Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Middle Day Musings

Welcome to peace and quiet for a change, a place where you can sit back, enjoy an adult beverage and mingle with others in a somewhat sheltered environment, to vent about the issues that matter the most to you and offer up a solution that in your mind would resolve those issues.

I ask that courtesy be followed and everyone has their own opinion, right or wrong and is entitled to it, even if it is stupid, you have the God given right to be stupid, however if you are not stupid and act that way on purpose you are making a mockery of Darwin.

For further thoughtful insight and political banter head over to the sister blog to this one where the coffee is always in the corner and pasties on the side with Rodney's Garage providing the adult beverages 24/7,

How about some music for those needing tunes in their day?

Standalone player