Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunny Sunday

New Coldplay CD coming soon, this is a vid from it.

Nursing a bit of a B-day hanger this AM so I'll keep the stuff short.

For those of you non broadbanders looking for the Philly Lawyer perspective on 9/11,

Otherwise there is always the election arguments of who is better than who and why.

Have at it!



carey said...

Winke, my sister, wrote up our bumper stickers. Our cars shall be adorned:


David B. Benson said...

Opinions certainly do vary.

Alan said...

haha Carey

When all those "HOT" stickers with the melting letters were all the rage, I wanted a sticker that said "just warm". lol

carey said...

Opinions apparently vary is right.

I do not believe the behavior yesterday. It was absolutely apalling.

This is an adoption of crude Republican tactics. I call it for what it is, lying and rewriting the rules to suit the moment.

It's over. I think discussion should stop now. We have a campaign to run.

Priorties please.

micki said...

There once was a doc who said "opinions do vary,"
Understated mien was his signature parry,
Urged kids to play nice,
Once, twice, and then thrice,
But chances were slim 'cuz the kids were contrary!

micki said...

The DNC Rules Committee Votes -- But Who Changed the Rules?

micki said...

I accepted that Obama was the nominee weeks ago. I really don't care. My dog in the fight was ousted a long time ago. Admittedly, it's no secret here that I am not thrilled with Senator Obama -- I think he's a fraud as an agent of change; I believe he's a typical politician, no different that most. His hope message seems to resonate with a lot of people. Fine with me. But, I don't buy that either.

However, Obama willingly took his name off the Michigan ballot in deference to the states authorized to hold early primaries -- he made a political decision to put the people of Iowa and NH ahead of the voters in Michigan because he desperately needed an early win. Clinton made a political decision to kept her name on the ballot. She won 55 percent of the vote in Michigan, versus 40 percent who voted for "uncommitted." The fact is -- the reality is -- Michigan held its primary, people voted and the DNC Rules Committee realized that something had to be done to FIX THEIR STUPID decision.

Clinton's campaign had proposed that the delegates be allotted according to the primary result, with 73 going to Clinton and Obama receiving none, but with the 55 remaining delegates free to support him if they chose to do so.

What's so wrong with that? Were the power brokers afraid that they woundn't support Obama?

Discussion should never stop in a democracy.

ò¿óarol said...

I never thought of Obama as a hero, Micki. It was my hope that he was an honest man. He's same old, same old.

At least there will be a democrat in the White House. We'll see if that will mean anything in the long run.

º¿carol said...

Did he really say these things? *eyeroll*

micki said...

Carol, I was being facetious -- I have confidence in you to know a hero from a.....

I read your link! Eyeroll indeed! He'$ nut$.

David B. Benson said...

Well I think you should go review some of the things FDR said did (before he became president).

Anyway, Micki, thanks for the limerick. :-)

Play nice now...

ºCºarol said...

A year or two ago Bush said he was in a reading contest with Karl Rove, was up to about 60 books...AND IT WASN'T NEAR THE END OF THE YEAR YET!

Bull shit! I listen to audio books constantly, whenever I cook, drive, garden, paint....whatever and the year he said he read 60 something I had listened to 78. Several of them were 40 cassettes...HUGE books. When did HE have time to sit on his ass and read 60 something books?

Now he turns around and implies he doesn't read books. So much bull everywhere ALL the time, eh? Hard to wade thru it all.