got handed the decision making power. We are worse off now then we were 2 years ago!

Alan said...

Just to get in to Annapolis is, I assume, rather competitive.

Nah Dr. B, he was a "legacy" appointment because of his dad and grandpa. Maybe you didn't read the article. In particular, this part...

...he was an entitled Navy brat who knew that because of his father's power and position he was never going to be kicked out...