Tuesday, August 05, 2008

OK I am seriously pissed off!!!

Those bozo's at Wordpress were messing with my comments, deleting them, declaring them as SPAM so I have had it with their heavy handed crap and have resumed operation back here at Blogger until I hear back from the nasty-gram I sent(they will probably delete my blog cause I did not mince words.

I do not take kindly to being messed with when I am writing.


Oh yea there is a scheduled outage here for 4PM PDT so you know.


DEN said...

Nothing gets me hotter than a pistol more than someone messing with my stuff. Unfortunatly there is no way to retrieve the posts since June so I will have to chalk that up to a lesson learned about fascist blog sponsors.

Evidently they did not like my comments I was posting and instead of posting them as ordered they deleted them without posting.

That to me means someone is monitoring my every move there and that AIN'T happening.

So here I am back with the googles but still on and ranting.

Hajji, your comment about the praying manti got declared SPAM and I had a helluva time getting it unspammed, I even wrote the SPAM monitors and they did nothing.


David B. Benson said...

Den --- Might well be some dumb spam-bot program?

DEN said...

OK the dweebs at WP are on the job, said there was a hitch in the cafragillator switch and the flotis wheel was not turning, therefor no longer supporting the recyclinator action and causing the percatisser to stick.

Or something like that.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- :-)

Alan said...

Here's a good one I emailed to most of y'all.

Paris Hilton responds

DEN said...

Yea baby! What a sweetie eh!

Looks lots better off the drugs,

Looking good!

Alan said...

Let's hope the Suskind book will be BIG! I mean, it IS big, but will the MSM give it the attention it deserves, or sweep it under the rug?

David B. Benson said...

Suskind book?

DEN said...

Yea I hear that. It's a bombshell surpassing Watergate in intensity.

Lying bastards seemed to have dodged all the shit so far with the MSM help.

As long as they have the Justice Dept. under their control not much will happen.

Disgusting ANTI-Americans, need to be shot by firing squad for the traitors they are willing to sacrifice untold American lives for their material gain.

carey said...

Found you! Poor Den.

Glad to hear your alright Alan. Surviving the heat are you?

From an interview I heard this morning, Ron Suskind's book appears to be headed to bombshell land. Suskind takes Hubris one step further. Instead of merely suggesting the lies were intentional, he out and out proves it.

It's a page-burner.

God, I'm so sorry this is messing with your mind, Den. Especially when it's so hot.

carey said...

Jesus H. I have a "preview" button and I still flub my grammar.

Glad you're alright Alan.

DEN said...

I will post back on wordpress if it works and keep this as a 'backup' blog for times like today, so bookmark(favorites) the pages, DWF will be around somewhere in the tubes of the internets, no matter what.

DEN said...


Alan said...

I have both in my favs Den.

Thanks Carey. We got some much-needed rain out of the deal and that's about it. It wasn't even a hard rain, just a steady drizzle for a few hours.